Fictional Characters from Television

This list is comprised of some of the most recognizable names from fictional television shows. If shown, the year indicates when the show premiered.
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NameYearShowOther Names
Aaron Brooks1999Once and Again
Abbie Carmichael1990Law & Order(Abigail)
Abby Lockhart1994ER(Abigail, Marjorie)
Abby O'Neil1997Dharma & Greg(Abigail, Kathleen)
Abby Sciuto2003NCIS(Abigail)
Abe Carver1965Days of Our Lives(Abraham, Washington)
Abe Kenarban2000Malcolm in the Middle(Abraham)
Abe Simpson1989The Simpsons(Abraham)
Abed Nadir2009Community
Abigail Deveraux1965Days of Our Lives(Johanna)
Adaleen Grant2006Big Love
Adam Carrington1981; 2017Dynasty(Michael, Alexander, Gordon)
Adam Cartwright1959Bonanza(Eugene)
Adam Janikowski2013Mom
Adam Lucas2011Body of Proof
Adam Mayfair2004Desperate Housewives
Adam Monroe2006Heroes(Takezo)
Adam Ross2004CSI: NY
Adam Schiff1990Law & Order
Adam Stephens1964; 1977Bewitched; Tabitha
Adam Warren2016The Family
Adam Yuen1996Silent Witness
Addie Horton1965Days of Our Lives(Adelaide)
Addison Montgomery2005; 2007Grey's Anatomy; Private Practice(Adrianne, Forbes)
Adelaide Langdon2011American Horror Story: Murder House(Addie, Addy)
Adrienne Johnson Kiriakis1965Days of Our Lives(Josephine)
Adrienne Lesniak1993NYPD Blue
Afton Cooper1978Dallas
Aidan Shaw1998Sex and the City
Aiden Burn2004CSI: NY
Aiden Welles2011Body of Proof
Al Borland1991Home Improvement(Albert)
Al Bundy1987Married... with Children
Al Lambert1991Step by Step(Alicia)
Al Robbins2000CSI: Crime Scene Investigation(Albert)
Alan Bolton1994Heartbreak High
Alan Harper2003Two and a Half Men
Alan Lowe1997The Practice
Alan Matthews1993; 2014Boy Meets World; Girl Meets World
Alan Shore1997; 2004The Practice; Boston Legal
Alan Tracy1965Thunderbirds
A. C. Slater1989Saved by the Bell(Albert, Clifford)
Alberto Bertorelli1982'Allo 'Allo!
Alberto Ruiz1987Tour of Duty
Alby Grant2006Big Love(Albert)
Alcide Herveaux2008True Blood
Alden Parker2003NCIS
Aleksander Cirko2005Surface
Aleksandr Petrovsky1998Sex and the City
Alex Devlin1987Tour of Duty
Alex Eames2001Law & Order: Criminal Intent(Alexandra)
Alex Garrett2004Joey(Alexis, Julia)
Alex Karev2005Grey's Anatomy(Alexander, Michael)
Alex Katsopolis1987; 2016Full House; Fuller House(Alexander)
Alex P. Keaton1982Family Ties(Peace)
Alex Kelly2003The O.C.
Alex Mack1994The Secret World of Alex Mack(Alexandra)
Alex Mahone2005Prison Break(Alexander)
Alex Marshall1965Days of Our Lives
Alex Quinn2003NCIS(Alexandra)
Alex Rousseau2004Lost(Alexandra)
Alex Ryan2001McLeod's Daughters(Alexander, Marion)
Alex Ryker1989Baywatch(Alexis)
Alex Standall201713 Reasons Why(Alexander, Dean)
Alex Vause2013Orange Is the New Black
Alex Whitman1999Roswell(Alexander, Charles)
Alexandra Borgia1990Law & Order
Alexandra Cabot1999Law & Order: Special Victims Unit(Alex)
Alexis Colby1981; 2017Dynasty
Alexis Meade2006Ugly Betty(Alexander, Spencer)
Alexis Rose2015Schitt's Creek(Claire)
Alexx Woods2002CSI: Miami
Alfred "Paper Boi" Miles2016Atlanta
Alice Henderson1994Christy
Alice Horton1965Days of Our Lives
Alice Kramden1955The Honeymooners
Alice Nelson1969; 1990The Brady Bunch; The Bradys
Alicia Florrick2009The Good Wife
Alissa Strudwick19963rd Rock from the Sun
Allie Horton1965Days of Our Lives(Alice, Caroline)
Allie Matts1994Heartbreak High
Allison Cameron2004House
Allison Doren2001Alias(Georgia)
Allison DuBois2005Medium(Louise)
Allison Taylor200124
Ally Barone1996Everybody Loves Raymond(Alexandra)
Ally McBeal1997Ally McBeal(Allison, Marie)
Alma Walker2012American Horror Story: Asylum
Aloysius "Nosey" Parker1965Thunderbirds
Alvin Seville1983Alvin and the Chipmunks
Aly Forrester1987The Bold and the Beautiful(Alexandria)
Amanda Bentley1993Diagnosis: Murder
Amanda Carrington1981; 2017Dynasty
Amanda Hayes2002Everwood
Amanda Tanen2006Ugly Betty
Amber Volakis2004House
Amelia Shepherd2005; 2007Grey's Anatomy; Private Practice(Frances)
Amelia Silver2000Waking the Dead
Amethyst2013Steven Universe
Amy Abbott2002Everwood(Nicole)
Amy DeLuca1999Roswell
Amy Farrah Fowler2007The Big Bang Theory
Amy Gray1999Judging Amy
Amy MacDougall Barone1996Everybody Loves Raymond(Louise)
Amy Matthews1993; 2014Boy Meets World; Girl Meets World
Amy Pond1963Doctor Who(Amelia, Jessica)
Amy Sykes2012Major Crimes
Ana Lucia Cortez2004Lost
Ana Solis2004Desperate Housewives
Andell Wilkerson1996; 1999Moesha; The Parkers(Andalusia, Louise)
Andie McPhee1998Dawson's Creek
Ando Masahashi2006Heroes
André DiMera1965Days of Our Lives
Andre "Junior" Johnson Jr.2014; 2018Black-ish; Grown-ish(Junior)
Andrea Belladonna2007Samantha Who?
Andrea Hobbs2005; 2012The Closer; Major Crimes
Andrea Marino2005Ghost Whisperer(Joyce)
Andrea Zuckerman1990Beverly Hills, 90210
Andrés Díaz1999Family Law
Andrew1994; 1996Touched by an Angel; Promised Land
Andrew Bell1994Heartbreak High
Andrew DeLuca2005Grey's Anatomy
Andrew Van de Kamp2004Desperate Housewives
Andrew Wells1997; 1999Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Angel
Andy Bellefleur2008True Blood(Andrew)
Andy Bernard2005The Office(Andrew, Walter, Baines)
Andy Brown2002Everwood(Andrew)
Andy Campbell2000Strong Medicine
Andy Dalziel1996Dalziel and Pascoe(Andrew)
Andy Dwyer2009Parks and Recreation(Andrew)
Andy Flynn2005; 2012The Closer; Major Crimes(Andrew)
Andy Goode2008Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles(Andrew, David)
Andy Keaton1982Family Ties(Andrew)
Andy Sipowicz1993NYPD Blue(Andrew)
Andy Taylor1960The Andy Griffith Show(Andrew, Jackson)
Andy Trudeau1998Charmed(Andrew)
Angel1997; 1999Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Angel(Angelus)
Angela Martin2011Body of Proof
Angela Martin2005The Office(Noelle)
Angela Montenegro2005Bones
Angela Moore1993; 2014Boy Meets World; Girl Meets World
Angela Petrelli2006Heroes
Angela Robinson Bower1984Who's the Boss?
Angie Bolen2004Desperate Housewives(Angela)
Ani Achola201713 Reasons Why(Amorowat, Anysia)
Anita2001Presença de Anita
Anita Scheppers1994Heartbreak High
Anita Van Buren1990Law & Order
Ann Veal2003Arrested Development(Paul)
Anna Del Amico1994ER
Anna DiMera1965Days of Our Lives
Anna Nardini2000Gilmore Girls
Anna Pihl2006Anna Pihl
Annabeth Chase2005Close to Home
Annalise Keating2014How to Get Away with Murder
Annie Camden19967th Heaven
Annie McNamara2003Nip/Tuck(Anne, Katherine)
Annie Mott1994Party of Five
Annie Sloan1990Parker Lewis Can't Lose(Faith)
Annika "Seven of Nine" Hansen1995Star Trek: Voyager
Anthony Marantino1998; 2021Sex and the City; And Just Like That...
A. J. Soprano1999The Sopranos(Anthony, John)
Antwon Babcock1996Nash Bridges
Anya Jenkins1997Buffy the Vampire Slayer
April Giminski1989Baywatch
April Kepner2005Grey's Anatomy
April Ludgate2009Parks and Recreation
April Nardini2000Gilmore Girls
April Stevens Ewing1978Dallas
Apu Nahasapeemapetilon1990The Simpsons
Arastoo Vaziri2005Bones
Archie Andrews2017Riverdale(Archibald)
Archie Bunker1971; 1979All in the Family; Archie Bunker's Place(Archibald)
Archie Morris1994ER(Archibald)
Ariel DuBois2005Medium
Arizona Robbins2005Grey's Anatomy
Arlene Fowler2008True Blood
Arlo Glass200124
Arnold Shortman1996Hey Arnold!(Phillip)
Arthur Arden2012American Horror Story: Asylum(Hans)
Arthur Branch1990Law & Order
Arthur Fancy1993NYPD Blue
Arthur "The Fonz" Fonzarelli1974Happy Days(Fonzie, Herbert)
Arthur Wilson1968Dad's Army
Artie Abrams2009Glee(Arthur)
Arvin Sloane2001Alias
Arya Stark2011Game of Thrones
Ashleigh Howard2007Greek
Ashley Banks1990The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Astrid Farnsworth2008Fringe
Audra Barkley1965The Big Valley
Audrey Liddell1998Dawson's Creek
Audrey Raines2001; 201424; 24: Live Another Day(Louise)
August Dimitri1999Once and Again
August Leffler19963rd Rock from the Sun
Austin McCann2004Desperate Housewives
Austin Reed1965Days of Our Lives(Samuel)
Babette Dell2000Gilmore Girls
Bailey Salinger1994Party of Five
Baldwin Jones1993NYPD Blue
Balki Bartokomous1986Perfect Strangers
Barb Henrickson2006Big Love(Barbara)
Barbara Havers2001The Inspector Lynley Mysteries
Barney Fife1960The Andy Griffith Show(Bernard)
Barney Rubble1959The Flintstones
Barney Stinson2005How I Met Your Mother(Barnabus)
Barry Kripke2007The Big Bang Theory
Barry Zuckerkorn2003Arrested Development
Bart Simpson1989The Simpsons
Basil Fawlty1975Fawlty Towers
Bea Eliott1991The House of Eliott(Beatrice)
Mr. Bean1990Mr. Bean
Beau Langdon2011American Horror Story: Murder House(Beauregard)
Bebe Stevens1997South Park
Becky Conner1988; 2018Roseanne; The Conners(Rebecca)
Becky Donaldson Katsopolis1987; 2016Full House; Fuller House(Rebecca)
Becky Howard2001McLeod's Daughters(Rebecca)
B'Elanna Torres1995Star Trek: Voyager
Belle Black1965Days of Our Lives(Isabella)
Ben Carrington1981Dynasty(Benjamin)
Ben Cartwright1959Bonanza(Benjamin)
Ben Covington1998Felicity(Benjamin, Steven)
Ben Edwards1989Baywatch(Benjamin)
Ben Faulkner2004Desperate Housewives
Ben Hall2001McLeod's Daughters
Ben Harmon2011American Horror Story: Murder House(Benjamin)
Ben Henrickson2006Big Love(Benjamin)
Ben Kinkirk19967th Heaven
Ben Linus2004Lost(Benjamin, Henry)
Ben Matlock1986Matlock(Benjamin, Leighton)
Ben Murphy2016The Family
Ben Seaver1985Growing Pains(Benjamin, Hubert, Horatio, Humphrey)
Ben Stone1990Law & Order(Benjamin)
Ben Walton1972The Waltons(Benjamin)
Ben Weston1965Days of Our Lives(Benjamin)
Benjamin "C-Note" Franklin2005Prison Break(Miles)
Benjy Hawk1965Days of Our Lives
Benny Baroni1991Home Improvement
Benton Fraser1994Due South
Bernadette Rostenkowski2007The Big Bang Theory(Maryann)
Bernard Nadler2004Lost
Bert1969Sesame Street
Bert Cooper2007Mad Men(Bertram)
Bert Kibbler2007The Big Bang Theory(Bertram)
Bertie Wooster1990Jeeves and Wooster(Bertram, Wilberforce)
Bessie Potter1998Dawson's Creek
Beth Logan1987The Bold and the Beautiful(Elizabeth)
Beth Smith2013Rick and Morty
Betty Applewhite2004Desperate Housewives
Betty Cooper2017Riverdale
Betty Draper2007Mad Men(Elizabeth)
Betty Rhomer2003Dead Like Me
Betty Rubble1959The Flintstones
Betty Suarez2006Ugly Betty(Beatriz, U)
Bev Harris1988; 2018Roseanne; The Conners(Beverly, Lorraine)
Beverly Crusher1987Star Trek: The Next Generation
Beverly Hofstadter2007The Big Bang Theory
Bill Buchanan200124
Bill Compton2008True Blood(William, Erasmus, Thomas)
Bill Dauterive1997King of the Hill(William, Fontaine, de la Tour)
Bill Henrickson2006Big Love(William, Orville)
Bill Horton1965Days of Our Lives(William)
Bill Potts1963Doctor Who
Bill Southgate1994Heartbreak High
Bill Spencer Jr.1987The Bold and the Beautiful(William)
Bill Spencer Sr.1987The Bold and the Beautiful(William)
Billie Dean Howard2011American Horror Story: Murder House
Billie Jenkins1998Charmed
Billie Reed1965Days of Our Lives(Holiday)
Billy Chenowith2001Six Feet Under
Billy Thomas1997Ally McBeal(William, Allen)
Blaine Anderson2009Glee(Devon)
Blair Waldorf2007Gossip Girl(Cornelia)
Blake Carrington1981; 2017Dynasty(Alexander)
Blake "Little Blake/L.B." Colby1981; 1985Dynasty; The Colbys(Carrington, Jeffrey)
Blanche Devereaux1985; 1992The Golden Girls; The Golden Palace(Elizabeth, Marie)
Bliss Colby1985The Colbys
Bo Brady1965Days of Our Lives(Beauregard, Aurelius)
Bo Duke1979The Dukes of Hazzard(Beauregard)
Bob "Bulldog" Briscoe1993Frasier
Bob Fraser1994Due South(Robert)
Bob Hunter2004Desperate Housewives
Bob Jackson2000Strong Medicine(Robert)
Bob Pinciotti1998That '70s Show
Bobbie Morganstern2004Joey(Roberta)
Bobby Brady1969; 1990The Brady Bunch; The Bradys(Robert, Eric)
Bobby Donnell1997The Practice
Bobby Draper2007Mad Men(Robert)
Bobby Ewing1978Dallas(Robert, James)
Bobby Goren2001Law & Order: Criminal Intent(Robert)
Bobby Hill1997King of the Hill(Robert, Jeffrey)
Bobby Manning2002Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye
Bobby Simone1993NYPD Blue(Robert)
Bogdan "Draz" Drazic1994Heartbreak High
Bonnibel Bubblegum2010Adventure Time
Bonnie Lockhart1965Days of Our Lives(Maureen)
Bonnie Plunkett2013Mom
Boone Carlyle2004Lost
B. A. Baracus1983The A-Team(Bosco, Albert)
Brad Bellick2005Prison Break(Bradley, Brian)
Brad Taylor1991Home Improvement(Bradley, Michael)
Bradford Meade2006Ugly Betty(Emerson)
Brady Black1965Days of Our Lives(Victor)
Bran Stark2011Game of Thrones
Brandon Fayette2008Fringe
Brandon Walker1965Days of Our Lives
Brandon Walsh1990Beverly Hills, 90210
Bree Van de Kamp2004Desperate Housewives
Brenda Chenowith2001Six Feet Under(Jacinta)
Brenda Leigh Johnson2005The Closer
Brenda Walsh1990Beverly Hills, 90210
Brendan Lambert1991Step by Step
Brian Cooper1993Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
Brian Darling2007Dirty Sexy Money
Brian Fuller2000Gilmore Girls
Brian Griffin1999Family Guy
Brian Hastings200124
Bridey Cruz2016The Family
Bridget Forrester1987The Bold and the Beautiful
Bridget Hennessy20028 Simple Rules(Erin)
Bridgette DuBois2005Medium
Brienne of Tarth2011Game of Thrones
Bright Abbott2002Everwood(Harold, Brighton)
Brighton Sheffield1993The Nanny(Milhouse)
Brittany Pierce2009Glee(Susan)
Brody Davis1999Roswell
Brooke Logan1987The Bold and the Beautiful
Father Brown2013Father Brown
Bruce Logan2000The District
Bruce Wayne1966Batman
Bryce Walker201713 Reasons Why
Bryn Carson1996Nash Bridges
Bud Bundy1987Married... with Children(Budrick, Franklin)
Bud Morris2011Body of Proof
Buffy Summers1997Buffy the Vampire Slayer(Anne)
Bullwinkle J. Moose1959The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show
Burt Buchman1992Mad About You
Burt Hummel2009Glee
Buster Bluth2003Arrested Development(Byron)
Byron Sully1993Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
Cade Foster1998First Wave(Kincaid, Lawrence)
Caitlin Cross1996Nash Bridges
Caleb Applewhite2004Desperate Housewives
Caleb Nichol2003The O.C.
Calleigh Duquesne2002CSI: Miami
Callie Martel1994Party of Five
Callie Torres2005Grey's Anatomy(Calliope, Iphegenia)
Calliope Jones1965Days of Our Lives
Cally Harper Ewing1978Dallas(Calpurnia, Elizabeth)
Calvin Owens2007Greek
Cam Mitchell1997Stargate SG-1(Cameron)
Cam Saroyan2005Bones(Camille)
Cameron Davis1965Days of Our Lives
Cameron Phillips2008Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Cameron Tucker2009Modern Family(Cam)
Cami Paige2012Major Crimes(Camila)
Candy Canaday1959Bonanza
Cappie Jones2007Greek(Captain, John, Paul)
Carl Elias2011Person of Interest
Carl Winslow1986; 1989Perfect Strangers; Family Matters(Carlton, Otis)
Carla Aldrich1999Once and Again
Carla Tortelli1982Cheers(Maria, Victoria, Angelina, Teresa, Apollonia)
Carlos Solis2004Desperate Housewives
Carlton Banks1990The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Carly Manning1965Days of Our Lives(Katerina)
Carly Reynolds1990Beverly Hills, 90210
Carly Shay2007iCarly
Carmela Soprano1999The Sopranos
Carol Brady1969; 1990The Brady Bunch; The Bradys(Ann)
Carol Foster Lambert1991Step by Step
Carol Hathaway1994ER
Carol Seaver1985Growing Pains(Anne)
Carol Willick1994Friends
Caroline Brady1965Days of Our Lives
Caroline Holden1989Baywatch
Caroline Julian2005Bones
Caroline Spencer Forrester1987The Bold and the Beautiful
Carolyn Barek2001Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Carrie Bradshaw1998; 2013; 2021Sex and the City; The Carrie Diaries; And Just Like That...(Caroline, Marie)
Carrie Brady1965Days of Our Lives(Caroline, Anna)
Carter McKay1978Dallas
Cary Agos2009The Good Wife
Casey Cartwright2007Greek
Casey Novak1999Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
C. J. Parker1989Baywatch(Casey, Jean)
Cassidy Bridges1996Nash Bridges
Cassidy "Beaver" Casablancas2004Veronica Mars
Cassie Brady1965Days of Our Lives
Cassie Holt1999Family Law
Cassie Phillips1986Matlock
Cate Banfield1994ER(Catherine)
Cate Hennessy20028 Simple Rules(Stinky)
Catelyn Stark2011Game of Thrones
Catherine Weaver2008Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Catherine Willows2000CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Cathy Gale1961The Avengers(Catherine)
Cecil Colby1981; 2017Dynasty(Baldwin)
Cecilia Smith19967th Heaven
Cecilia Wiznarski1999Time of Your Life
Cecily King1990Road to Avonlea
Celeste Perrault1965Days of Our Lives(Francesca, Frankie)
Cersei Lannister2011Game of Thrones
Chad DiMera1965Days of Our Lives(Michael)
Chad Warwick2011American Horror Story: Murder House
Chaka Cardenes1994Heartbreak High
Chandler Bing1994Friends(Muriel)
Chandler Hampton19967th Heaven
Charlene Matlock1986Matlock
Charles Godfrey1968Dad's Army
Charles Gunn1999Angel
Charles Logan200124
Charles Montgomery2011American Horror Story: Murder House
Charles Widmore2004Lost
Charles Wycliffe1993Wycliffe
Charley Dixon2008Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Charlie Adams2002Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye
Charlie Byrd1994Heartbreak High(Charles)
Charlie Francis2008Fringe(Charles)
Charlie Harper2003Two and a Half Men(Charles, Francis)
Charlie Kelly2005It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia(Charles, Rutherford)
Charlie Pace2004Lost
Charlie Salinger1994Party of Five
Charlie Stafford2011Body of Proof
Charlie St. George201713 Reasons Why(Charles, Hayden, Brixton)
Charlie Telphy2014; 2018Black-ish; Grown-ish(Charles)
Charlie Townsend1976Charlie's Angels(Charles)
Charlotte King2007Private Practice
Charlotte Lewis2004Lost(Staples)
Charlotte York1998; 2021Sex and the City; And Just Like That...
Chase Edmunds200124
C. C. Babcock1993The Nanny(Chastity, Claire)
Chelsea Brady1965Days of Our Lives(Georgia)
Chet Hunter1993; 2014Boy Meets World; Girl Meets World
Chi Park2004House
Chloe Lane1965Days of Our Lives
Chloe O'Brian2001; 201424; 24: Live Another Day
Chris2005Everybody Hates Chris
Chris Griffin1999Family Guy(Christopher, Cross)
Chris Halliwell1998Charmed(Christopher, Perry)
Chris Lassing2003Cold Case
Chris Taub2004House(Christopher, Michael)
Chrissy Seaver1985Growing Pains(Christine, Ellen)
Christian Shephard2004Lost
Christian Troy2003Nip/Tuck
Christie Parker1999Once and Again
Christina McKinney2006Ugly Betty
Christina Milano1994Heartbreak High
Christine Cagney1982Cagney & Lacey
Christopher Ewing1978Dallas
Christopher Hayden2000Gilmore Girls
Christopher Moltisanti1999The Sopranos
Christy Huddleston1994Christy(Rudd)
Christy Jenkins1998Charmed
Christy Plunkett2013Mom(Jolene)
Chuck Bass2007Gossip Girl(Charles, Bartholomew)
Chuck Charles2007Pushing Daisies(Charlotte)
Chuck Fishman1996Early Edition
Chuck Vance2004Desperate Housewives
Ciara Brady1965Days of Our Lives(Alice)
Cindy Brady1969; 1990The Brady Bunch; The Bradys(Cynthia, Sofia)
Cindy Brunson Walton1972The Waltons
Cindy "Mac" Mackenzie2004Veronica Mars(Mac)
Cindy Walsh1990Beverly Hills, 90210
Clair Huxtable1984; 1987The Cosby Show; A Different World(Olivia)
Claire Bennet2006Heroes
Claire Brady1965Days of Our Lives
Claire Dunphy2009Modern Family
Claire Fisher2001Six Feet Under(Simone)
Claire Greene1994; 1996Touched by an Angel; Promised Land
Claire Kincaid1990Law & Order
Claire Littleton2004Lost
Claire McLeod2001McLeod's Daughters(Louise)
Claire Meade2006Ugly Betty
Claire Warren2016The Family
Claire Wyatt1997The Practice
Clancy Lass2003Dead Like Me
Clara Oswald1963Doctor Who
Clare Arnold1990Beverly Hills, 90210
Clarissa Mullery1996Silent Witness
Clark Edison2005Bones(Thomas)
Clark Green2005The Office
Clarke "C. J." Garrison Jr.1987The Bold and the Beautiful
Clarke Garrison1987The Bold and the Beautiful
Clarke Griffin2014The 100
Claude Gordon1968Dad's Army
Claude Rains2006Heroes
Claudia Blaisdel1981; 2017Dynasty
Claudia Salinger1994Party of Five
Clay Jensen201713 Reasons Why(Clayton, Jason)
Clayton Farlow1978Dallas
Clayton Reeves2003NCIS(Dante)
Clem Foster1959Bonanza
Cleo Finch1994ER
Cletus Hogg1979The Dukes of Hazzard
Cleveland Brown1999; 2009Family Guy; The Cleveland Show(Orenthal)
Cliff Barnes1978Dallas(Clifford)
Cliff Clavin1982Cheers(Clifford)
Cliff Huxtable1984; 1987The Cosby Show; A Different World(Heathcliff)
Cliff Lewis1986Matlock
Clive Barnard1992A Touch of Frost
Clyde Donovan1997South Park
Cody Lambert1991Step by Step
Cody Madison1989Baywatch
Cole Hines1965Days of Our Lives
Cole Ortiz200124
Cole Turner1998Charmed(Belthazor)
Colin Fisher2005Bones
Colin Hart2002Everwood
Colleen Cooper1993Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
Con Bordino1994Heartbreak High(Costa)
Conni Oligario1994ER
Connie McDowell1993NYPD Blue
Connie Rubirosa1990Law & Order(Consuela)
Connie "Meemaw" Tucker2017Young Sheldon(Constance)
Connor Stevens2014Black-ish
Conrad McMasters1986Matlock
Constance Colby1985The Colbys(Connie)
Constance Langdon2011American Horror Story: Murder House
Cooper Freedman2005; 2007Grey's Anatomy; Private Practice
Cooter Davenport1979The Dukes of Hazzard
Corabeth Walton Godsey1972The Waltons
Cordelia Chase1997; 1999Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Angel
Cordelia Foxx2013American Horror Story: Coven
Coretta Lipp1997Ally McBeal
Corey Baker1968Julia
C. J. Barnes20028 Simple Rules(Corey, J)
Cory Matthews1993; 2014Boy Meets World; Girl Meets World(Cornelius, A)
Cosmo Kramer1989Seinfeld
Cotton Hill1997King of the Hill(Lyndal)
Courtney Crimsen201713 Reasons Why
Coy Duke1979The Dukes of Hazzard
Craig Feldspar2000Malcolm in the Middle
Craig Pomeroy1989Baywatch
Craig Tucker1997South Park
Creed Bratton2005The Office(Rowland)
Cristina Yang2005Grey's Anatomy
Crystal Anderson1988; 2018Roseanne; The Conners
Crystal Norris2008True Blood
Curtis Brumfield2011Body of Proof
Curtis Manning200124
Curtis Reed1965Days of Our Lives
Curtis Willard1972The Waltons
Cuthbert Rumbold1972; 1992Are You Being Served?; Grace & Favour
Cynthia Keener2005Medium
Cyrus "Lupes" Lupo1990Law & Order
Daenerys Targaryen2011Game of Thrones
Daisy Adair2003Dead Like Me
Daisy Duke1979The Dukes of Hazzard(Mae)
Daisy Walton1990; 2016Keeping Up Appearances; Young Hyacinth
Daisy Wick2005Bones
Dale Gribble1997King of the Hill(Rusty, Alvin)
Dale Kettlewell2007Greek
Damon Salvatore2009The Vampire Diaries
Dan Conner1988; 2018Roseanne; The Conners
Dan Gordon1998Charmed
Dan Humphrey2007Gossip Girl(Daniel, Randolph)
Dana Foster1991Step by Step
Dana Scully1993The X-Files(Katherine)
Dana Stowe2000Strong Medicine(Lee)
Dana Walsh200124(Jenny)
Dana Waring Carrington1981Dynasty(Bethany)
Dani Alvarez2011Body of Proof
Daniel Faraday2004Lost
Daniel Goodman2005Bones
D. L. Hawkins2006Heroes(Daniel, Lawrence)
Daniel Jackson1997Stargate SG-1
Daniel Jonas1965Days of Our Lives(James)
Daniel Meade2006Ugly Betty
Danielle Miller1994Heartbreak High(Danni)
Danielle Rousseau2004Lost
Danielle Van de Kamp2004Desperate Housewives
Danni Lipton1999Family Law
Danny Bolen2004Desperate Housewives
Danny Carrington1981Dynasty(Steven, Daniel)
Danny "Mac" McGregor2000The District(Daniel, Mac)
Danny Messer2004CSI: NY(Daniel)
Danny Percell1987Tour of Duty(Daniel)
Danny Ross2001Law & Order: Criminal Intent(Daniel)
Danny Sorenson1993NYPD Blue(Daniel)
Danny Tanner1987; 2016Full House; Fuller House(Daniel, Ernest)
Danny Taylor2002Without a Trace
Danny Warren2016The Family(Daniel)
Daphne Blake1969Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!
Daphne DiMera1965Days of Our Lives
Daphne Jablonsky1994Party of Five
Daphne Millbrook2006Heroes
Daphne Moon1993Frasier
Darla1997; 1999Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Angel
Darla Forrester1987The Bold and the Beautiful
Darlene Conner1988; 2018Roseanne; The Conners
Darrin Stephens1964Bewitched
Darryl Morris1998Charmed
Darryl Philbin2005The Office
Daryl Dixon2010The Walking Dead
Data1987Star Trek: The Next Generation
Dave Brewer2001McLeod's Daughters(David, Enoch)
Dave Groves2005Invasion
Dave Malucci1994ER
Dave Rygalski2000Gilmore Girls
Dave Starsky1975Starsky & Hutch(David, Michael)
Dave Williams2004Desperate Housewives(David)
David Brent2001The Office
David Camden19967th Heaven
David Cassilli1999Once and Again
D. J. Conner1988; 2018Roseanne; The Conners(David, Jacob)
David Fisher2001Six Feet Under(James)
David Gabriel2005The Closer
David "Gordo" Gordon2001Lizzie McGuire(Gordo, Zephyr)
David Grantland1994Christy
David Healy1988; 2018Roseanne; The Conners(Maurice)
David Hodges2000; 2021CSI: Crime Scene Investigation; CSI: Vegas
David Keel1961The Avengers
David Lee2009; 2017The Good Wife; The Good Fight
David "Whip" Martin2005Prison Break
David Palmer200124
David Phillips2000CSI: Crime Scene Investigation(Gregory)
David Rose2015Schitt's Creek
David Silver1990Beverly Hills, 90210
David Witherspoon1986Our House
Davis Lee2005Surface
Dawn Summers1997Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Dawson Leery1998Dawson's Creek(Wade)
Deacon Sharpe1987The Bold and the Beautiful
Dean Forester2000Gilmore Girls
Dean Winchester2005Supernatural
Deanna Troi1987Star Trek: The Next Generation
Debra Barone1996Everybody Loves Raymond(Louise)
Declan Costello1994Heartbreak High
Declan Dunn2000Mysterious Ways
Dee Mitchell1996Moesha(Deirdre)
Dee Reynolds2005It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia(Deandra)
Delia Banks2005Ghost Whisperer
Delia Brown2002Everwood
Dell Parker2005; 2007Grey's Anatomy; Private Practice(William)
Delores Mitchell1993Diagnosis: Murder
Delphine LaLaurie2013American Horror Story: Coven(Marie)
Demelza Carne1975Poldark
Denise Huxtable1984; 1987The Cosby Show; A Different World
Dennis Finch1997Just Shoot Me!(Quimby)
Dennis Klinsmann1994Heartbreak High
Dennis Reynolds2005It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Derek Ames2011Body of Proof
Derek Reese2008Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles(Thomas)
Derek Shepherd2005Grey's Anatomy(Christopher)
Desmond Hume2004Lost(David)
Devan Maguire2001Crossing Jordan
Devante Johnson2014Black-ish(Matthew)
Dewey Wilkerson2000Malcolm in the Middle
Dex Lawson1998Charmed
Dexter Morgan2006; 2021Dexter; Dexter: New Blood
Dharma Montgomery1997Dharma & Greg(Freedom)
Di Barnett1994Heartbreak High
Diane Chambers1982Cheers
Diane Evans1999Roswell
Diane Johnson2014; 2019Black-ish; Mixed-ish(Marie, Rosie)
Diane Lockhart2009; 2017The Good Wife; The Good Fight
Diane Russell1993NYPD Blue
Dick Casablancas2004Veronica Mars(Richard)
Dick Solomon19963rd Rock from the Sun(Richard)
Diebenkorn "D. B." Russell2000; 2015CSI: Crime Scene Investigation; CSI: Cyber
Diego Torres201713 Reasons Why
Dimitrius Gans2002Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye
Dinah Greene1996Promised Land
Dominique Deveraux1981; 2017Dynasty(Millie)
Don Craig1965Days of Our Lives(Donald, Jeremiah)
Don Draper2007Mad Men(Dick, Donald, Richard, Francis)
Don Embry2006Big Love
Don Lamb2004Veronica Mars
Don Orville19963rd Rock from the Sun(Donald, Leslie)
Don Self2005Prison Break(Donald)
Don Thorpe1989Baywatch(Donald)
Donald Anspaugh1994ER
Donald Cragen1990Law & Order
Donald Flack Jr.2004CSI: NY(Don)
Donald "Ducky" Mallard2003NCIS(Horatio)
Donald "Twinkie" Twinkacetti1986Perfect Strangers
Donna Abandando1993NYPD Blue
Donna Culver Krebbs1978Dallas
Donna Logan1987The Bold and the Beautiful
Donna Marco1989Baywatch
Donna Martin1990Beverly Hills, 90210(Marie)
Donna Noble1963Doctor Who
Donna Pinciotti1998That '70s Show(Marie)
D. J. Tanner1987; 2016Full House; Fuller House(Donna, Jo, Margaret)
Dora Márquez2000; 2014Dora the Explorer; Dora and Friends: Into the City!
Dori Doreau1986Sledge Hammer!
Dorian "D-Money" Long1996Moesha
Dorothy Jennings1993Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
Dorothy Zbornak1985The Golden Girls(Dorothea)
Doug Anderson2016The Family
Doug Ross1994ER(Douglas)
Doug Williams1965Days of Our Lives(Douglas)
Douglas Filmore2005Bones
Doyle1999Angel(Allen, Francis)
Doyle McMaster2000Gilmore Girls
Dre Johnson2014; 2018Black-ish; Grown-ish(Andre)
Drusilla1997; 1999Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Angel
Duncan Kane2004Veronica Mars
Dwight Schrute2005The Office(Kurt)
Dylan Mayfair2004Desperate Housewives
Dylan McKay1990Beverly Hills, 90210(Michael)
Dylan West2000Strong Medicine
Earl "Pops" Johnson2014; 2018Black-ish; Grown-ish
Earl J. Waggedorn1968Julia(J)
Earn Marks2016Atlanta(Earnest)
Mister Ed1961Mister Ed
Ed Conner1988Roseanne
Ed Conner Jr.1988; 2018Roseanne; The Conners
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Ed Norton1955The Honeymooners
Ed Williams2005Close to Home
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Eddie Kramer1989Baywatch
Eddie "Crazy Eddie" Nambulous1998First Wave
Eddie Winslow1989Family Matters(Edward, James, Arthur)
Edgar Stiles200124
Edie Britt2004Desperate Housewives
Edina Monsoon1992Absolutely Fabulous(Eddie, Edwina, Margaret, Rose)
Edith Artois1982'Allo 'Allo!(Melba)
Edith Bunker1971; 1979All in the Family; Archie Bunker's Place
Edmund Blackadder1983Blackadder
Edna Harper2002Everwood
Edna Krabappel1990The Simpsons
Edward Montgomery1997Dharma & Greg
Effie Poulos1994Heartbreak High
EJ DiMera1965Days of Our Lives(Elvis, Aaron)
Mr. Eko2004Lost
Elaine Benes1989Seinfeld
Elaine Besbriss1994Due South
Elaine Duchamps2001Crossing Jordan
Elaine Vassal1997Ally McBeal
Elena Delgado2002Without a Trace
Elena Derevko2001Alias
Elena Gilbert2009The Vampire Diaries
Elena Tyler1998Felicity
Eli Gold2009The Good Wife
Eli James2005Ghost Whisperer
Eli "Weevil" Navarro2004Veronica Mars
Eli Sammler1999Once and Again(Edward)
Eli Stone2008Eli Stone
Eli Szura2005Invasion
Eli Williams1993Boy Meets World
Elise Rothman1998Charmed
Elizabeth Bishop2008Fringe
Elizabeth Corday1994ER
Elizabeth Jennings2013The Americans
Elizabeth Olivet1990Law & Order
Elizabeth Walton1972The Waltons(Tyler)
Ella Mae Farmer2000The District
Elle Bishop2006Heroes(Eleanor, Zoe)
Ellenor Frutt1997The Practice
Ellie Bishop2003NCIS(Eleanor, Raye)
Miss Ellie Ewing1978Dallas(Eleanor)
Elliot DiMauro1997Just Shoot Me!
Elliot Stabler1999Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Ellis Grey2005Grey's Anatomy
Elmo1985Sesame Street
Elvin Tibideaux1984The Cosby Show
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Emerson Cod2007Pushing Daisies
Emily Gilmore2000Gilmore Girls
Emily Resnick1999Family Law
Emily Sweeney2007The Big Bang Theory
Emily Waltham1994Friends
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Emma Pillsbury2009Glee
Emmet Hawksworth1990Keeping Up Appearances
Endeavour Morse1987Inspector Morse
Engelbert von Smallhausen1982'Allo 'Allo!(Bobby, Cedric)
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Ephram Brown2002Everwood
Erasmus Jones1994; 1996Touched by an Angel; Promised Land
Eric Brady1965Days of Our Lives(Roman)
Eric Camden19967th Heaven
Eric Cartman1997South Park(Theodore)
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Eric Forman1998That '70s Show(Albert)
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Eric Taylor2006Friday Night Lights
Eric Weiss2001Alias
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Erica Paget1996Early Edition
Erich von Klinkerhoffen1982'Allo 'Allo!
Erin Driscoll200124
Erin Hannon2005The Office(Kelly)
Ernest Leclerc1982'Allo 'Allo!
Ernie1969Sesame Street
Ernie "Coach" Pantusso1982Cheers
Estelle Winslow1989Family Matters
Esther "Grandma" Walton1972The Waltons
Ethan Gross2011Body of Proof
Ethan Kanin200124
Ethan Rayne1997Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Ethan Rom2004Lost
Ethel "Chuny" Márquez1994ER
Ethel Mertz1951I Love Lucy
Etta Bishop2008Fringe(Henrietta)
Eugene Bradford1965Days of Our Lives
Eugene Horowitz1996Hey Arnold!
Eugene Young1997The Practice
Evan Chambers2007Greek
Evan Cortez1996Nash Bridges
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Eve Lockhart2000; 2011Waking the Dead; The Body Farm
Eve Polastri2018Killing Eve
Evelyn Harper2003Two and a Half Men
Evelyn "Grams" Ryan1998Dawson's Creek
Evie Eliott1991The House of Eliott(Evangeline)
Fairlight Spencer1994Christy
Faith1997; 1999Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Angel
Fallon Carrington1981; 1985; 2017The Colbys; Dynasty(Morell)
Fanny La Fan1982'Allo 'Allo!
Farnsworth "Dex" Dexter1981Dynasty(Dex)
Felicia Forrester1987The Bold and the Beautiful
Felicity King1990Road to Avonlea
Felicity Porter1998Felicity(Elizabeth)
Felix Gibson2000Waking the Dead
Fernando Morales2005; 2012The Closer; Major Crimes
Fernando Sucre2005Prison Break
Ferris Gluck2000The District
Fin Tutuola1999Law & Order: Special Victims Unit(Odofin)
Finley2006Finley the Fire Engine
Finn Abernathy2005Bones
Finn Hudson2009Glee(Christopher)
Finn Mertens2010Adventure Time
Finn Polmar2009The Good Wife(Finley)
Fiona Goode2011American Horror Story: Coven(Borgia)
Floyd Henderson1997Smart Guy
Forsythe "Jughead" Jones2017Riverdale(Jughead)
Fox Mulder1993The X-Files(William)
Fozzie Bear1976The Muppet Show
Fran Devanow1992Mad About You
Fran Fine1993The Nanny(Francine, Joy)
Francesca Vecchio1994Due South
Francie Calfo2001Alias(Francine)
Francine Smith2005American Dad!(Lee)
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Francis "Buzz" Watson2005; 2012The Closer; Major Crimes(Buzz)
Francis Wilkerson2000Malcolm in the Middle
Frank Barone1996Everybody Loves Raymond(Francis, Oscar)
Frank Buffay Jr.1994Friends
Frank Harlow2006Big Love
Frank Lambert1991Step by Step(Franklin, Delano)
Frank Lapidus2004Lost(J.)
Frank Lemmer1990Parker Lewis Can't Lose(Franklin)
Frank Martin1994ER(Francis)
Frank Mitchell1996Moesha(Franklin)
Frank Pike1968Dad's Army
Frank Reynolds2005It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia(Franklin)
Frank Tripp2002CSI: Miami(Francis)
Frankie Brady1965Days of Our Lives(François)
Frankie Colby1985The Colbys(Francesca)
Frankie Wharton2000Waking the Dead
Frannie Morgan2007Greek
Frasier Crane1982; 1993Cheers; Frasier(Winslow)
Fred Burkle1999Angel(Winifred)
Fred Flintstone1960The Flintstones
Fred Jones1969Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!
Fred Madden1965The Big Valley
Fred Mertz1951I Love Lucy
Freddie Benson2007iCarly(Fredward)
Fritz Howard2005; 2012The Closer; Major Crimes
Gabe Clements2016The Family
Gabe Dimas2001Six Feet Under(Gabriel)
Gabe Lewis2005The Office(Gabriel, Susan)
Gabi Hernandez1965Days of Our Lives(Gabriella, Josephina)
Gabriel "Sylar" Gray2006Heroes(Sylar)
Gabrielle Solis2004Desperate Housewives(Gaby)
Gail Leery1998Dawson's Creek
Garner Ellerbee1989Baywatch
Garnet2013Steven Universe
Garret Macy2001Crossing Jordan
Gary Ewing1978; 1979Dallas; Knots Landing(Garrison, Arthur)
Gary Hobson1996Early Edition
Gavin Fairfax1982'Allo 'Allo!
Gavin Troy1997Midsomer Murders
Gemma Whitely1994Heartbreak High(Gem)
Geoffrey Barone1996Everybody Loves Raymond
Geoffrey Butler1990The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Geordi La Forge1987Star Trek: The Next Generation
George Bluth Sr.2003Arrested Development(Oscar)
George Michael Bluth2003Arrested Development
George Cooper Jr.2017Young Sheldon(Georgie)
George Cooper Sr.2017Young Sheldon
George Costanza1989Seinfeld
George Feeny1993; 2014Boy Meets World; Girl Meets World(Hamilton)
George Gently2007Inspector George Gently
George Gideon1964Gideon's Way
George S. Hammond1997Stargate SG-1(S)
George Hazard1985North and South
George Huang1999Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
George Lass2003Dead Like Me(Georgia)
George Mainwaring1968Dad's Army
George Mason200124
George O'Malley2005Grey's Anatomy
George Poulos1994Heartbreak High
George Sibley2001Six Feet Under
George Williams2004Desperate Housewives
Georgia Thomas1997Ally McBeal
Gerald Broflovski1997South Park
Gerald Johanssen1996Hey Arnold!(Martin)
Gertie "Grandma" Shortman1996Hey Arnold!(Gertrude)
Gideon2006Gideon's Daughter
Gil Grissom2000; 2021CSI: Crime Scene Investigation; CSI: Vegas(Gilbert, Arthur)
Gilligan1963Gilligan's Island(Willie)
Gina Calabrese1984Miami Vice(Regina)
Gina Kincaid1990Beverly Hills, 90210(Bobbi)
Gina Pomeroy1989Baywatch
Gina Russo2003Nip/Tuck
Gina Tribbiani1994; 2004Friends; Joey
Glenn Foy1997Ally McBeal
Glenn Quagmire1999Family Guy
Glenn Rhee2010The Walking Dead
Gloria1994Touched by an Angel
Gloria Delgado-Pritchett2009Modern Family
Gob Bluth2003Arrested Development(George, Oscar)
Gomer Pyle1960; 1964The Andy Griffith Show; Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.
Gomez Addams1964The Addams Family
Gonzo1976The Muppet Show
Gordon Tracy1965Thunderbirds
Grace Adler1998Will & Grace(Elizabeth)
Grace Bertrand2012American Horror Story: Asylum
Grace Florrick2009The Good Wife
Grace Foley2000Waking the Dead
Grace Hendricks2011Person of Interest
Grace Kelly1993Grace Under Fire
Grace Kingston McLeod2001McLeod's Daughters
Grace Manning1999Once and Again(Brooks)
Grace Musso1990Parker Lewis Can't Lose
Grace Santiago2003Nip/Tuck
Grace Sheffield1993The Nanny(Gracie)
Grace Wilcox1994Party of Five
Graham Brown1994Heartbreak High
Graham Rympalski1999Once and Again
Greg Brady1969; 1990The Brady Bunch; The Bradys(Gregory, Stanford)
Greg Butters1997Ally McBeal
Greg Medavoy1993NYPD Blue(Gregory)
Greg Montgomery1997Dharma & Greg(Gregory, Clifford)
Greg Pratt1994ER(Gregory)
Greg Sanders2000CSI: Crime Scene Investigation(Gregory, Hojem)
Gregory House2004House
Gretchen Morgan2005Prison Break(Louise)
Griff King1959Bonanza(Griffin)
Griffin Holbrook1994Party of Five(Chase)
Grover1970Sesame Street
Gus Fring2008; 2015Breaking Bad; Better Call Saul(Gustavo)
Gus Witherspoon1986Our House
Hakeem Campbell1996; 1999Moesha; The Parkers
Hal Wilkerson2000Malcolm in the Middle
Haleh Adams1994ER
Hank Asher2016The Family
Hank Hill1997King of the Hill(Henry, Rutherford)
Hank Landry1997Stargate SG-1(Henry)
Hank Lawson1993Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman(Hans)
Hank Schrader2008Breaking Bad(Henry)
Hannah Baker201713 Reasons Why
Hannah Rogers2002Everwood
Hannah Yarby1968Julia
Hans Geering1982'Allo 'Allo!
Harding Welsh1994Due South
Harley Keiner1993; 2014Boy Meets World; Girl Meets World(Harvey)
Harley Quinn1992Batman: The Animated Series
Harmony Kendall1997; 1999Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Angel
Harold Abbott2002Everwood(Hal)
Harold Berman1996Hey Arnold!
Harold Bishop1985Neighbours(Wayne)
Harold Finch2011Person of Interest
Harriette Winslow1986; 1989Perfect Strangers; Family Matters
Harris Healy1988; 2018Roseanne; The Conners(Conner)
Harry Crane2007Mad Men(Harold)
Harry Cunningham1996Silent Witness
Harry Goldenblatt1998; 2021Sex and the City; And Just Like That...
Harry Kim1995Star Trek: Voyager
Harry Klein1969; 1974Der Kommissar; Derrick
Harry Makepeace1985Dempsey and Makepeace(Harriet)
Harry Morgan2006Dexter(Harrison)
Harry Solomon19963rd Rock from the Sun(S)
Harry Turner1991Home Improvement
Harvey Kinkle1996Sabrina the Teenage Witch(Dwight)
Harvey Leek1996Nash Bridges
Harvey Miller1989Baywatch
Hattie Greene1994; 1996Touched by an Angel; Promised Land
Hayden McClaine2011American Horror Story: Murder House
Hayley Smith2005American Dad!(Dreamsmasher)
Hazel Burke1961Hazel
Heath Anderson2007Greek
Heath Barkley1965The Big Valley