Submitted Names Starting with Y

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Yma f Quechua (?)
Yma Sumac was the stage name of Peruvian soprano Zoila Augusta Emperatriz Chávarri del Castillo (1922-2008). She based it on her mother's name, which was derived from Quechua ima shumaq meaning "how beautiful!", although in interviews Sumac claimed it meant "beautiful girl" or "beautiful flower".... [more]
Yma f Western African, Manding
Manding and Susu form of Mary.
Ymar m Anglo-Saxon
Possibly an Old English name in which the second element is mære "famous". Saint Ymar was a 9th-century Benedictine monk at Reculver Abbey in Kent, England, who was killed by marauding Danes... [more]
Ymaut m Livonian, Medieval Baltic
Possibly derived from Livonian im "miracle" and and "gift".
Ymbjørg f Norwegian
Norwegian dialectal variant of Ingeborg.
Yme m & f West Frisian (Rare)
Variant spelling of Ime 2. This given name is more commonly found on males than on females.
Ymeene f Literature
Character in the book series Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. Said to mean "strange one" in goshawk.
Ymer m Norse Mythology
Ymer was a giant in Norse Mythology.
Ymil m Silesian
Silesian form of Emil.
Ýmir m Icelandic
Icelandic younger form of Ymir.
Ymir m Norse Mythology
In Norse mythology Ymir was a primeval giant and the first living creature. His grandsons Odin, Vili and Ve used Ymir's slain body to create the world
Ymke f & m West Frisian (Rare)
Variant form of Imke. But in other words, you could also say that this name is a diminutive of Yme.... [more]
Ynamorata f Filipino
The name has been used in the 2000 Philippine television show, Pangako Sa'Yo. Ynamorata means 'being a passionate idealist you need to feel loved.'
Yndiara f Brazilian
Yndiara Asp is a Brazilian skateboarder who participated in the Olympic Games, Tokyo 2021.
Yneke f Dutch (Rare)
Variant spelling of Ineke.
Ynes f Medieval Spanish
Medieval Spanish form of Inés.
Ynez f Various (Rare)
Variant of Inez.
Yngvil f Norwegian
Variant of Ingvild.
Yngvör f Icelandic
Modern Icelandic form of Yngvǫr.
Yngvǫr f Old Norse
Old Norse combination of Ing and vár "spring".
Yngvor f Swedish
Modern Swedish form of Yngvǫr.
Yngwie m Swedish (Rare)
Likely an anglicized form of Yngve, used by Swedish musician Yngwie Malmsteen (born Lars Johan Yngve Lannerbäck in 1963).
Yngwin m Germanic
Yngwin was, according to Gesta Danorum, a king in Götaland, who was a close friend to one of the Danish kings named Halfdan.
Ynja f Icelandic
Directly taken from Old Norse ynja "female animal, she-animal".
Ynse f & m Dutch
The name originates from Friesland, a province in the Netherlands. The meaning is “name of a king”. It was originally a boy’s name, but it is used as a unisex name now. The name is used in the Netherlands and in Belgium.
Ynwa f Norwegian (Modern, Rare)
An acronym for You Never Walk Alone, the motto of F.C. Liverpool.
Ynyr m Welsh
Welsh form of Honorius.
Ynyra f Welsh (Rare)
Feminine form of Ynyr (and, as such, the Welsh cognate of Honora).
Yo m Chinese
Means "friendship" in Chinese.
Yo m Japanese (Rare)
Yo can mean "sunny",and possibly "positive", it's not often by itself. A famous bearer is Yo Sano, the author of ' Tonari no onna' ('The Woman Next Door').
Yo m & f Korean
m & f Finnish (Modern, Rare)
Means "night" in Finnish.
m & f Japanese
From Japanese 洋 (yō) meaning ocean, 陽 (yō) meaning sunshine, or other kanji with the same pronunciation.
Yoad m Hebrew
From Hebrew יועד, in the Old Testament was mentioned as part of a dynasty of returning Hebrew settlers from exile. (Following the Cyrus deceleration)... [more]
Yoadan f Ethiopian, Amharic
Amharic form of Jehoaddan.
Yoahim m Bulgarian
Bulgarian form of Joachim.
Yoake m & f Japanese
breaking Dawn in Japanese
Yoakim m Bulgarian
Bulgarian form of Joachim.
Yoally f Nahuatl
Means "night" in Nahautl.
Yoalmo m Central American (Rare)
Meaning unknown, mostly used in El Salvador.
Yoanne m French
Variant of Yoann.
Yocasta f Greek Mythology (Hispanicized), Spanish (Latin American)
Spanish form of Jocasta, particularly used in the Dominican Republic.
Yocha m Biblical
Variant transcription of Joha.... [more]
Yochabel f Popular Culture
The name of Moses's mother in DeMille's 1956 movie The Ten Commandments.... [more]
Yochana f Jewish
Hebrew for "God's grace". Often used as a female form of Yochanan, it is a rather modern name.
Yochannah f Hebrew
"Yahveh-favored," "Yahveh-graced" or "Yahveh-inclined"... [more]
Yochi f Hebrew
Diminutive of Yocheved.
Yoda m Popular Culture
In the 'Star Wars' universe, Yoda is a powerful Jedi master who trains Luke Skywalker.
Yo-da-gent f Iroquois
Allegedly means "she who saves" or "she who carries help" in the Oneida language. This was the honorary Oneida name of Dr. Lillie Rosa Minoka Hill, given to her by the Oneida Tribe of Wisconsin.
Yodanis f Spanish (Latin American)
A combination name, meshing the name's of Yolanda and Daniel to create one name using the intials of both names and the NIS to make the name more feminine
Yoder m English (Rare)
English transcription of Joder.
Yodfat f Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
Used as a female name in modern Hebrew, Yodfat is a variant of the Hebrew name Yotvat, which is derived of the Hebrew root TOV, meaning good. ... [more]
Yodgor m Uzbek
Means "monument, remembrance" in Uzbek.
Yodgora f Uzbek
Derived from Uzbek yodgor meaning "remembrance, monument".
Yodiel m Spanish (Caribbean), Spanish (Latin American)
Possibly of Hebrew origin - if it is, then the last element is derived from Hebrew el "God". Alternatively, this name may be made up from existing elements in the Spanish language, like Yotuel is... [more]
Yodit f Ethiopian
Variant of Judith. The name of a Beta-Israel Queen also reffered to as Gudit.
Yöđöm f Bashkir
Means "raisin" in Bashkir.
Yodrak m Thai
Alternate transcription of Yotrak.
Yoduel m Spanish (Caribbean, Rare), Spanish (Latin American, Rare)
Probably a variant form of Yodiel or perhaps even of Yotuel.
Yoela f Hebrew
Feminine form of Yoel.
Yoella f Hebrew
Feminine form of Yoel.
Yoeri m Dutch
Variant of Joeri.
Yoga m Indonesian
Derived from Sanskrit योग (yoga) referring to a set of Hindu and Buddhist practices centred around spiritual insight and tranquility. The word itself means "yoking, joining, attaching" in Sanskrit.
Yogendra m Indian, Hindi
From Sanskrit योग (yóga) meaning "joining, attaching" combined with the name of the Hindu god Indra.
Yogesh m Indian, Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi
From Sanskrit योगेश (yogesha) meaning "master of yoga", from योग (yoga) meaning "yoga (a group of spiritual, mental and physical disciplines in Hinduism)" combined with ईश (isha) meaning "lord"... [more]
Yogev m Hebrew
Means "farmer, earthworker" in Hebrew. It may be the Hebrew version of the name George because they have the same meaning.
Yogi m Popular Culture
Famous bearer is "Yogi" Berra. He was given the nickname Yogi by a childhood friend who thought that he looked like an Indian Yogi he had seen in a movie.
Yogi m Hebrew (Modern)
Diminutive of Yogev.
Yogi m Indian, Hindi, Indonesian
From a word denoting a practitioner of yoga, a set of Hindu and Buddhist disciplines centred around spiritual insight and tranquility. The word itself is ultimately from Sanskrit योग (yoga) meaning "yoking, joining, attaching".
Yogie m Indonesian
Variant of Yogi.
Yoginampati m Malayalam
Means "lord of the yogis" in Malayalam. A yogi is a devotee or adherent of yoga.
Yogiri f Japanese
From Japanese 夜 (yo) meaning "night" and 霧 (giri) meaning "mist".
Yogita f Sanskrit, Indian
Means "enchanted, wild" in Sanskrit.
Yogush m Komi
Komi form of Yegor.
Yogyasri m Malayalam
Meaning "Good".
Yoh m Japanese, Chinese
It comes from the name of a strong and wise shaman.... [more]
Yohad m Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
Modern Hebrew acronym for "Judgment Day" (Hebrew: יום הדין).
Yo-han m Korean
From Sino-Korean 耀 "shine, sparkle, dazzle; glory" or 曜 "glorious, as sun; daylight, sunlight" (yo), and 翰 "writing brush" or 漢 "the Chinese people, Chinese language" (han). Yo-han is also the Korean form of John... [more]
Yohana m Swahili
Swahili form of John.
Yohana f Indonesian, Spanish (Latin American, Rare), American (Hispanic, Rare)
Indonesian feminine form of Yohanes as well as a Spanish variant of Johana.... [more]
Yohanan m Ancient Aramaic, Assyrian, Indian (Christian), Malayalam
Syriac, Aramaic and Malayalam form of John.
Yohance m Hausa
Means "God's gift" in Hausa.
Yohane m Swahili
Swahili from of John.
Yohani m Indigenous Taiwanese
Potential variant of Yohanis.
Yohanis m Indonesian
Indonesian form of John.
Yohanna f Amharic, Swedish (Rare), Nigerian (Rare), Various
Amharic form of Johanna as well as a variant in other languages. In Amharic, this makes it the feminine form of Yohannes.
Yohannan m Assyrian, Indian (Christian)
Syriac form of John. This was the name of several patriarchs of the Church of the East.
Yohanse f Hausa
Variant of Yohance.
Yohji m Japanese
Variant of Yōji.
Yohl Ikʼnal f Classic Mayan
Anglicisation of IX-(Y)O꞉L-la IKʼ-NAL-la, the transcription of the name of a queen of the Maya city-state of Palenque, which translates to "Lady Heart of the Wind Place".
Yohualticetl f Aztec and Toltec Mythology
Derived from Nahuatl yohualli meaning "night". This was the name of an Aztec goddess who governed the moon and guarded children.
Yoichi m Japanese
This name combines 与 (yo, ata.eru,, kumi.suru, tomoni) meaning "bestow, participate in, give, award, impart, provide, cause, gift, godsend", 世 (sei, se, sou, yo, sanjuu) meaning "generation, world, society, public", 代 (tai, dai, ka.eru, ka.waru,, -gawa.ri, -ga.wari, shiro, yo) meaning "age, change, charge, convert, fee, generation, period, rate, replace, substitute", 余 (yo,, ama.ri,, anma.ri) meaning "too much, myself, surplus, other, remainder", 四 (shi, yo, yo'.tsu, yo.tsu, yon) meaning "four", 與 (yo, ata.eru,, kumi.suru, tomoni) meaning "participate in, give, award, impart, provide, cause" or 誉 (yo,, ho.meru) meaning "glory, honour, praise, reputation" with 一 (ichi, itsu, hito-, hito.tsu, kazu) meaning "one" or 市 (shi, ichi) meaning "city, market, town."... [more]
Yoichiro m Japanese
Variant transcription of Youichirou.
Yoihenba m Manipuri
Means "humble" in Meitei.
Yoiko f Japanese
Means "Good Girl"
Yoimiya f Japanese
From Japanese 宵 (yoi) meaning "night" and 宮 (miya) meaning "palace, shrine, temple". Other kanji combinations are possible.... [more]
Yoite m Japanese
Yōji m Japanese
From the Japanese kanji 洋 () meaning "ocean" or 陽 () meaning "sun; sunlight" combined with 二 (ji) meaning "two; second" or 次 (ji) meaning "sequence".... [more]
Yok f & m Thai
Means "jade" in Thai.
Yokai m & f Japanese Mythology
From a Japanese myth about mysterious turtle-like creatures said to haunt the ponds and rivers. Yokai are said to be wild water dwelling monsters who love to eat cucumbers.
Yokana m Nyoro
Bunyoro variant of Johannes.
Yoki f Hopi
Means "rain" in Hopi.
Yokoyama m & f Japanese
Combination of Yoko and Yama
Yola f Spanish
Short form of Yolanda.
Yola f English
Possibly a phonetic spelling of the Welsh name Iola, which is pronounced "YO-lah".
Yolagay m Mari
Means "lazy person" in Mari.
Yolain m French (Rare)
Masculine form of Yolaine.
Yolaine f French
Variant of Yolande or Violaine.
Yolana f English (Rare)
Probably a variant of Yolanda.
Yolandi f Afrikaans
Afrikaans variant of Yolanda.
Yolando m & f Portuguese (Brazilian, Rare), Spanish (Latin American, Rare), American (Rare)
Masculine form of Yolanda. Known bearers include Yolando Mallozzi (1901-1968), a Brazilian artist, and Yolando Pino (1901-1992), a Chilean folklorist and academic.... [more]
Yolanthe f Dutch, German
Variant form of Yolanda. A known bearer of this name is Dutch-Spanish actress and television presenter Yolanthe Cabau van Kasbergen (b. 1985), who is married to Dutch soccer player Wesley Sneijder (b... [more]
Yo'lbars m Uzbek
Derived from the Uzbek yo'l meaning "road, path" or "journey" and bars meaning "snow leopard".
Yo'lberdi m Uzbek
Derived from the Uzbek yo'l meaning "road, path" or "journey" and berdi meaning "gave".
Yo'lbo'ldi m Uzbek
Derived from the Uzbek yo'l meaning "road, path" or "journey" and bo'ldir meaning "to cause, to let happen".
Yo'lbos m Uzbek
Derived from the Uzbek yo'l meaning "road, path" or "journey" and bos meaning "to step, tread".
Yo'lchi m Uzbek
Means "traveller" in Uzbek.
Yoldorboy m Uzbek
Derived from the Uzbek yoldor meaning "having a thick mane" and boy meaning "rich, wealthy".
Yo'ldosh m Uzbek
Means "companion" in Uzbek.
Yo'ldoshali m Uzbek
Derived from the Uzbek yo'ldosh meaning "companion" and the given name Ali 1.
Yo'ldoshmurod m Uzbek
Derived from the Uzbek yo'ldosh meaning c"companion" and murod meaning "aim, wish, desire".
Yo'ldoshoy f Uzbek
Derived from Uzbek yo'ldosh meaning "companion" and oy meaning "moon".
Yolent f Medieval French
Medieval French variant of Yolande.
Yolente f Medieval Dutch
Medieval variant of Jolande.
Yoli f Spanish
Diminutive of Yolanda.
Yolindi f Afrikaans
South africa
Yoling f Filipino, Tagalog
Diminutive of Yolanda.
Yolisa f Xhosa
Means "exciting" in Xhosa.
Yolita f Bulgarian
Diminutive of Yolanda.
Yolitha f Ancient Aramaic
Aramaic and Assyrian form of Julitta.
Yollie f English
Diminutive of Yolanda.
Yollotzin m & f Nahuatl
Means "beloved heart" in Nahuatl.
Yolly f Haitian Creole, Filipino
A famous bearer of this name is Yolly Roberson (Haiti, 1955-) a Miami attorney and Democratic politician who serves as the representative for District 104 of the Florida House of Representatives.
Yo'lmuhammad m Uzbek
Derived from the Uzbek yo'l meaning "road, path" or "journey" and the given name Muhammad.
Yo'lomon m Uzbek
Derived from the Uzbek yo'l meaning "road, path" or "journey" and omon meaning "safe, healthy" or "mercy".
Yolqin m Uzbek
Means "flame" in Uzbek.
Yolqina f Uzbek
Derived from Uzbek yolqin meaning "flame".
Yo'lqutli m Uzbek
Derived from the Uzbek yo'l meaning "road, path" or "journey" and qutli meaning "blessed, full of blessings".
Yol-tash m Mari
Means "friend" in Mari.
Yo'ltemir m Uzbek
Derived from the Uzbek yo'l meaning "road, path" or "journey" and temir meaning "iron".
Yo'ltoy m Uzbek
Derived from the Uzbek yo'l meaning "road, path" or "journey" and toy meaning "colt".
Yoltzin f Nahuatl
Means "little heart" in Nahuatl.
Yoluta f & m Indigenous American
It means "farewell to spring seeds".
Yomabay m Bashkir
Masculine form of Yomabika.
Yomabika f Bashkir
Derived from Bashkir йома (yoma) meaning "Friday" (of Arabic origin) combined with бикә (bikä), a component used in female names.
Yombo f African
Meaning unknown. A name originating from Nigeria.
Yomei m & f Japanese, Chinese
From Japanese yo and Chinese Mei 1 meaning "beautiful".
Yomeko f Japanese
From Japanese 世 (yo) meaning "world", 〆 (me) meaning "letter closed" combined with 子 (ko) meaning "child". Other kanji combinations are possible.
Yomelela m Xhosa
Measn "be strong" in Xhosa.
Yomg'ir m Uzbek
Means "rain" in Uzbek.
Yomg'irberdi m Uzbek
Derived from the Uzbek yomg'ir meaning "rain" and berdi meaning "gave".
Yomg'iroy f Uzbek
Derived from Uzbek yomg'ir meaning "rain" and oy meaning "moon".
Yomi f Japanese
yomi= phase, underworld, reading... [more]
Yomii f African American (Modern, Rare), Popular Culture
Meaning unknown; likely comes from the song of the same name by rapper Moneybagg Yo.
Yomiko f Japanese
From Japanese 代 (yo) meaning "generation", 実 (mi) meaning "fruit" combined with 子 (ko) meaning "child". Other kanji combinations are possible.
Yomna f Arabic (Egyptian)
Feminine form of Arabic أَيْمَن (ʾayman) "rightmost; lucky".
Yomogi f Japanese (Modern, Rare)
This name is used as 蓬 (hou, bu, yomogi), which refers to the plant known as Artemisia princeps (also ssuk, or Korean/Japanese mugwort).... [more]
Yom-tov m Jewish
Means "good day, holiday" in Hebrew. It is often given to babies born on a holiday.
Yon m Hebrew
Short form of Yonah.
Yona f Bulgarian
Contracted form of Yoana. Yona Markova (1855–1923) was a Bulgarian soldier and war heroine. She became famous as a war heroine as she served as a Bulgarian soldier during the Serbo-Bulgarian War posing as a man.
Yona m Cherokee
Means "bear" in Cherokee.
Yonan m Assyrian, Indian (Christian), Malayalam
Syriac form of John, used by Malayalam-speaking Saint Thomas Christians in the Indian state of Kerala.
Yonas m Amharic
Amharic form of Jonah.
Yonasani m Kiga
Kiga form of Jonathan.
Yoncho m Bulgarian
Diminutive of Yoan 2.
Yondođ f Bashkir
Means "star" in Bashkir.
Yondu m Popular Culture
Yondu is one of the original Guardians of the Galaxy in the comics, and in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he is the blue skinned guys with the arrow that kills people when he whistles. he also raised the movie's main character Peter Quill.
Yone f Japanese
This name can be used as 米 (bei, mai, meitoru, kome, yone, me) meaning "metre, rice, USA" or it can be used as 与根 with 与 (yo,, ata.eru, kumi.suru, tomoni) meaning "award, bestow, cause, gift, give, godsend, impart, participate in, provide" and 根 (kon, ne, -ne) meaning "head (pimple), radical, root."... [more]
Yone f Portuguese (Brazilian)
Brazilian Portuguese form of Ionia.
Yoneil m Spanish
A Dominican name.
Yonelani f Xhosa
Means "be satisfied" in Xhosa.
Yones m Arabic
Variant of Younes.
Yongan m & f Chinese (Modern, Rare)
Combination of Yong and An 1.
Yongbao m Chinese
From Chinese 永 (yǒng) meaning "perpetual, eternal" or 咏 (yǒng) meaning "sing, hum, chant" combined with 宝 (bǎo) meaning "treasure, jewel, precious, rare", 保 (bǎo) meaning "protect, maintain", 豹 (bào) meaning "leopard, panther" or 暴 (bào) meaning "sudden, violent, cruel"... [more]
Yongbei f Chinese
From the Chinese 永 (yǒng) meaning "perpetual, eternal, forever" and 蓓 (bèi) meaning "bud".
Yongbo m Chinese
From Chinese 永 (yǒng) meaning "perpetual, eternal" and 波 () meaning "wave". Other character combinations can form this name as well.
Yongfeng m Chinese
From Chinese 永 (yǒng) meaning "perpetual, eternal" or 勇 (yǒng) meaning "courage, bravery" combined with 锋 (fēng) meaning "pointed edge" or 峰 (fēng) meaning "peak, summit", as well as other character combinations.
Yonghong m & f Chinese
From Chinese 勇 (yǒng) meaning "brave" or 永 (yǒng) meaning "perpetual, eternal" combined with 宏 (hóng) meaning "wide, spacious, great, vast", 鸿 (hóng) meaning "wild swan, great, vast", 洪 (hóng) meaning "flood, deluge" or 红 (hóng) meaning "red, vermillion, blush"... [more]
Yonghua m & f Chinese
From Chinese 永 (yǒng) meaning "perpetual, eternal" or 咏 (yǒng) meaning "sing, hum, chant" combined with 华 (huá) meaning "splendid, illustrious, flowery, Chinese"... [more]
Yong-hwa m & f Korean
From Sino-Korean 容 "looks, appearance; figure, form" and 和 "harmony, peace; peaceful, calm".
Yong'in m Uzbek
Means "fire" in Uzbek.
Yongjian m & f Chinese
From Chinese 永 (yǒng) meaning "perpetual, eternal" combined with 健 (jiàn) meaning "strong, healthy"... [more]
Yongjie m & f Chinese
From Chinese 永 (yǒng) meaning "perpetual, eternal" combined with 杰 (jié) meaning "heroic, outstanding"... [more]
Yongjin m Korean
From 龍 "dragon" and 眞 "real, actual, true, genuine", or 振 "raise, excite, arouse action" or 珍 (jin) "precious, valuable, rare".
Yong-Joon m Korean
Alternate transcription of Yong-Jun.
Yong-ju m & f Korean
From Sino-Korean 龍 "dragon" and 珠 "precious stone, gem, jewel, pearl".
Yong-Jun m Korean
From Sino-Korean 勇 (yong) meaning "brave, courageous, fierce" or 鏞 (yong) meaning "large bell" combined with 俊 (jun) meaning "talented, handsome". Other hanja combinations are possible as well.
Yongjun m Chinese
From Chinese 永 (yǒng) meaning "perpetual, eternal" or 勇 (yǒng) meaning "brave" combined with 骏 (jùn) meaning "good horse, fast", 俊 (jùn) meaning "talented, handsome" or 军 (jūn) meaning "army"... [more]
Yongki m Korean
From the Korean Word Meaning 'Courage'. This name can also use hanja character combinations that match the sounds of this name.
Yongmei f Chinese
From Chinese 咏 (yǒng) meaning "sing, hum, chant" combined with 梅 (méi) meaning "plum, apricot" or 美 (měi) meaning "beautiful"... [more]
Yongming m & f Chinese
From Chinese 永 (yǒng) meaning "perpetual, eternal" combined with 明 (míng) meaning "bright, light, clear"... [more]
Yong-nam m Korean
Variant transcription of Young-nam.
Yongping f Chinese
From the Chinese 咏 (yǒng) meaning "singing song or poem" or 娉 (pīng) meaning "beautiful, attractive, charming".
Yongqiang m Chinese
From Chinese 永 (yǒng) meaning "perpetual, eternal" combined with 强 (qiáng) meaning "strong, powerful, energetic" or 鏘 (qiāng) meaning "tinkle, clang, jingle"... [more]
Yong-seon f & m Korean
From Sino-Korean 容 (yong) meaning "looks, appearance; figure, form" combined with 仙 (seon) meaning "transcendent, immortal".
Yong-Soo m Korean
Means "water" in Korean.
Yongxing f Chinese
From the Chinese 咏 (yǒng) meaning "sing song or poem" and 幸 (xìng)# meaning "luck, favour, fortunately".
Yongyut m Thai
Means "fight courageously, fight bravely" in Thai.
Yongzhi m & f Chinese
From Chinese 永 (yǒng) meaning "perpetual, eternal" or 用 (yòng) meaning "to use, to employ" combined with 志 (zhì) meaning "will, determination, aspiration", 之 (zhī) denoting possession or modification of a word, or 治 (zhì) meaning "to govern, to administer", as well as other character combinations that can form this name.
Yoniel m Spanish (Caribbean), Spanish (Latin American)
Variant of Joniel. Also compare Yonuel. A known bearer of this name is Yoniel García, a Cuban life coach.
Yonier m Spanish (Latin American)
Meaning unknown. It may possibly be a variant form of Yanier or is otherwise related to it. Also compare Yoniel.... [more]
Yonis m Arabic
Variant of Yones.
Yoniye f Walloon
Walloon form of Léonie.
Yonka f Bulgarian
Feminine form of Yonko.
Yonko m Bulgarian
Originally a diminutive of Yoan 2, used as a given name in its own right.
Yono f Japanese (Rare)
Combination of a yo kanji, e.g. 与 meaning "gift, award," and a no kanji, e.g. 野 meaning "field."... [more]
Yonoton m Ancient Hebrew
Contracted form of Yehonatan.
Yontan m Tibetan
Means "knowledge" in Tibetan.
Yonten m & f Tibetan, Bhutanese
From Tibetan ཡོན་ཏན (yon tan) meaning "knowledge" or "virtue, good quality".
Yonuel m Spanish (Caribbean), Spanish (Latin American)
Variant spelling of Jonuel. Also compare Yoniel.
Yoołgai Asdzą́ą́ f Navajo
Means "white shell woman" in Navajo.
Yoon f Bariba
Name traditionally given to the first born daughter.
Yoon f & m Korean
Yoon-a f Korean
Variant transcription of Yun-a.
Yooncheol m Korean
From Sino-Korean 允 "allow, consent" or 潤 "soft, sleek" (yun) and 哲 "wise, sagacious".
Yoonduaru f Bariba
Means "born near a river" in Bariba.
Yoon-gi m Korean
Variant transcription of Yun-gi.
Yoongura f Bariba
Means "born whilst it was raining" in Bariba.