Names Starting with M

Mukul m Indian, Hindi
Means "bud, blossom" in Sanskrit.
Mulan f Chinese Mythology
From Chinese 木兰 (mùlán) meaning "magnolia". This is the name of a legendary female warrior who disguises herself as a man to take her ailing father's place when he is conscripted into the army.
Mumbi f Eastern African, Kikuyu
Means "she who shapes" in Kikuyu. In Kikuyu mythology Mumbi was the wife of Gikuyu and the mother of his nine daughters.
Mümin m Turkish
Turkish form of Mumin.
Mumin m Arabic
Means "believer" in Arabic.
Mumina f Arabic
Feminine form of Mumin.
Mümine f Turkish
Turkish feminine form of Mumin.
Mümtaz m Turkish
Turkish form of Mumtaz.
Mumtaz m & f Arabic, Urdu
Means "distinguished" in Arabic. The Taj Mahal was built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan as tomb for his wife Mumtaz Mahal (1593-1631).
Muna f Arabic
Means "wishes, desires", from the plural of Arabic منية (munyah).
Munashe m & f Southern African, Shona
Means "with God" in Shona, derived from ishe meaning "lord, God".
Mundi m Ancient Scandinavian
Short form of Old Norse names ending with the element mundr "protection".
Mundzuk m Medieval Turkic
Old Turkic form of Bendegúz.
Mungo m Scottish
Possibly derived from Welsh mwyn "gentle, kind". This was a nickname of the 6th-century Saint Kentigern.
Münir m Turkish
Turkish form of Munir.
Munir m Arabic
Means "bright, shining" in Arabic.
Munira f Arabic
Feminine form of Munir.
Münire f Turkish
Turkish feminine form of Munir.
Munkhtsetseg f Mongolian
Alternate transcription of Mongolian Cyrillic Мөнхцэцэг (see Mönkhtsetseg).
Munro m Scottish
Variant of Monroe.
Munroe m Scottish
Variant of Monroe.
Munya f Arabic
Means "wish, desire" in Arabic.
Munyaradzi m Southern African, Shona
Means "comforter, consoler" in Shona, from nyaradza "to make quiet, to console".
Murad m Arabic, Urdu, Azerbaijani, Avar
Means "wish, desire" in Arabic. This name was borne by several Ottoman sultans.
Murali m Hinduism, Tamil, Indian, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi
Means "flute" in Sanskrit. This is another name of the Hindu god Krishna, given to him because he played the flute.
Murat m Turkish, Bosnian
Turkish and Bosnian form of Murad.
Murchadh m Irish, Scottish
Derived from Gaelic muir "sea" and cadh "warrior".
Murdag f Scottish
Feminine form of Murdo.
Murdo m Scottish
Anglicized form of Muireadhach or Murchadh.
Murdoch m Irish
Anglicized form of Muiredach.
Muriel f English, French, Irish
Medieval English form of a Breton name that was probably related to the Irish name Muirgel. The Normans brought it to England from Brittany. In the modern era it was popularized by a character from Dinah Craik's novel John Halifax, Gentleman (1856).
Murielle f French
French variant of Muriel.
Murna f Irish
Anglicized form of Muirne.
Murphy m & f Irish, English
From an Irish surname that was derived from Ó Murchadha meaning "descendant of Murchadh".
Murray m Scottish, English
From a surname, which is either Scottish or Irish in origin (see Murray 1 and Murray 2).
Murron f Scottish
Scottish form of Muirenn.
Murrough m Irish
Anglicized form of Murchadh.
Murtada m Arabic
Means "chosen" in Arabic. This is an epithet of Ali, the fourth caliph.
Murtagh m Irish
Anglicized form of Muirchertach or Muiredach.
Murtaz m Georgian
Georgian form of Murtada.
Murtaza m Urdu, Arabic
Urdu form of Murtada, as well as an alternate transcription of the Arabic name.
Murugan m Hinduism, Tamil
Possibly from a Dravidian word meaning "youth". This is the name of a Tamil war god identified with Skanda.
Musa m Arabic, Turkish, Persian
Arabic, Turkish and Persian form of Moses.
Mus'ad m Arabic
Means "lucky" in Arabic.
Muscowequan m Indigenous American, Cree
Means "hard quill" in Cree. This was the name of a 19th-century Cree chief.
Mustafa m Arabic, Turkish, Bosnian, Urdu
Means "the chosen one" in Arabic, an epithet of Muhammad. This was the name of four Ottoman sultans. Another famous bearer was Mustafa Kemal (1881-1938), also known as Atatürk, the founder of modern Turkey.
Mustapha m Arabic
Alternate transcription of Arabic مصطفى (see Mustafa).
Mu'tamid m Arabic
Means "relying on, leaning on" in Arabic. Al-Mu'tamid was a 9th-century Abbasid caliph. This was also the name of an 11th-century Abbadid ruler of Seville, who was a patron of the arts and a poet.
Mu'tasim m Arabic
Means "taking refuge in" in Arabic.
Muthoni f Eastern African, Kikuyu
Means "mother-in-law" in Kikuyu.
Mwanajuma f Eastern African, Swahili
Means "born on Friday" in Swahili.
Mwangi m Eastern African, Kikuyu
Means "rapid expansion" in Kikuyu. Kikuyu males were traditionally organized into age sets or generations. The Mwangi generation started around the beginning of the 20th century and lasted for about 30 years.
Mwenye m Eastern African, Swahili
Means "owner, lord" in Swahili.
My f Swedish
Swedish diminutive of Maria.
Mỹ f Vietnamese
From Sino-Vietnamese (mỹ) meaning "beautiful".
Myeong m & f Korean
From Sino-Korean (myeong) meaning "bright, light, clear" or other hanja characters with the same pronunciation. Although it does appear rarely as a single-character name, it is more often used in combination with another character.
Myeong-Suk f Korean
From Sino-Korean (myeong) meaning "bright, light, clear" combined with (suk) meaning "good, pure, virtuous, charming". Other hanja combinations are possible.
Myf f Welsh
Short form of Myfanwy.
Myfanwy f Welsh
Means "my woman" from the Welsh prefix my "my" combined with banw "woman".
Myghal m Cornish
Cornish form of Michael.
Mykhail m Ukrainian
Ukrainian variant form of Michael.
Mykhaila f Ukrainian
Ukrainian feminine form of Michael.
Mykhailo m Ukrainian
Ukrainian form of Michael.
Mykhaylo m Ukrainian
Alternate transcription of Ukrainian Михайло (see Mykhailo).
Mykola m Ukrainian
Ukrainian form of Nicholas.
Mykolas m Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Michael.
Mykyta m Ukrainian
Ukrainian form of Niketas.
Myla f English (Modern)
Possibly a feminine form of Miles, influenced by similar-sounding names such as Kyla.
Mylène f French
Combination of Marie and Hélène. It can also be used as a French form of Milena.
Myles 1 m English
Variant of Miles.
Myles 2 m Greek Mythology
Probably from Greek μύλη (myle) meaning "mill". This was the name of a king of Laconia in Greek mythology.
Mynte f Danish
Means "mint" in Danish.
Myra f English
Created by the 17th-century poet Fulke Greville. He possibly based it on Latin myrra meaning "myrrh" (a fragrant resin obtained from a tree). Otherwise, he may have simply rearranged the letters from the name Mary. Although unrelated etymologically, this is also the name of an ancient city of Anatolia.
Myrddin m Welsh Mythology
Original Welsh form of Merlin.
Myriam f French
French form of Miriam.
Myrna f Irish
Anglicized form of Muirne.
Myron m English, Ancient Greek
Derived from Greek μύρον (myron) meaning "sweet oil, perfume". Myron was the name of a 5th-century BC Greek sculptor. Saints bearing this name include a 3rd-century bishop of Crete and a 4th-century martyr from Cyzicus who was killed by a mob. These saints are more widely revered in the Eastern Church, and the name has generally been more common among Eastern Christians. As an English name, it has been used since the 19th century.
Myroslav m Ukrainian
Ukrainian form of Miroslav.
Myroslava f Ukrainian
Ukrainian feminine form of Miroslav.
Myrrhine f Ancient Greek
Derived from Greek μύρρα (myrrha) meaning "myrrh".
Myrthe f Dutch
From Dutch mirte, a cognate of Myrtle.
Myrtie f English
Diminutive of Myrtle.
Myrtle f English
Simply from the English word myrtle for the evergreen shrub, ultimately from Greek μύρτος (myrtos). It was first used as a given name in the 19th century, at the same time many other plant and flower names were coined.
Myrto f Greek, Ancient Greek, Greek Mythology
From Greek μύρτος (myrtos) meaning "myrtle". This was the name of a few characters from Greek mythology, including one of the Maenads.
Mysie f Scottish
Variant of Maisie.
Myung m & f Korean
Alternate transcription of Korean Hangul (see Myeong).
Mzia f Georgian
Derived from Georgian მზე (mze) meaning "sun".