Submitted Names Starting with J

Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Jaimy f & m English (Rare), Dutch
Variant of Jamie.
Jaina f Literature, English, Indian
The name of the daughter of Han Solo and Princess Leia Organa in the Star Wars expanded universe.
Jaina f Theatre
This is used as the German translation of Jane in the 1881's opera Patience.
Jaina m Romani
Romani form of John.
Jainal m Indonesian, Filipino, Tausug
Indonesian variant of Zainal as well as the Tausug form.
Jaine f English
Variant of Jane.
Jainet f English
Feminine form of John.
Jainette f English
Variant of Jainet.
Jainn f American
Variant of Jane
Jaione f Basque
Coined by Sabino Arana Goiri and Koldo Elizalde as a Basque equivalent of Natividad and Noëlle. They based the name on Basque jaio "to be born".
Jáir m Biblical Hungarian
Hungarian form of Jair.
Jairence m & f Filipino
Jaime or James & Florence, Terence, Clarence
Jaïro m Dutch (Modern, Rare), Dutch (Antillean), French (Modern, Rare)
Dutch and French form of Jairo. This name is borne by Dutch footballer Jaïro Riedewald.
Jais m English (Modern)
Short form of Jason.
Jaisal m Indian
Possibly has origins from Hindi or Sanskrit.
Jaisamina f Punjabi
Derived from Punjabi ਜੈਸਮੀਨ (jaisamīna) meaning "jasmine", making it the Punjabi form of Yasmin.
Jaisyra f English (American)
Possibly a variant of Jazira.
Jàita f Sicilian
Variant of Àita.
Jâja m Greenlandic
Short form of Jâjaruse.
Jaja f Filipino, Tagalog, Cebuano
Diminutive of Lydia, Janet, Jasmine and other names that start with Ja.
Jajang m Sundanese
Variant of Ujang.
Jâjaruse m Greenlandic
Greenlandic form of Jairus.
Jàjita f Sicilian
Variant of Àjita.
Jajuan m English (Modern)
Combination of the prefix Ja- and the name Juan.
Jajuana f English
Feminine equivalent of Jajuan
Jajyi f Indian
MEANING - seed, shoot... [more]
Jak m English
Variant of Jack.
Jak m Afrikaans
Variant of Jaak.
Jaka m Javanese, Sundanese
Variant of Joko.
Jakai m & f African American
Variant of Jackie.
Jakara f African American
Combination of the prefix Ja- and Kara 1.
Jakaria f African American (Rare)
Elaboration of Karia using the popular prefix Ja-.
Jakaria m Bengali, Indonesian
Bengali and Indonesian form of Zakariyya.
Jakariah m Indonesian
Indonesian form of Zakariyya.
Jakarius m African American (Modern, Rare)
An invented name, formed using popular name elements such as Ja and arius (from names such as Darius). See also Jakari.
Jakarta f & m English
From the name of the capital city of Indonesia.
Jakaŭ m Belarusian
Belarusian form of Jacob.
Jakayla f English (Modern)
Combination of the prefix Ja with the name Kayla, possibly based on Jacqueline or Makayla (see also Jayla).
Jakaylah f English
Variant of Jakayla.
Jakdan m Manchu
Means "pine" in Manchu.
Jakeb m English (Modern)
Variant of Jacob (the spelling possibly influenced by that of Jake).
Jakeem m Arabic
Means "raised up".
Jakeisha f African American (Modern)
Combination of the prefix Ja- and Keisha.
Jakelyn f English (Modern, Rare)
Variant of Jacqueline or a combination of Jake and Lyn.
Jakelyne f Portuguese (Brazilian)
Brazilian variant of Jacqueline. A famous bearer is Brazilian beauty pageant titleholder Jakelyne Oliveira (Miss Brasil 2013).
Jakemina f Medieval English
Medieval English borrowing of Jacquemine.
Jaketta f Medieval English
Medieval English borrowing of Jacquette.
Jakey m English
Diminutive of Jake.
Jakez m Breton
Breton form of Jacques.
Jakeza f Breton
Feminine form of Jakez.
Jakezig m Breton
Diminutive of Jakez.
Jakhongir m Uzbek
Variant of Jahongir.
Jaki m Icelandic (Rare)
From Icelandic jaki meaning "floating piece of ice, floe, iceberg".
Jaki m German (Rare)
Of unknown origin and meaning, maybe a hypochoristic form of Joachim.... [more]
Jakie m & f Various (Rare)
Variant of Jackie and diminutive of Jacob.
Jakim m Russian
Russian variant transcription of Yakim.
Jakin m Biblical
Variant of Jachin used in some versions of the Old Testament.
Jakinde f Basque
Basque form of Jacinta.
Jakira f African American (Modern)
Combination of prefix ja and Kira 2.
Jakisha f African American
Combination of the prefix Ja and the name Kisha.
Jakkie m Afrikaans
Diminutive of Jacob.
Jakkubiina f Greenlandic
Greenlandic form of Jakobina.
Jako m Estonian
Originally a short form of Jakob, now used as a given name in its own right.
Jakób m Polish (Archaic), Kashubian (Archaic)
Archaic Polish and Kashubian form of Jacob.
Jakobäa f German (Rare, Archaic)
Rare feminine form of Jakob.
Jakobe f Danish
Variant of Jakoba.
Jakobe m Basque
Basque form of Jacob.
Jakobea f German (Swiss)
Feminine form of Jakob.
Jakobína f Icelandic
Icelandic form of Jakobina.
Jakobo m Esperanto
Esperanto form of Jacob.
Jakobus m Afrikaans, Biblical German, Medieval German
Afrikaans and German form of Jacobus.
Jakoi m Veps
Veps form of Jacob.
Jakovs m Latvian
Latvian form of Jacob or James.
Jakow m Medieval Polish
Medieval Polish variant of Jakub via of Yakov.
Jakraphan m Thai
Variant transcription of Chakraphan.
Jaksa m Medieval Polish
Diminutive of Jakub.
Jaktor m Medieval Polish
Medieval Polish form of Hector.
Jakùb m Kashubian
Kashubian form of Jacob.
Jakuba f Czech (Rare)
Czech feminine form of Jacob.
Jakubek m Polish
Diminutive of Jakub.
Jakubina f Polish (Rare)
Feminine form of Jakub.
Jakubko m Medieval Polish
Diminutive of Jakub.
Jakubko m Slovak
Diminutive of Jakub, not used as a given name in its own right.
Jakubu m Kikuyu
Kikuyu form of James.
Jakuchu m Japanese
Jackuchu apparently means easily angered and swift.
Jakup m Albanian
Albanian form of Jacob.
Jákupîna f Greenlandic
Greenlandic form of Jakobina.
Jakuś m Silesian
Diminutive of Jakub.
Jakusz m Medieval Polish
Diminutive of Jakub.
Jaky m & f Various (Rare)
Variant of Jackie.
Jakyra f African American (Modern, Rare)
Combination of the suffix ja- and Kyra.
Jala f Azerbaijani (Rare)
Azerbaijani form of Zhaleh.
Jalaja f Indian, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil
Means "born of water" or "born in water" from Sanskrit जल (jalá) meaning "water" and ज (já) meaning "born".
Jalal al-Din m Arabic
Means "greatness of the faith" from Arabic جلال (jalal) meaning "greatness, loftiness, grandeur" and دين (din) meaning "religion, faith".
Jalālātūnn f Balochi
Derived from jalāl meaning "splendid" and (h)ātūnn meaning "lady".
Jalaluddin m Arabic, Pashto, Indonesian, Malay
Arabic alternate transcription of Jalal al-Din as well as the Pashto, Indonesian and Malay form.
Jalaludin m Indonesian, Malay
Indonesian and Malay form of Jalal al-Din.
Jalalullah m Pashto (Rare), Indonesian
Means "greatness of Allah", from from Arabic جلال (Jalal) meaning "greatness, loftiness, grandeur" and الله (Allah).
Jalan m English
Variant of Jalen.... [more]
Jalani m Malay (Rare)
Possibly means "to experience, to live" in Malay.
Jalaya f African American
Similar to the name Jaleah. Could also be from Alaya but with a J placed in front.
Jálbmár m Sami
Sami form of Hjalmar.
Jałbrzyk m Medieval Polish
Medieval Polish variant of Alberyk.
Jale f German, North Frisian
Short form of (now extinct) names whose first element was derived from Proto-Germanic *gailan meaning "jovial".... [more]
Jale f Kurdish
Means "oleander" in Kurdish.
Jaleayah f Obscure
Variant of Jaleah.
Jaleb m American (Modern, Rare)
Apparently a blend of Jacob and Caleb (see also Jalen).
Jaleel m Arabic, Indian (Muslim), Urdu, African American
Variant transcription of Jalil.
Ja'leesa f African American (Modern)
Combination of prefix ja and Leesa.
Jalevina f Caribbean
This girl is smart and witty. She can be funny but sometimes serious, she is nice and kind to most people but do not cross her. She is attractive but she doesn't see her own beautiful. She is most likely insecure and she looks for love but truly doesn't know the real meaning.
Jalgasbay m Uzbek
A famous bearer is Jalgasbay Berdimuratov, an Uzbek Greco-Roman wrestler. He will represent Uzbekistan at 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.
Jali m Finnish
A diminutive of Jarl, Jalmari and Jalo.
Jalia f Arabic
Allegedly a feminine form of Jalal.
Jaliah f English
Variant of Jaliyah.
Jalid m Medieval Arabic (Moorish)
Spanish transcription of Khalid.
Jalida f Medieval Arabic (Moorish)
Spanish transcription of Khalida.
Jalilah f Arabic, Malay, Filipino, Maranao
Arabic alternate transcription of Jalila as well as the Malay and Maranao form.
Jalileh f Persian
Persian form of Jalila.
Jalina f North Frisian (Rare)
19th-century elaboration of Jale.
Jaline f West Frisian
Feminine form of Jalle.
Jalle m Swedish
Diminutive of Jarl or variant of Hjalle.
Jalmar m Estonian
Estonian form of Hjalmar.
Jalol m Tajik, Uzbek
Tajik and Uzbek form of Jalal.
Jalon m English (Modern)
Jalon was one of four sons of Ezrah, and the uncle of Miriam, Shammai and Ishbah (father of Eshtemoa)... [more]
Jalyla f African American (Modern, Rare)
Variant of Jalila or a combination of the prefix ja- and the name Lyla.
Jam m & f Various
Diminutive of James, Jamesina and other names that begin with Jam-
Jáma m Greenlandic
Greenlandic form of James.
Jama m Arabic
Variant of Jaamac.
Jamael m Filipino, Maranao
Maranao form of Jamil.
Jamail m Filipino, Maranao
Maranao form of Jamil.
Jamaliah f Malay, Indonesian, Filipino, Maranao
Derived from Arabic جمال (jamal) meaning "beauty".
Jamal-ud-din m Arabic
Composed of the name Jamal and the Arabic word din "religion, faith".
Jamaludin m Malay, Indonesian
Malay and Indonesian form of Jamal al-Din.
Jamarcus m English
Combination of the prefix ja and Marcus.
Jamaria f & m African American (Rare)
Elaboration of Maria with the popular prefix Ja-. It may be influenced by Jamar.
Jamario m African American (Rare)
Elaboration of Mario using the popular prefix Ja-. It is sometimes used as a masculine variant of Jamaria.
Jamaris f & m English
Possibly an elaboration of Jamar and Jamari.
Jambrek m Croatian (Rare)
Diminutive of Ambrozije. It is more common as a surname.
Jambroży m Polish (Archaic)
Dialectal variant of Ambroży.
Jambul m Georgian
Georgian form of Janpolad. Also compare the Kazakh name Zhambyl, which is related and tends to get georgianized to Jambul in Georgia.
Jambulat m Georgian (Rare)
Georgian form of Janpolad. This name is rare, because the standard Georgian form of that name is Jambul.
Jamee f & m English (Modern)
Variant of Jamie.
Jameka f African American
This is the middle name of tennis player Serena Williams.
Jamel m Arabic (Maghrebi), Filipino, Maranao
Arabic alternate transcription of Jamil chiefly used in Northern Africa as well as the Maranao form.
Jamelah f Filipino, Maranao, Malay
Maranao and Malay form of Jamila.
Jameleddine m Arabic (Maghrebi)
Maghrebi variant of Jamal ad-Din (chiefly Tunisian).
Jamelene f African American
Feminine form of Jamal.
Jamelia f English
Variant of Jamilia.
Jamelle f & m English (American, Rare)
This given name is probably a combination of any name starting with Jam- (such as James and Jamal) with any name ending in -elle (such as Isabelle and Michelle).... [more]
Jamesetta f African American
An elaborate feminine form of James, borne by famous singer Etta James as her birth name.
Jamesha f Urdu
Means "Beautiful leader"
Jamesia f English (American, Rare)
Feminine form of James. In some cases it might also be derived from Jamesia, the name of a genus of shrubs in the Hydrangeaceae also known as cliffbush or waxflower... [more]
Jamesy m & f English (Rare)
Variant of James, also used as a female form of James.
Jamette f Medieval French
Feminine form of Jamet.
Jamez m English
Variant of James.
Jami f Sanskrit, Hindi, Hinduism, Indian, Punjabi, Marathi, Malayalam, Sinhalese, Telugu, Assamese, Odia
MEANING : a virtuous or respectable woman, Sister, daughter -in-law. (It is name of an Apsara)
Jamia f African American
Possibly a feminine version of the name Jamie.
Jamielee f English (Rare)
Combination of Jamie and Lee.
Jamileth f Spanish (Latin American), Central American
Variant of Yamilet mostly used in Nicaragua.
Jamillia f American (Rare)
Elaborated form of Jamila.