Submitted Names Starting with J

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Jaysun m English (Modern)
Variant form of Jason.
Jayton m English (American, Rare)
Variant of Jaden in the style of Layton and Dayton.
Jayu m & f Aymara
Means "salt" in Aymara.
Jaywanna f African American (Rare)
Likely a combination of the phonetic element jay and the name Juana.
Jayy m American
Variant of Jay 1.
Jayyida f Judeo-Arabic, Arabic
Variant transcription of Jaida.
Jayzee m & f American
Phonetic spelling of JZ used in America
Jayzen m English (Modern, Rare)
An invented name. It may also be a variant of either Jason or Jaden.
Jayzl m & f Yiddish
Yiddish form of Joseph and Josephine.
Jaz f & m English
Variant of Jazz or diminutive of Jazmine/Jasmine or Jazper/Jasper
Jazal m Arabic
Means "great", "generous".
Jazal m & f Arabic
Means "happiness", "delight".
Jazeel m Arabic
From Arabic جَزِيل (jazeel) meaning "very much".
Jazeel f Biblical
Jahzeel A name found in the Bible.
Jazelle f English (American, Modern, Rare), Filipino
An invented name, a combination of the popular phonetic elements jaz and elle, probably inspired by Giselle.
Jazen m English
Derivative of Jason.
Jazep m Belarusian
Belarusian form of Joseph.
Jaziah m & f English
A variant of Josiah, perhaps influenced by Jazmyn or Jazz
Jazie m & f English
Variant of Jazzy.
Jazil m Arabic
Variant transcription of Jazeel.
Jazilah f Arabic (Modern, Rare)
Of unknown origin or meaning, possibly from Spanish.... [more]
Jazim m Arabic
Variant transcription of Hazim.
Jaziquet m Judeo-Provençal
Judeo-Provençal variant of Isaac.
Jazīra f Japanese (Arabized, Modern)
It is the Japanese form of JAZEERA.
Jazira f Kazakh (Rare)
Variant transcription of Zhazira.
Jázmina f Hungarian
Elaboration of Jázmin.
Jazmyne f English
Variant of Jasmine.
Jazmynn f English
Variant of Jasmine.
Jazmynneveah f Obscure
Combination of Jazmyn and Neveah.
Jázon m Biblical Hungarian
Hungarian form of Jason
Jazon m Croatian, Polish
Croatian and Polish form of Jason.
Jazz f & m English (Modern)
Diminutive of Jazmine/Jasmine or Jazper/Jasper, or possibly given in reference to "jazz", the genre of music, or the English word jazz meaning "energy, excitement, excitability; very lively; of excellent quality, the genuine article".
Jazzabella f American (Modern, Rare), Obscure (Rare)
Variant of Jezebella via an elaboration of Jazzabelle (See also Jessabella).... [more]
Jazzabelle f English (American, Rare)
Altered form of Jezebel, possibly influenced by the popular name elements Jaz (found in names such as Jasmine and Jazlyn) and belle... [more]
Jazzella f English (Rare)
Combination of Jazz and Ella 2.
Jazzelle f English (American, Modern, Rare)
Variant of Giselle/Jazelle or a combination of the poular name "element" Jazz and the popular name suffix -Elle.
Jazzie f English
Diminutive of Jazzilyn, Jasmine, and other names with the "Jazz" sound.
Jazzilyn f English (American, Rare)
Variant of Jazlyn. The name can also be a combination of Jazz, a style of music, and the popular suffix -lyn.
Jazzlyn f English
Variant of Jazlyn.
Jazzman f & m English (American, Rare)
Either a variant of Jasmine or else from the English word jazzman: "A musician who plays or composes jazz music".
Jazzmin f English
Variant of Jasmine.
Jazzmine f English (Modern)
Variant of Jasmine, the spelling likely influenced by the word jazz.
Jazzmynn f English
Variant of Jasmine.
Jazzmynne f English
Form of Jasmine, most likely influenced by the word jazz.
Jazznae f African American (Modern, Rare)
Modern name, a combination of the popular name elements Jazz (see Jazz) and nae (from names such as Janae).
Jazzy m & f Various
Diminutive of names with the syllable jaz or jas such as Jasmine, Jasper and Jazzabelle
Jbduhi f Armenian
From the Armenian ժպտուն (jbduh) meaning "smiling, smiler".
Je m Korean, History
Meaning unknown. This was the personal name of Grand Prince Yangnyeong (1394-1462), oldest son of King Taejong and brother of Sejong the Great. He was the 15x great-grandfather of Syngman Rhee, first president of South Korea.
Jeames m Scots
Scots form of James.
Jeamock m Scots
Diminutive of Jeams.
Jeams m Scots
Scots form of James.
Jeamsie m Scots
Diminutive of Jeams.
Jeana f Romanian
Feminine form of Jean 1.
Jeanalyn f Filipino
Combination of Jeana and the popular suffix -lyn.
Jeandag f Scots
Caithness Scots diminutive of Jean 2.
Jeanderson m Portuguese (Brazilian)
Likely a combination of Jean 1 and Anderson.
Jeanelia f Filipino
A daughter named after her mother, Jeanette.
Jeanelle f English (American, Rare)
Variant of Janelle influenced by Jean 2.
Jeanelly f Spanish (Caribbean)
Composed of the English name “Jean” and the ending “elly”.
Jeanete f Portuguese (Brazilian)
Portuguese borrowing of Jeannette.
Jeanice f English (American, Rare)
Most likely, a variant of Janice.
Jeaniene f English (Rare)
Variant spelling of Jeanine.
Jeanina f French (Rare), Swedish (Rare), Danish (Rare), Romanian (Rare), English (American, Rare), Filipino
Variant of Jeannina (French) or Jeanine (Swedish and Danish). This was borne by a daughter of Christine Stampe (1797-1868), a Danish baroness and patron of the arts.
Jeanique f French (Rare), Dutch (Rare), Flemish (Rare), French (Belgian, Rare), Afrikaans (Rare)
Blend of Jeanne with any feminine name ending in -ique, such as Monique and Véronique... [more]
Jeanmarie f English (Rare)
Combination of Jean 2 and Marie. Not to be confused with the French name Jean-Marie.
Jeannace f English
Variant of Janice incorporating the name Jean 2.
Jeanneclair f Obscure
Combination of Jeanne and Clair.
Jeannedarc f Various
Means "Joan 1 of Arc" in French. This name is given to commemorate Joan of Arc, a French saint who is considered a heroine of France, for her role during the Lancastrian phase of the Hundred Years' War.
Jeanneton f Jèrriais, Guernésiais
Diminutive of Jeanne, cognate of Jeannette.
Jeannetounette f Norman
Diminutive of Jeanne.
Jeannotte f French (Rare)
Feminine form of Jeannot.
Jeanny f French, English
Diminutive of Jean 2 or Jeanne
Jeansa m Sami
Sami form of Jens.
Jeantat m French (Swiss, Archaic)
Local diminutive of Jean 1 found in the Montreux region up until the late 1600s.
Jeanvie f Filipino
Combination of either the English name Jean 2 or the French masculine name Jean 1 and the Filipino name suffix -vie.... [more]
Jeaun m Norman
Norman form of Jean 1.
Jebadiah m English, Hebrew, Biblical
Common among the Amish. Meaning "Beloved of the lord", the biblical term is a "blessing".
Jebediah m English
Possibly a combination of Jeb and Jedidiah
Jebet f African
Kalenjin name from the Rift Valley area of Kenya. Means born 'during the day'.
Jebina f Tamil (Latinized, Rare)
Jeby means pray in Tamil
Jebreil m Persian
Persian form of Gabriel.
Jebson m English
Transferred use of the surname Jebson.
Jeca f Serbian
Nickname for the name Jelena
Jecca f English
Diminutive of Jessica.
Jechiel m Medieval Jewish, Judeo-Anglo-Norman
Variant transcription of Jehiel. It was recorded in 15th-century Frankfurt, Germany.
Jecito m Spanish
Diminutive of Jorge.
Jecka f English (American)
Nickname for the name Jessica, notably used by a character in “Class of 09” and it’s re-up
Jedaiah m Biblical
English transcription or spelling of two distinct Hebrew names: יְדָיָ֥ה and ידַעְיָ֖ה. Both names occur in the Old Testament.... [more]
Jedd m English
Variant of Jed and likewise a short form of Jedidiah. Noted bearer is Australian musician Jedd Hughes.
Jedda f Indigenous Australian, Nyungar, Popular Culture
Means "wren" or "little wild goose" from djida, a word in Noongar, spoken in South West Region, Western Australia. ... [more]
Jeddahlyn f Filipino (Rare)
Combination of Jeddah and the popular suffix -lyn.
Jeddie f & m English
Feminine form or diminutive of Jedidiah.
Jeddy m English (Rare)
Short form of Jedediah.
Jedediah m Biblical Hebrew
Means "God's Friend"
Jedert f Slovene
Variant of Jera.
Jedi m English (Modern)
Diminutive of Jedidiah. In the Star Wars universe, Jedi, the name of the ancient knighthood, is a tip of the hat to Burrough's Barsoom, where lords bear the title of Jed or Jeddak.
Jedi'a-el m Biblical
Variant transcription of Jediael.... [more]
Jediael m Biblical
This name is comprised of two parts: ידע (yada'), meaning "to know" and אל ('el), which is the abbreviated form of אלהים ('elohim), referring to "God".... [more]
Jediel m Biblical (Hellenized)
Variant transcription of Jediael, as used in 1 Chronicles 7:6 and 11:45.... [more]
Jedihel m Biblical
Variant transcription of Jediael, as used in 1 Chronicles 11:45 and 12:20.... [more]
Jędra m Vilamovian
Vilamovian form of Jędrzej.
Jędrek m Polish
Originally a diminutive of the now obsolete Jędrzej, this name is now used as a diminutive of Andrzej.
Jedrick m Polish
A boy's name of Polish origin which means "a strong man".
Jędruś m Polish
Originally a diminutive of the now obsolete Jędrzej, this name is now used as a diminutive of Andrzej.
Jeduthan m Biblical, English (Puritan), Biblical Hebrew
Meaning, "praising." Jeduthun was one of the chiefs of the temple choir during the time of David. Jeduthun belonged to the Merari family of the tribe of Levi. He is considered to be the same person as Ethan... [more]
Jedvard m Old Swedish
Old Swedish form of Eadweard.
Jedwiga f Medieval Polish
Medieval Polish variant of Jadwiga.
Jee m Pakistani
Transferred use of the surname Jee.
Jee-Ahn f & m Korean
Variant transcription of Korean Hangul 지안 (see Ji-An).
Jee-An f & m Korean
Variant transcription of Korean Hangul 지안 (see Ji-An).
Jeeʹfem m Sami (Skolt)
Skolt Sami form of Yefim.
Jeek m Luxembourgish
Vernacular form of Jacques.
Jeeles m & f Scots
Variant of both masculine and feminine Giles.
Jeeli m Finnish
Finnish pet form of Joel or a Finnish pet form of names ending with -iel.
Jeemie m Scots
Diminutive of Jeams.
Jeemooth m Hindi
Means "cloud" in Hindi.
Jeen m Dutch, West Frisian
Dutch and Frisian form of Johannes. Also compare the related names Jene and Jenne.
Jeenie f English (Rare)
Variant of Jennie
Jeeranan f Thai
Alternate transcription of Thai จิรนันท์ or จีรนันท์ (see Chiranan).
Jeerasak m Thai
Alternate transcription of Chirasak.
Jeeravat m Thai
Alternate transcription of Thai จิรวัฒน์ (see Chirawat).
Jeerawan f Thai
Alternate transcription of Thai จิรวรรณ (see Chirawan).
Jeerawat m Thai
Alternate transcription of Thai จิรวัฒน์ (see Chirawat).
Jeerawut m Thai
Alternate transcription of Thai จิรวุฒิ (see Chirawut).
Jeesus m Biblical Finnish, Theology
Estonian and Finnish form of Jesus.
Jeeta m Hindi
Means "invincible", "unconquerable", "winner".
Jeevan f & m Punjabi
"Life" or "bringer of life"
Jeeyar m Indian
only one aryan family who are priests and nature lovers who are still living in india.... [more]
Jeezer m Biblical
Jeezer was a son of Gilead of the Tribe of Manasseh according to Numbers 26:30.
Jeferson m Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish (Latin American), Filipino
Portuguese, Spanish and Filipino adoption of Jefferson.
Jeffie m & f English (Rare)
Diminutive of Jeff, sometimes used as a feminine form.
Jeffri m Medieval Cornish
Cornish form of Geoffrey.
Jeffy m English
Diminutive of Jeffrey.
Jefim m Estonian
Estonian transcription of Russian Ефим (see Yefim).
Jefra f English
Feminine form of Jeffrey.
Jefrasinnia f Belarusian
Variant transliteration of Ефрасіння (see Efrasinnia).
Jefri m Indonesian
Indonesian form of Jeffrey.
Jefrosinija f Latvian, Lithuanian
Latvian and Lithuanian form of Euphrosyne.
Jefry m Indonesian, Spanish
Indonesian and Spanish variant of Jeffrey.
Jefte m Biblical Hungarian
Hungarian form of Jephthah.
Jefté m Spanish (Rare), Biblical Spanish
Spanish form of Jephthah. A notable bearer is Spanish footballer Jefté Betancor (1993-).
Jegede m Nigerian (Modern)
A very active person that moves around a lot
Jegor m Estonian
Estonian transcription of Russian Егор (see Yegor).
Jegu m Breton
Variant of Jagu.
Jegudiel m Judeo-Christian-Islamic Legend
Variant form of Jehudiel. This is the name of one of the seven archangels in the Eastern Orthodox tradition.
Jeh f Persian Mythology
Possibly derived from the Arabic verb جَاءَ (ja'a) meaning "to come, to bring". In Zoroastrianism, Jeh is the consort of Ahriman, and is a demon of lasciviousness who is associated with the menstrual cycle, improper behaviour and the defilement of women.
Je-ha m & f Korean
Combination of a je hanja, like 濟 meaning "cross; help, assist" or 祭 meaning "ancestral rites," and a ha hanja, such as 河 meaning "water; river, creek" or 夏 meaning "summer."
Jehad m Arabic
Variant transcription of Jihad.
Jehaleel m Ancient Hebrew
Meaning "God is praised."
Jehan f & m Arabic (Egyptian), Persian (Rare, ?)
Alternate transcription of Arabic جيهان (See Jihan) as a feminine name or Persian جهان (see Jahan) as a masculine name.... [more]
Jehana m Anglo-Norman
Anglo-Noman form of John
Jehane f Anglo-Norman
Anglo-Norman form of Joan
Jehannes m West Frisian (Rare)
West Frisian form of Johannes.
Jehdeiah m Ancient Hebrew
Meaning "God gladdens."
Jeĥezkelo m Esperanto
Esperanto form of Ezekiel.
Jehhezkelo m Esperanto
Variant of Jeĥezkelo, the Esperanto form of Ezekiel. (Esperanto's creator, Doctor Ludwig L. Zamenhof, allowed the use of hh as a substitute for ĥ, which printers often lacked type for.)
Jehial m Ancient Hebrew
Variant spelling of Jehiel.
Jehiël m Dutch
Dutch form of Jehiel.
Jehoahaz m Ancient Hebrew
Meaning "God holds fast." Diminutive is Ahaz.
Jehoahaz m Biblical
Means "Yahweh has held" derived from the elements yah the Hebrew god and haz "held"... [more]
Jehoel m Biblical Hebrew (?)
The name of an angel in the apocryphal Apocalypse of Abraham.
Jehoiada m Biblical Hebrew
Meaning "God knew." It was the name of at least three people in the Hebrew Bible.
Jehonadab m Biblical Hebrew
Meaning "Jehovah is willing."
Jehoova m Theology
Estonian form of Jehovah.
Jehoshabeath f Biblical Hebrew
Original Hebrew form of Jehosheba.
Jehoshua m Biblical
The usual Hebrew form of the name "Joshua"; it occurs in the King James Version of Numbers 13:16 (the American Standard Revised Version "Hoshea"); and in some editions of the King James Version in 1 Chronicles 7:27, where others have the form "Jehoshuah" (h being wrongly added at the end).
Jehoshuah m Biblical Hebrew
Name in the genealogy of Ephraim. (1 Chronicles 7:27)
Jehosua m Judeo-Anglo-Norman
Judeo-Anglo-Norman form of Yehoshua.
Jehóva m Theology
Icelandic form of Jehovah.
Jehova m Theology
Form of Jehovah in various languages.
Jehozabad m Biblical
Son of Shomer, was one of the assassinators of King Joash of Judah. II Kings 12:21. "This person is called Zabad, in 2 Chron... [more]
Jehozadak m Biblical Hebrew
Meaning "God is just."
Je-hsin f & m Chinese
It means "enthusiast" in Chinese.
Jehudà m Judeo-Catalan
Catalan form of Judah. A well-known bearer is the converso cartographer Jehudà Cresques (1360-1410).
Jehudiel m Judeo-Christian-Islamic Legend
Derived from the Hebrew יהודיאל (Yehudiel) which meant "praise of God" (compare Judah). Jehudiel was one of the seven archangels in Eastern Orthodox tradition.
Jei m Chinese
Means "heroic" in Chinese