Submitted Names Starting with J

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Jarifa f Literature
Meaning unknown, although it is likely taken from Spanish jarifa meaning "healthy; attractive", which is ultimately derived from Classical Arabic šarīf "noble" and thus be connected to the Arabic name Sharifah... [more]
Jarig m West Frisian, East Frisian
Variant spelling of Jarich.
Jarik m West Frisian
Variant of Jari influenced by Jorik.
Jarina f Czech
Diminutive of Jaromira.
Jarinee f Thai
Alternate transcription of Charini.
Jarisleif m Old Norse
Old Norse form of Yaroslav.
Jariya f Thai
Alternate transcription of Chariya.
Jariyaña f & m Aymara
Means "hurry" in Aymara.
Jar-jar m Popular Culture (Modern)
Meaning unknown. This is the name of a character in the Star Wars movie saga, created by George Lucas, who first appeared in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace as a comic relief character, banished from his people for his clumsiness, who goes on to unite the Gungan and Naboo people and become Junior Representative, representing his people in the Senate.
Jarji m Georgian
Derived from the Persian noun جارچی (jârči) meaning "herald, messenger", which is ultimately of Turkic origin.
Jark m Kashubian
Short form of names beginning with Jar-, such as Jarosłôw and Jarosz.
Jarkki m Finnish
Variant of Jarkko.
Jarko m Finnish
Rare variant of Jarkko.
Järl m Old Swedish
Variant of Jærl.
Jarla f Swedish (Rare)
Feminine form of Jarl.
Jarlabanke m Old Swedish
Combination of Jarl and Old Swedish banka, a verb meaning "to beat, to hammer, to thwack".
Jarlaug f Norwegian (Rare)
Combination of Old Norse elements jarl "chieftain, nobleman" and laug possibly meaning "betrothed woman". This is a relatively modern name first used in the early 20th century.
Järle m Old Swedish
Old Swedish form of Jarl.
Jarleiv m Norwegian (Rare)
Combination of the Old Norse elements jarl "chieftain, nobleman" and leifr "descendant, heir".
Jarleivur m Faroese
Faroese form of Jarleiv.
Jarlfrid f Norwegian (Rare, Archaic)
Combination of the Old Norse elements jarl "chieftain, nobleman" and fríðr "beautiful, beloved".
Jarli m Indigenous Australian
Means "barn owl" in the Jiwarli language. While the last speaker of Jiwarli passed away in 1986 a dictionary was able to be made and many people continue speak words or phrases in the language.
Jarlstein m Norwegian (Rare)
Combination of Old Norse name elements jarl "chieftain, nobleman, earl" and steinn "stone".
Jarluf m Norwegian (Rare)
Possibly a variant of Jarleiv.
Jarm m Scots
Shetlandic Scots form of Jerome.
Jarma f American (South, Rare)
Borne by the American actress Jarma Lewis (1931-1985), whose name was said to be of Czech origin.
Jarma m & f Aymara
Means "tall" in Aymara.
Jarman m Manx
Manx form of Germanus.
Jarmecca f African American (Modern)
Not sure of the history or origin.
Jarmiła f Polish
Polish adoption of Jarmila.
Jarmo m Dutch, Flemish (Rare)
Dutch form of Jermo.
Jarmon m Manx
Variant of Jarman.
Jarmundur m Faroese
Faroese variant of Hjørmundur.
Jarna f & m Finnish
Finnish theater and movie director Edvin Laine invented it as female variant of Jarmo (391 female children between 1940-2009). As male name, it's pretty unique (4 male children between 1980-2009).
Jarne m Dutch, Flemish
Dutch variant of Jarmo.
Járngrímur m Icelandic (Rare)
Means "iron mask", composed of Old Norse járn meaning "iron" and grímr meaning "mask, helmet".
Jarno m Finnish
Variant of Jarmo.
Járnsaxa f Norse Mythology, Astronomy
From Old Norse járn "iron" and sax "dagger, short sword".... [more]
Jaro m Finnish
Variant of Jari.
Jaro m Slovak, German (Modern)
Short form of Jaroslav and Jaromír. Since the 1960s, the name has found occasional usage as a stand alone name in German-speaking countries.
Jaro m Medieval German
Recorded in German-speaking Switzerland in the early 1400s.... [more]
Jaroen m Thai
Alternate transcription of Charoen.
Jaroenchai m Thai
Alternate transcription of Charoenchai.
Jaroensak m Thai
Alternate transcription of Charoensak.
Jarolím m Slovak (Rare), Czech (Rare)
Slovak and Czech form of Hieronymos (see Jerome). In the Czech Republic, Jeroným is the standard form and as a result, Jarolím is not as common there.
Jarolin f & m Spanish (Caribbean), Spanish (Latin American)
Feminine form of Járol, based on Carolin (compare Harolin)... [more]
Jarom m Mormon
A prophet from The Book of Mormon, Jarom was one of many authors and has his own book, The Book of Jarom. He was the son of Enos and father of Omni.
Jaromar m Polabian, History
Polabian cognate of Jaromir. This name was borne by several Princes of Rügen.
Jaroměr m Sorbian
Sorbian cognate of Jaromír.
Jaromil m Czech (Rare), Slovak (Rare)
Czech variant and Slovak form of Jarmil.
Jaromira f Polish
Polish form of Jaromíra.
Jaronas m Romansh
Romansh form of Jerome, traditionally used in the Engadine valley.
Jaroni m Friulian
Friulian form of Jerome.
Jaroslavka f Slovak
Diminutive of Jaroslava.
Jarosłôw m Kashubian
Kashubian form of Jarosław.
Jarot m Javanese
Means "muscular, strong" in Javanese.
Jarovit m Slavic Mythology
Wendish and Polabian form of Jarylo.
Jarp m Old Norwegian
Norwegian form of Jarpr.
Jarpr m Old Norse
Originally a by-name meaning "brown" in Old Norse. Later also found as a proper given name.
Jarpur m Icelandic
Icelandic form of Jarpr.
Jarrad m English
Variant of Jared.
Jarrah m Indigenous Australian, Nyungar
From the Nyungar word djarraly referred to a kind of Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus marginata). Nyungar language is spoken in the southwest of Western Australia, near Perth.
Járre m Sami
Sami diminutive of Jakob.
Jarre m West Frisian
Frisian short form of names that contain the Gothic element gairu (gêr in Old High German) "spear." See also Jarich.
Jarredine f Obscure (?)
Feminization of Jared.
Jarren m English
Variant of Jaron 1.
Jarret m English
Variant of Jarrett.
Járri m Sami
Sami variant of Járre.
Jarrin m & f Caribbean, English
Variant of Jaron 2.
Jarron m English
Variant of Jaron 2.
Järrsi m Sami (Skolt)
Skolt Sami form of Gerasim.
Jarryd m & f English
Variant of Jared.
Jarðarr m Old Norse
Derived from Old Norse jǫrð "earth" combined with Old Norse harja or herr "army."
Jarþrúður f Icelandic
Combination of either Old Norse jǫrð "earth" or jara "battle, fight", with *þrúðr "strength, force, power". It could also be a variant of Geirþrúðr.
Jaruby f American (Hispanic)
Meaning: "Perfection"... [more]
Jarún f Icelandic (Modern, Rare)
Combination of the Old Norse name elements jara "battle; fight; quarrel" and rún "secret; secret lore". As this is a newer name, however, the first element might also be inspired by the elements jarn, jard or hjarn.
Jaruś m Polish
Diminutive of Jarosław.
Jaruša f Croatian (Rare), Czech, Slovak
Croatian, Czech and Slovak diminutive of Jarmila and Jaroslava. Also compare Jaruška.
Jaruše f Czech
Diminutive form of Jarmila.
Jaruska m Chuvash, Mari
Chuvash and Mari masculine name derived from the Chuvash jaru meaning "free" and the name suffix -ska.
Jaruvan f Thai
Alternate transcription of Thai จารุวรรณ (see Charuwan).
Jaruwan f Thai
Alternate transcription of Thai จารุวรรณ (see Charuwan).
Järve m & f Finnish
Variant of Järvi.
Järvi m & f Finnish
Means "lake" in Finnish.
Jarylo m Slavic Mythology
Derived from the Proto-Slavic root *jarъ (jar), from Proto-Indo-European *yōr-, *yeh₁ro-, ultimately from *yeh₁r-, meaning "spring; summer; strong; furious". This is the name of an East and South Slavic god of vegetation, fertility and springtime, son to lightning god Perun.... [more]
Jaryna f Belarusian
Variant of Iryna.
Jarzysław m Polish
Means "glowing glory", derived from Polish jarzyć (się) "to glow" combined with Slavic slav "glory".
Jas f & m English
Short form of Jasper, Jasmine and other names beginning with jas-.
Jaś m Polish
Diminutive of Jan 1.
Jasa f Aymara
Means "soft" in Aymara.
Jasai m African American
Meaning unknown. Its usage is likely influenced by the popularity of other names that start with ja, such as Jamari, Jakai, and Jasiah.
Jasamine f American
Likely meant as a variant of Jasmine or Jessamine
Jasarat m & f Persian (Rare)
Means "courage" in Persian.
Jasbir f & m Punjabi
a wonder life born in november. dont judge they sometimes always say.
Jascha m Russian (Dutchified), Russian (Germanized), Dutch (Rare), German (Modern, Rare)
Dutch and German transliteration of Яша (see Yasha). This name was borne by the violin virtuoso Jascha Heifetz.
Jasean m African American (Rare)
Combination of the popular prefix Ja- and Sean.
Jasee m & f English (Modern, Rare)
Variant of Jasey (see also Jase and Jayse)
Jaselle f American (Modern)
Variant of Giselle influenced by the spelling fo Jasmine.
Jaselynn f English (Modern, Rare)
Elaboration of Jase using the popular name suffix lynn.
Jasen m English
Variant of Jason.
Jasen m Croatian, Bulgarian
Bulgarian variant transcription of Ясен (see Yasen) as well as a derivation from Serbo-Croatian jasen "ash tree".
Jasena f Bulgarian
Feminine form of Jasen.
Jasenka f Croatian
Feminine form of Jasen.
Jasenka f Slovene
Originally a diminutive of Jasna, used as a given name in its own right.
Jasenko m Croatian
Derived from Croatian jasen "ash tree".
Jaser m Albanian
Albanian form of Yasir.
Jash m Indian
Indian Name
Jasha m Russian
Variant spelling of Yasha.
Jashar m Albanian, Kosovar
Albanian form of Yaşar.
Jashaun m African American
Combination of the prefix Ja- and Shaun.
Jashauna f English (Modern, Rare)
Combination of the prefix Ja- and Shauna.
Jashawn m African American (Modern)
Combination of the popular phonetic prefix ja and Shawn.
Jasho'be-am m Biblical
Variant transcription of Jashobeam.... [more]
Jashobeam m Biblical
The name is comprised of two parts: שוב (shub), meaning "to return" and עם ('am), meaning "people" or "kin". Together, it is said to mean "Let the people return".... [more]
Jashua m English (Rare)
Variant of Joshua. Jashua was given to 52 boys in 2007 according to the SSA.
Jashub m Biblical
Variant of Job.
Jasia f Polish
Diminutive of Janina.
Jasiah m American
Variant of Josiah.
Jasiba f African (Rare)
Meaning "wealthy noble princess" and "one who descends from the highest regal nobility" ... [more]
Jasiek m Polish
Diminutive of Jan 1.
Jasika f English
History unknown. This name was borne to the actress Jasika Nicole, who plays Astrid Farnsworth on "Fringe."
Jasim m Arabic
Means "great and famous" in Arabic.
Jasimini f Amharic
Amharic form of Jasmine.
Jasin m Bosnian, Albanian
Bosnian and Albanian form of Yasin.
Jasio m Polish
Diminutive of Jan 1 via Jaś.
Jasira f Indian (Muslim)
Derived from the Arabic verb جَسَرَ (jasara) "to dare, to venture boldly; to be foolhearted".
Jasiri f Swahili
Means "bold, courageous" in Swahili.
Jasiu m Vilamovian
Vilamovian cognate of Jaś.
Jasiunia f Polish
Diminutive of Janina.
Jasja m & f Dutch
Dutch form of Jasha.
Jaśka f Polish
Diminutive of Janina.
Jaská f Sami
Means "quiet" in Sami.
Jaskaran m Indian
Meaning Sun of God, Gift of God, Gift of My Father
Jaskari m Finnish
Western Finnish variant of Jaska.
Jaśki m Vilamovian
Vilamovian form of John.
Jaskier m Literature
Jaskier (also known as Dandelion) is a character in the series of fantasy novels called The Witcher written by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski. Jaskier is a poet, minstrel, bard, & the best friend of the main character, Geralt of Rivia... [more]
Jaśko m Polish
Diminutive of Jan 1 via Jaś.
Jasleen f Punjabi, Indian (Sikh)
Allegedly means "absorbed in praise; absorbed in singing God's praises; engrossed in the fame of God".
Jasli f Muslim (Rare)
Arabic the name means beautiful and strong, clever, artistic and quick witted. Independent one. Gods own
Jasmaira f Obscure
Combination of Jasmine and Maira/Myra. Could also be a variant of Jasmira
Jasmarie f American (Modern, Rare)
Combination of Jasmine and Marie.
Jasmeen f English (American, Modern, Rare), Italian (Modern, Rare)
Variant of Jasmine also occasionally used in Italy.
Jasmeena f English
Variant of Jasmina.
Jasmeet m & f Indian (Sikh)
From Sanskrit यशस् (yashas) meaning "fame, praise, glory" and मित्र (mitra) meaning "friend".
Jasmehar m & f Hindi
Meaning "gift of god"
Jasmeno m Esperanto
Derived from Esperanto jasmeno meaning "jasmine".
Jasmi f Finnish
Finnish variant of Jasmin 1.
Jasmiin f Estonian
Estonian form of Jasmine.
Jasmiina f Finnish
Finnish form of Jasmina.
Jasmiini f Finnish (Rare)
Finnish form of Jasmine.
Jasmín f Icelandic
Icelandic form of Jasmin 1.
Jasmín f Spanish
Variant of Jazmín.
Jasmîn f Jèrriais (Modern)
Jèrriais form of Jasmine. This is als the Jèrriais word for the plant.
Jasmīna f Latvian
Latvian form of Jasmine as well as a direct derivation from Latvian jasmīns "jasmine (flower)".
Jasminder f Indian (Sikh), Indian
It's Hindu name meaning "flower queen". In Punjabi meaning "Lord's glory". Other form is Jesminder.
Jasmiyah f African American (Modern)
A variation of the name Jasmine.
Jasmon f & m American (Rare)
Variant or masculine form of Jasmine.
Jasmyne f English
Variant of Jasmine.
Jasněna f Czech
Variant of Jasna.
Jasnomir m Polish
The first element of this name is derived from Polish jasny "clear, bright, light, lucid" (also compare Polish jaśnieć "to shine, to gleam"), which is ultimately derived from Proto-Slavic (j)ěsnъ... [more]
Jasnosław m Polish
The first element of this name is derived from Polish jasny "clear, bright, light, lucid" (also compare Polish jaśnieć "to shine, to gleam"), which is ultimately derived from Proto-Slavic (j)ěsnъ... [more]
Jasó m Catalan
Catalan form of Jason.
Jasón m Spanish
Spanish form of Jason.
Jasona f Spanish (Rare)
Feminine form of Jasón.
Jasonas m Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Jason.
Jasone m Czech, Croatian, Bosnian, Serbian
Czech, Croatian, Bosnian, and Serbian form of Jason.
Jasonina f Filipino (Archaic)
Feminine form of Jason.
Jasonn m English (American)
Variant spelling of Jason
Jasonna f Obscure
Feminine form of Jason.
Jaspal m & f Indian (Sikh)
From Sanskrit यशस् (yashas) meaning "fame, praise, glory" and पाल (pala) meaning "guard, protector".
Jasparina f Dutch (Rare)
A feminine form of Jasper.
Jasparyne f Dutch (Archaic)
A feminine form of Jasper.
Jasperina f Dutch (Rare)
Feminine form of Jasper. A known bearer of this name is the Dutch actress and comedian Jasperina de Jong (b. 1938).
Jaspreet m & f Indian (Sikh)
From Sanskrit यशस् (yashas) meaning "fame, praise, glory" and प्रीति (priti) meaning "pleasure, joy, love".
Jaspur m Faroese
Faroese form of Jasper.
Jass m Estonian (Rare)
Contracted form of Johannes.
Jassandra f English (American)
A variation of Jessandra, a combination of Jess or Jae 2 and Sandra possibly African American too?
Jasser m Arabic
An ancient Arab name meaning "brave", "valiant, "dauntless", "fearless", and "daring".
Jassim m Arabic
Variant of Jasim.
Jassy f Literature
The title character of a 1944 melodramatic novel by Norah Lofts, made into a film in 1947. In the story, Jassy is a wild gypsy girl. The name seems to be a form of Jessie 1 – probably not short for Jessica, but a pet form of Jane.
Jassyca f English (Modern)
Alternative spelling of Jessica.
Jastrid f Faroese
Variant of Jastrið.
Jastrið f Faroese
Faroese variant of Astrið.
Jȧśü m Vilamovian
Variant of Jasiu.
Jasu m Finnish
A diminutive of Jaakko.
Jasumin f Japanese
From Japanese 茉莉 (jasumin) meaning "Jasmine" or 茉莉花 (jasumin) meaning "jasmine flower". Other kanji combinations are possible. ... [more]
Jasuni m Sicilian
Variant of Giasuni.
Jasura f Uzbek
Derived from Uzbek jasur meaning "brave, courageous".
Jasurbek m Uzbek
Combination of Jasur and the Turkish military title beg meaning "chieftain, master".
Jasveer m & f Indian (Sikh)
Alternate transcription of Jasvir.
Jasvir m & f Indian (Sikh)
From Sanskrit यशस् (yashas) meaning "fame, praise, glory" and वीर (vira) meaning "hero, man, brave".
Jaswant m Indian (Sikh)
Variant of Yashwant used by Sikhs.
Jaswanth m Tamil
Jasya f Belarusian
Though it might come as a form of Janina, Belarusian name Jasya can be original, meaning "clear" or can derive from Yaroslava.
Jasz m Kashubian
Diminutive of Jan 1 and Jón.
Jat m Indian
Name - Jat जट... [more]
Jataro m Japanese
蛇 (Ja) means "snake",... [more]
Jatayu m Sanskrit, Malayalam, Hinduism, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Indian, Bengali, Punjabi, Gujarati
MEANING - Bdellium, having entangled hair, long-lived
Játgeir m Icelandic
Icelandic form of Játgeirr.