Submitted Names Starting with P

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Peppinedda f Sardinian
Diminutive of Giosepa.
Peppiniello m Neapolitan
Neapolitan diminutive of Giuseppe.
Peppinu m Sardinian
Sardinian form of Peppino.
Peppy m Popular Culture
The name of Peppy Hare, a rabbit who is a member of Team Star Fox. He is later the general of the Cornerian Army.
Pepquannakek m Shawnee
Means "gunshot" in Shawnee.
Pepu m Spanish
Diminutive of Jose.
Peqitaq m Greenlandic
Younger form of Peĸitaĸ.
Pèr m Gascon
Variant of Pèire.
Pêr m Breton
Variant of Per.
Pera m & f Croatian, Serbian
Diminutive of Petar (male) or Petra (female).
Pera f Spanish
Diminutive of Esperanza.
Perach f Hebrew (Rare)
Means "flower" in Hebrew.
Perak m Malay
It means "silver". It was the fifth and most famous bendahara of the Sultanate of Malacca, Tun Perak, who served under four sultans from 1456 to 1498.
Peran m Breton
Derived from Petrus combined with the diminutive suffix -an.
Peran m Cornish
Variant of Piran.
Perc m English
Diminutive of Percival.
Perçem f Kurdish
Means "banner" in Kurdish.
Perch m Armenian
From the Armenian word պերճ (perč) meaning "magnificent".
Perche m Medieval Dutch
Medieval Dutch short form of Perchevael.
Perchevael m Medieval Dutch
Medieval Dutch form of Perceval.
Percheval m Medieval Dutch
Medieval Dutch variant form of Perchevael.
Perchta f Germanic Mythology
Derived from the Old High German word beraht meaning "bright", this was the name of a goddess worshiped in Austria, Baveria, Baden, Swabia, Switzerland and Slovenia.
Perci m English
Variant of Percy.
Percia f Various (Rare)
Variant of Persia, possibly a female form of Percy. Its usage in Portuguese speaking nations may be as a variant of Persia, or from the surname of unknown origin or meaning.
Perctarit m Ancient Germanic, History
Variant of Bertarid. Perctarit was the name of a 7th-century king of the Lombards.
Perdani f Indonesian
in classical Indonesian, perdani means treasurer. while the other meaning of Perdani is the feminine form of "perdana" which mean the first
Perdaus f Karachay-Balkar
From the Arabic فردوس (firdaws) meaning "paradise".
Perderike f Basque
Basque form of Frederica.
Perdida f American (South, Rare, Archaic)
Respelling of Perdita which might have arisen based on a dialectal pronunciation.
Perdis f Norwegian
Norwegian combination of Per and dís "goddess".
Perdix m Greek Mythology
Means "partridge" in Greek. In Greek myth Perdix or Talos was a nephew of the inventor Daedalus, to whom he was apprenticed... [more]
Perdu m Sardinian
Variant of Pedru.
Perdy f English (Rare)
Either a diminutive of Perdita or a variant of Purdie.
Pere f & m Ijaw
Means "wealthy" in Ijaw.
Pereagbe m & f Ijaw
Means "wealth suits me" in Ijaw.
Pereama m Ijaw
Means "rich town" in Ijaw.
Pereasuodei f Ijaw
Means "wealth has entered me" in Ijaw.
Perebo f & m Ijaw
Means "person of wealth" in Ijaw.
Pere-ere f Ijaw
Means "rich woman" in Ijaw.
Peregrijn m Dutch
Dutch form of Peregrinus (see Peregrine).
Pérégrin m French
French form of Peregrinus (see Peregrine).
Peregrin m Literature, English, German (Archaic)
English variant of Peregrine as well as the German form of Peregrine. Peregrin "Pippin" Took is a character in J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings.
Peregrina f Spanish, Galician, Slovene (Rare), Hungarian (Rare)
Spanish and Galician feminine form of either Peregrino and Slovene feminine form of Peregrin.
Peregrino m Spanish, Portuguese, Galician
Spanish, Galician and Portuguese form of Peregrine.
Perel f Yiddish
Means "pearl" in Yiddish.
Perelandra f Literature
The name for the planet Venus, in the novel of the same name by C.S. Lewis.
Perenelle f French, English, Literature, Medieval French
Old French form of Petronilla borne by Perenelle Flamel (1320-1402), wife and fellow alchemist of Nicolas Flamel. They are known for their quest to discover the philosopher's stone, a legendary substance said to turn any metal into gold and to make its owner immortal.... [more]
Perenike f Samoan
Samoan form of Veronica.
Perenna f Hungarian (Rare)
Derived from the name of the old Roman deity of the circle or "ring" of the year, Anna Perenna. The name itself is derived from Classical Latin perennis "perennial; everlasting, perpetual" (ultimately from Latin per- “throughout” and annus “the year”).
Perestu f Turkish
Turkish form of Parastoo.
Peret m Spanish
Diminutive of Pedro.
Peretta f Medieval Italian
Italian feminine diminutive of Peter.
Perezimo f & m Ijaw
Means "born into wealth" in Ijaw.
Perfèct m Provençal
Provençal form of Perfectus.
Perfecta f Late Roman, Spanish (Archaic), Galician
Feminine form of Perfectus (late Roman) and Perfecto (Spanish, Galician).
Perfection m & f English (Rare), English (African, Rare), African American (Rare), Filipino (Rare)
From the word perfection, referring to the quality or state of being perfect or complete.
Perfecto m Spanish (Archaic), Filipino (Rare)
Spanish form of Perfectus. A known living bearer of this name is the Filipino musician Perfecto "Perf" de Castro.
Perfectus m Late Roman
Derived from Latin perfectus meaning "achieved, finished, completed" as well as "perfected".... [more]
Perfeuta f Asturian
Feminine form of Perfeuto.
Perfeuto m Asturian
Asturian form of Perfecto.
Pergamus m Greek Mythology
Etymology uncertain, but it may be related to πῠ́ργος (púrgos) meaning "tower, watchtower".
Pergen m Shor
Means "marksman" in Shor.
Përgëzim m Albanian
Means "pleasure, joy" in Albanian.
Përgëzime f Albanian
Means "felicitations" in Albanian.
Pergot f Norwegian (Rare)
Norwegian combination of Per and got (from names like Ågot).
Peri f & m Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
Diminutive of Perach and variant of Pri.
Peri f English
Feminine form of Perry.
Periander m Ancient Greek (Latinized)
Latinized form of Periandros. Periander was a tyrant of Corinth (Greece) in the 7th century BC.
Periandr m Russian, Ukrainian
Russian and Ukrainian form of Periander.
Périandre m French
French form of Periander.
Periandro m Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
Italian, Spanish and Portuguese form of Periander.
Periandros m Ancient Greek
Derived from Greek περί (peri) "around, near, surrounding" combined with Greek ανδρος (andros) "of a man".
Peribea f Italian (Rare), Catalan (Rare), Spanish (Rare)
Italian, Spanish and Catalan form of Periboea.
Periboia f Greek Mythology
Derived from the Greek word περιβοάω (periboaô) meaning "to defame", composed of περι (peri) "around" and βοάω (boaô) "to shout, to proclaim" (when used of the wind and waves, "to roar" and "to howl")... [more]
Perick m Manx
Manx form of Patrick.
Perickeen m Manx
Diminutive of Perick.
Pericle m Italian
Italian form of Pericles.
Periclymenus m Greek Mythology
Derived from περῐ- (peri-) meaning "about" and κλῠ́μενος (klúmenos) meaning “heard”.
Perico m Spanish
Diminutive of Pedro.
Peridot f & m English (Rare)
Taken from the name of the gemstone, whose name is of uncertain origin and meaning. A current theory, however, derives it from Anglo-Norman pedoretés, ultimately from Greek paiderôs (via Latin paederos): pais "child" and erôs "love".... [more]
Perihan f Turkish
Turkish name of Persian origin meaning "queen of the fairies" or "queen of the nymphs". The name is derived from Turkish peri (Persian pari) "fairy; nymph" and han "queen".... [more]
Perijandar m Croatian
Croatian form of Periander.
Perijn m Dutch
Variant spelling of Perrijn.
Perîk m Kurdish
Means "feather, fin" in Kurdish.
Perilaos m Ancient Greek, Greek Mythology
Derived from Greek περί (peri) meaning "around, near, surrounding" combined with Greek λαος (laos) meaning "(the) people".
Perilaus m Ancient Greek (Latinized), Greek Mythology (Latinized)
Latinized form of Perilaos. This name was borne by a Greek tyrant of Argos (6th century BC) as well as by several characters in Greek mythology.
Perileos m Greek Mythology
Derived from Greek περί (peri) meaning "around, near, surrounding" combined with λεώς (leos) meaning "the people" (see Leos), which is the Attic Greek form of ancient Greek λαος (laos) meaning "the people"... [more]
Perimede f Greek Mythology
Ancient Greek feminine name meaning "very cunning" or "cunning all around".
Perimele f Greek Mythology
Derived from περῐ- (peri-) meaning "about, around" and an unknown second element.
Perin m Gascon
Diminutive of Pèr.
Periphron m Greek Mythology
The first element of this name is derived from Greek περί (peri) meaning "around, near, surrounding". The second element is derived from either the Greek noun φρόνις (phronis) meaning "prudence, wisdom" or the Greek verb φρονέω (phroneo) meaning "to think" as well as "to be minded"... [more]
Peristera f Greek
From Greek περιστέρι (peristeri) meaning "dove, pigeon," from Ancient Greek περῐστέρῐον (peristérion), the diminutive of περιστερᾱ́ (peristerā́).... [more]
Peristhenes m Greek Mythology
Ancient masculine name meaning "exceedingly strong".
Peritz m Jewish
Most likely a variant of Peretz.
Peritza f Basque, Medieval Basque
One of the medieval Basque variants of Petra.... [more]
Periwinkle f English (Rare)
From the English word for the color "periwinkle", from Middle English parwynke, referring to a "light blue and purple shade". It's also the name of a flower.
Perizat f Kazakh, Kyrgyz
Kazakh and Kyrgyz form of Parizad.
Perj m Armenian
Means "superb, rich" in Armenian.
Perk m English (Rare)
A diminutive of Perkin and Perkins or a nickname. One bearer is Canadian hockey forward Percival Walter "Perk" Galbraith (1898-1961).
Perka f Croatian, Serbian
Derived from Petra.
Perkha f Pashto
Means "dew" in Pashto.
Perkin m English, Medieval English
Transferred use of the surname Perkins, a corruption of Pierre introduced into England by the Norman Conquest... [more]
Perkins m English
Transferred use of the surname Perkins.
Perkūnas m Baltic Mythology, Lithuanian (Rare)
Derived from Proto-Indo-European *perkwunos or *perkunos, which itself is ultimately derived from Proto-Indo-European *perkwus or *perkṷu meaning "oak tree" or "fir tree"... [more]
Perl f Yiddish
Variant of Perle.
Perlas m & f Lithuanian (Rare), Tagalog
Derived from perlas, which in Lithuanian and Tagalog is the word for "pearl".... [more]
Pērle f Latvian (Rare)
Directly taken from Latvian pērle "pearl".
Perlette f French (Rare)
Diminutive of Perle. In other words: you could say that this name is the French cognate of Perlita.
Perley m American (Rare)
Transferred use of the surname Perley.
Perlezenn f Breton
Directly taken from Breton perlezenn "pearl", this name is considered the Breton equivalent of Margaret.
Perlina f Italian (Rare), Spanish (Rare), English (American, Rare)
Diminutive of Perla. In other words: you could say that this name is the Italian and Spanish cognate of Perline... [more]
Përlindje f Albanian
From an antiquated Albanian word meaning "rebirth".
Perline f French (Rare)
Diminutive of Perle.
Permatasari f Indonesian
From Indonesian permata meaning "gem, jewel" and sari meaning "essence".
Permilia f English (American, Archaic)
Meaning unknown; possibly a variant of Pamela (cf. Permelia) or a contraction of Pearl and Amelia.
Perna f Judeo-Italian, Judeo-Greek
Derived from Greek pernas "to pass", this name was historically given to a girl with older sisters whose parents desperately hoped for a son. They "were literally praying for the curse of daughters to pass".
Pernatte f French (Archaic)
Archaic feminine diminutive of Pierre.
Perneb m Ancient Egyptian
Ancient Egyptian masculine name meaning "Lord of his house".
Pernelius m Norwegian
Masculine form of Pernelle.
Pernell m English (American)
Transferred use of the surname Pernell.
Pernie f American (South)
This appears sporadically outside the U.S. Top 1000 and was found mainly in Southern States. My speculation is that it is an offshoot of Calpurnia, but I cannot verify if this is the source of the name.
Pero m Medieval Galician
Medieval Galician variant of Pedro.
Pero m Aragonese, Piedmontese
Aragonese and Piedmontese form of Peter.
Perola f Portuguese (Brazilian)
Allegedly derived from Portuguese pérola "pearl".
Péroline f French
A form of Pétronille (cf. Peronel, Perenelle). The virgin martyr Saint Petronilla is also known as Péroline in French.
Perona f Medieval Catalan
Medieval Catalan feminine diminutive of Pere.
Peronella f Italian (Rare), Medieval Italian
Catalan form and medieval Italian variant of Petronilla. The Italian novelist Boccaccio used this name in his work 'The Decameron' (1350).
Peronik f Armenian
Armenian form of Veronica.
Peronne f French (Archaic)
Archaic feminine diminutive of Pierre.
Pérotène f Norman
Feminine diminutive of Pièrre.
Peroz m Ancient Persian
Middle Persian form of Firuz.
Perpetuo m Medieval French, Galician (Archaic)
Derived from Latin perpetuus "perpetual, continuous, everlasting".
Perpetuus m Late Roman
Masculine form of Perpetua. The 6th-century saint Perpetuus was a bishop of Tours in France.
Perpugilliam f Popular Culture
This is the full first name of Peri Brown, a companion to the Fifth and Sixth Doctors in 'Doctor Who'. The character claims that her name means "she who lives in the hills", though the accuracy of this is unknown as she does not specify the name's language or origin.
Perraĸ m Greenlandic
Meaning unknown.
Perran m Cornish
Variant of Piran.
Perraq m Greenlandic
Younger form of Perraĸ.
Perrete f Medieval French
Recorded 14 times in Paris of 1292.
Perrette f Medieval French
Medieval French feminine form of Pierre.
Perreux m Medieval French
Medieval French form of Petroc.
Perrey m & f English (Rare)
Variant of Perry.
Perri f & m English (Rare)
Variant of Perry. Also used as a diminutive of names that begin with Per-, e.g. Persephone.
Perrijn m Dutch
Dutch form of Perrin.
Pèrrotîn m Jèrriais
Diminutive of Pièrre.
Perrussia f Medieval French
Recorded in French-speaking Switzerland between the 14th and 16th centuries.
Persa f Greek (Rare), Serbian (Rare), Medieval Italian
A form of Persis. In Serbian usage, also a short form of Persida.
Perse m Medieval Dutch
Medieval Dutch variant form of Perche.
Persea f Italian
Feminine form of Perseo.
Persecution m English (Puritan)
Meaning, "hostility and ill-treatment, especially because of race or political or religious beliefs."
Persée m French
French form of Perseus.
Persefona f Polish
Polish form of Persephone.
Perséfone f Spanish, Portuguese
Spanish and Portuguese form of Persephone.
Persefone f Italian
Italian form of Persephone.
Persenet f Ancient Egyptian
Ancient Egyptian feminine name meaning "a sister comes forth".
Perseo m Italian, Spanish
Italian and Spanish form of Perseus.
Persephassa f Greek Mythology
Older, archaic form of Persephone, which suggests pre-Hellenic origins.
Perséphone f French
French form of Persephone.
Perses m Greek Mythology
Titan of destruction.
Perseu m Catalan, Portuguese, Romanian
Catalan, Portuguese and Romanian form of Perseus.
Perseusz m Polish
Polish form of Perseus.
Perseverance f Medieval English
Meaning, "steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success." Referring to persevering through the trials and tribulations that may come as a believer of Christ.
Persey m Bulgarian, Russian, Ukrainian
Bulgarian, Russian and Ukrainian form of Perseus.
Perseyn m Medieval Dutch
Medieval Dutch diminutive form of Perse.
Pershing m English (American)
Most likely used as a first name due to John Joseph Pershing, General of the Armies for the United States at the end of World War I. His paternal ancestors were of German descent, and the original spelling was likely Pfoersching... [more]
Persia f English (Rare)
From the name of the Middle Eastern country Persia, now referred to as Iran. Its name is derived from Avestan Parsa, the ancient tribal name of the people ruled by Cyrus the Great.... [more]
Persia f Medieval Italian
Latinization of Persis.
Persida f Serbian, Croatian, Romanian, Slovene
Serbian, Croatian, and Romanian form of Persis. This was the name of the wife of Alexander Karadordevic, Prince of Serbia and ancestor to the monarchs of Yugoslavia.
Persijn m Dutch
Modern Dutch form of Perseyn.
Persimmon m & f English (Rare)
From the name of the Persimmon, a brightly colored fruit. The word persimmon is derived from Powhatan, an Algonquian language of the eastern United States, meaning "a dry fruit".... [more]
Persinette f Literature
"Persinette" is a 1698 French fairy-tale by novelist Charlotte-Rose de Caumont de La Force which was later adapted by the Grimms brothers to become "Rapunzel"
Persinna f Ancient Greek, Literature
Possibly means "Persian woman" in Greek, thus making it related to Persis. This is the name of a character from the Ancient Roman novel "Aethiopica" by Heliodorus of Emesa... [more]
Persoĸ m Greenlandic
Means "snow flurry" in Greenlandic.
Persoq m Greenlandic
Greenlandic younger form of Persoĸ.
Persson m & f German
Likely from the common Swedish surname Persson and/or the word person (German: Person), which is used as a gender neutral title by some nonbinary people.
Persuvius m Romani
Possibly a Romani corruption of Parascevas or place name Vesuvius.
Persy f English
Diminutive of Persephone.
Perszeusz m Hungarian
Hungarian form of Perseus.
Pert f English (Rare)
Variant of Scottish origin place name Perth, meaning "thicket or copse". Notable namesake is the actress Pert Kelton (1907 - 1968).
Perte f Greenlandic
Greenlandic form of Birte.
Perti f Greenlandic
Greenlandic younger form of Perte.
Pertinace m Italian
Italian form of Pertinax.
Pertinakas m Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Pertinax.
Pertinaks m Bosnian, Croatian
Bosnian and Croatian form of Pertinax.
Pertinax m Ancient Roman, History, Literature
Derived from Latin pertinax "persistent, stubborn." This name was borne by a Roman Emperor from the 2nd century AD.... [more]
Pertsefone f Basque
Basque form of Persephone.
Pertta f Finnish
Finnish variant of Bertta.
Pertunda f Roman Mythology
Pertunda enabled sexual penetration. Pertunda is the female personification of the verb pertundere, "to penetrate", and seems to be a name for invoking a divine power specific to this function.
Pertynaks m Polish
Polish form of Pertinax.
Perucho m Spanish
Diminutive of Pedro.
Peruna f Vlach
Feminine form of Perun.
Perunika f Serbian (Rare), Macedonian (Rare), Bulgarian (Rare), Croatian (Rare)
Derived from Serbo-Croatian perunika and Bulgarian and Macedonian перуника (perunika) "iris".
Perunka f Vlach
Vlach form or diminutive of Peruna.
Pervaiz m Urdu
Urdu form of Parviz.
Pervenche f French (Rare)
Derived from French pervenche "periwinkle".
Pervez m Urdu
Urdu form of Parviz.
Pervizifelek f Ottoman Turkish
From Ottoman Turkish perviz-i felek meaning "the Sun".
Perwane f Kurdish
Means "mayfly" in Kurdish.
Perzefona f Bosnian, Croatian
Bosnian and Croatian form of Persephone.
Perzej m Bosnian, Croatian
Bosnian and Croatian form of Perseus.
Pesah m Jewish
Possibly derived from the modern Hebrew for Pesach, or Passover.
Pesar m Kurdish
Means "slope" in Kurdish.
Pesche f Medieval Jewish, Yiddish (Archaic)
Variant of Pesha, recorded in medieval Frankfurt, Germany.
Peseshet f Ancient Egyptian
Peseshet was the Lady Overseer of the Female Physicians in ancient Egypt, ca. 2500 BC.
Pesha f Yiddish
Related to Pesach (Passover). Alternately, a Yiddish diminutive of Batya.
Pesho m Bulgarian
Diminutive of Petar.
Pessa f Yiddish
Means "pearl" in Yiddish.
Pessach m Jewish
Name of a holiday, the original Jewish version of Passover. It is commonly given to babies born on, or close to Pessach.... [more]
Pesse f Yiddish
Variant of Pesche.
Pesseline f Medieval Jewish
Diminutive of Pesse (compare Pessel) recorded in the border region between modern-day France and modern-day Germany in the 14th century.
Pessi m Literature
From the Finnish fairy tale Pessi and Illusia by Yrjo Kokko, published in 1944. ... [more]
Pessy f Yiddish
Yiddish diminutive of Batya.
Pesulia m Romani
Possibly a Romani corruption of Persuvius.
Peta m Comanche
Peta Nocona (d. 1864) was a chief of the Comanche band Noconi. He led his tribe during the extensive Indian Wars in Texas from the 1830s to 1860. He was the son of the Comanche chief Iron Jacket and father of chief Quanah Parker with Nadua... [more]
Peta f Roman Mythology
Goddess that saw to the infants first wants.
Petala f Brazilian
Are constituent parts of the flower, located at its most protective whorl. They are normally membranous structures, broad, colorful and have many functions, among them the attraction of pollinators.
Petek m & f Turkish
Means "honeycomb" in Turkish.
Petelo m Samoan
Samoan form of Peter.
Petelu m Nyakyusa
Nyakyusa form of Peter.
Petequakey m Indigenous American, Cree
Means "come to us with the sound of wings" in Cree.
Peterina f English, Scottish, Dutch
Elaboration of Peter, feminized with the suffix -ina.
Peternella f Medieval German
Medieval German variant of Petronella.
Petero m Tahitian
Tahitian form of Peter.
Petero m Hawaiian, Biblical Hawaiian
Older Hawaiian form of Peter, aswell it appears in the Bible in Hawaiian.
Pēters m Latvian
Latvian borrowing of Peter.
Peters m English (Rare)
Transferred use of the surname Peters.
Peterson m English (Rare)
Transferred use of the surname Peterson.
Petey m English
Diminutive of Peter.
Pethuël m Dutch
Dutch form of Pethuel, but less common than the main Dutch form (Petuël).
Pethuel m Biblical, Hebrew
Apparently means "God's opening" or "persuasion of God" in Hebrew, derived from Hebrew pathah "to open, to allure, to persuade" combined with el "God". In the bible, this was the name of the father of the prophet Joel.
Peti f Maori
Maori form of Betty.
Petimat f Chechen
Chechen form of Fatimah.
Petina f Shona
The name of the Zimbabwian writer Petina Gappah.
Petit m Judeo-Catalan (Archaic), Medieval Jewish
Derived from Catalan petit "small", this name was used as a translation of Hebrew Katan.
Petita f Spanish
Diminutive of Pilar and Maria del Pilar.
Petito m Judeo-Italian
Petito is my family name, but it has often been used in Italy as person first name in work and social environment. My family is Jew and Israeli originated. Still today, if you check the Israel phone book there are a lot of Petito all over ( [more]
Petiya m & f Russian, Bulgarian
Variant of Petia
Petja m & f Finnish, Slovene, Bulgarian
Finnish form and Bulgarian variant transcription of Petya and Slovene diminutive of Petra (used as a given name in its own right).
Petjo m Bulgarian
Variant transcription of Петьо (see Petyo).
Petka f Serbian, Croatian (Rare), Bulgarian
Feminine form of Petko. Saint Paraskeva of the Balkans is known by this name in Serbia and Bulgaria.