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This is a list of submitted names in which an editor of the name is Tsminda2004.
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Abcde f English (Modern, Rare)
From the first five letters of the English alphabet.
Ageha f Japanese (Modern, Rare)
This name can be used as 揚羽, 亜夏羽, 亜華羽 or 愛華羽 with 揚 (you, a.garu,, a.geru) meaning "fry in deep fat, hoist," 亜 (a, meaning "Asia, come after, rank next," 愛 (ai, ito.shii, o.shimu, kana.shii, mana, me.deru, a) meaning "affection, favourite, love," 夏 (ka, ga, ge, natsu) meaning "summer," 華 (ka, ke, hana) meaning "flower, gay, gorgeous, luster, ostentatious, petal, shine, showy, splendour" and 羽 (u, ha, hane, wa) meaning "feathers."... [more]
Agnietė f Lithuanian
Diminutive of Agnė.
Agnya f Russian
Diminutive of Agnessa.
Aguya f Kalmyk, Russian
Means "mistress of fire" in Kalmyk Orit, possibly influenced by the Russian word огонь (ogon') meaning "fire".
Aifet f Arabic (Rare)
Variant transcription of Iffat.
Aleksandrija f Serbian, Macedonian
Serbian and Macedonian form of Alexandria.
Alouetta f English (Rare)
Derived from French alouette meaning "lark".
Ammonia f American (Rare, Archaic), Greek Mythology, Ancient Greek
Feminine form of Ammon. In Greek mythology, Ammonia is an epithet of the goddess Hera.
Anaideia f Greek Mythology
From Greek ἀναίδεια (anaideia) meaning "shamelessness", derived from ἀν- (an-) "without" (alternative form of the negative prefix ἀ- (a-) used before a vowel) combined with αἰδώς (aidos) "shame, decency, regard for others, respect, reverence"... [more]
Anastasja f Russian
Variant transcription of Anastasia.
Angnulinu m Corsican
Diminutive of Angnulu.
Annebet f Dutch
Combination of Anne 1 and Bet.
Aqua f English
Derived from Latin aqua meaning "water". It is also used in English in reference to a bluish-green colour.
Ariadni f Greek, Portuguese (Brazilian, Rare)
Modern Greek transcription of Ariadne.
Armiida f Finnish, Estonian (Archaic)
Finnish and Estonian form of Armida.
Asja f Slovene, Croatian
Slovene short form of Anastazija, used as a given name in its own right.
Audovera f Frankish
From the Germanic elements aud "wealth, fortune" and vér "warrior, fighter". This was the name of a wife of Chilperic I.
Automne f French (Modern, Rare)
Derived from French automne "autumn, fall", this name first appeared in France in the 1990s as a quasi-adoption of Autumn.
Bazila f Croatian
Feminine form of Bazil.
Bellamaria f English
Combination of Bella and Maria, possibly inspired by the Virgin Mary (Bella Maria meaning "beautiful Mary").
Biagota f Medieval Slavic, Medieval Czech
Of uncertain origin and meaning; current theories, however, include a form of Blahota or Bjegota... [more]
Bibianna f Polish
Variant of Bibiana.
Bibijana f Croatian, Slovene
Croatian and Slovene form of Bibiana.
Boguchwał m Polish
Composed of the Slavic elements bogu "god" and chwal "to praise, to glorify". As such, the meaning of this name is "to praise God, to thank God".
Boleslaus m Medieval Czech (Latinized)
Latinized form of Boleslav. Boleslaus was the brother of Duke Wenceslaus of Bohemia (the inspiration for the Christmas carol) and became notorious for his murder.
Bonifacas m Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Boniface.
Boriana f Bulgarian, Albanian
Variant transliteration of Bulgarian Боряна (see Boryana).
Bozhan m Bulgarian
Bulgarian form of Bojan.
Bozhana f Bulgarian
Feminine form of Bozhan.
Bryda f Medieval Polish
Contracted form of Brygida.
But f Thai
Means "lotus" in Thai.
Charitina f Ancient Greek (Latinized), History (Ecclesiastical)
Latinized form of Charitine. St. Charitina of Amisus (also known as Charitina of Rome) was a virgin martyr from Asia Minor, distinguished by strict chastity and piety, while Charitina of Lithuania (died 1281) is a saint in the Eastern Orthodox Church.
Charitine f Ancient Greek, History (Ecclesiastical)
Derived from Greek χαρις (charis) meaning "grace, kindness". This name can be viewed as a feminine equivalent of Chariton... [more]
Charybdis f Greek Mythology
The name of a sea monster believed to live under a small rock on one side of a narrow channel. Opposite her was Scylla, another sea monster, that lived inside a much larger rock... [more]
Chihaya f & m Japanese
This name can be used to combine 千 (sen, chi) meaning "thousand" with 早 (sat', sou, sa-, haya, haya.i, haya.maru, haya.meru) meaning "early" (mainly feminine) or 隼 (shun, jun, hayabusa, haya) which refers to a falcon (especially the peregrine falcon) (mainly masculine).... [more]
Chilli f English (Australian, Modern, Rare)
Named for the spicy fruit from Central and South America used in cooking. The word is from the Nahuatl language. Has gained some interest in Australia since restaurateur Pete Evans chose this name for his eldest daughter around 2005.
Clärchen f German (Rare), Theatre
A German diminutive of Clara.... [more]
Clarina f Dutch, English (Rare)
Elaborated form of Clara. This name was borne by Clarina H. Nichols, a pioneer of the women's right movement in the nineteenth century.
Cremilda f Portuguese
Portuguese form of Kriemhild.
Cyzia f Polish
Diminutive of Narcyza.
Damyana f Bulgarian
Feminine form of Damyan.
Dargintas m Lithuanian
Basically means "working to protect", derived from Lithuanian daryti meaning "to do, to act" as well as "to work" combined with Lithuanian ginti meaning "to defend, to protect".
Dargintė f Lithuanian
Feminine form of Dargintas.
Dawne f English (Modern, Rare)
Variant spelling of both Dawn and its diminutive Dawnie. The pronunciation of the name depends on which of the two Dawne is based on, which is something that will differ from person to person.
Dobra f Bulgarian, Medieval Polish, Yiddish
Derived from the Slavic element dobru "good".... [more]
Dobrawa f Polish
Of debated origin and meaning. Theories include a variant of Dąbrówka and a contracted form of Dobrosława.
Dobriša m Croatian, Serbian
Diminutive of Dobroslav, Dobrivoj and other names containing the Slavic element dobru meaning "good"... [more]
Domisława f Polish
Feminine form of Domisław.
Efrosiina f & m Finnish (Rare)
Finnish variant of Eufrosyne. Extremely rare: the name was given to a few children during the 1920s and 30s, no usage after that.
Egyed m Hungarian
Hungarian form of Aegidius.
Eivina f Lithuanian
Feminine form of Eivin.
Ekke m Finnish, Swedish, Estonian
Finnish and Swedish diminutive of Erik. As an Estionian name, it might also be derived from various Germanic names beginning with the name element ag (compare Ekkehard).
Ekki m Finnish
Variant of Ekke.
Eleos f Greek Mythology
From Greek ἔλεος (eleos) meaning "mercy, pity, compassion". In Greek mythology, Eleos was the personification of pity, mercy, clemency and compassion. Her opposite was Anaideia, the goddess of ruthlessness.
Eliga m Polish
Short form of Eligiusz.
Ellana f English
Variant of Elana.
Elyza f English
Possibly an alternative form of Eliza or a short form of Elyzabeth.
Emirjeta f Albanian
Derived from Albanian ë mirë "good" and jetë "life".
Emmalise f English (Modern, Rare)
Combination of Emma and Lise, or else an elaboration of Emma.
Emmelise f English
Variant of Emmalise, or else a combination of Emme and Lise.
Emmija f Latvian (Rare, Archaic)
Latvian borrowing of Emmy.
Erazmas m Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Erasmus.
Esmi f Estonian, Dutch (Rare)
Possibly a form of Esmé.
Etela f Slovak (Rare)
Allegedly a borrowing of Ethel.
Eufemija f Croatian
Croatian form of Euphemia.
Eularija f Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Eularia.
Evegny m Russian
Variant transcription of Evgeniy.
Evthalia f Greek
Variant of Efthalia.
Evtimiya f Bulgarian
Feminine form of Evtim.
Ewdokia f Polish
Polish form of Evdokia.
Fatime f Crimean Tatar, Hungarian, Turkish
Crimean Tatar, Hungarian, and Turkish form of Fatimah.
Felicija f Lithuanian, Croatian
Lithuanian and Croatian form of Felicia.
Fjodora f Russian
Variant transcription of Fyodora.
Florencija f Croatian (Rare), Lithuanian (Rare)
Croatian and Lithuanian form of Florentia (see Florence). Note that Florencija is also the Lithuanian name for the Italian city of Florence.
Florenty m Polish (Archaic), Russian (Rare)
Polish form of Florentius (see Florence) and Russian variant transcription of Florentiy.
Fotine f Greek
Variant transcription of Photine.
Friderika f Hungarian, Slovene (Rare), Slovak, Banat Swabian
Slovene feminine form of Friderik, Hungarian feminine form of Frigyes (via Friedrich) and Slovak feminine form of Fridrich.
Fyodora f Russian
Variant of Feodora.
Gæslingr m Old Norse
Old Norse byname, from Old Norse gæslingr meaning 'gosling'. It originally started in the form GæslingR.
Gazza m English (British)
Diminutive of Gary.
Gejza m Czech, Slovak, Medieval Hungarian
Czech and Slovak form of Géza as well as a medieval Hungarian form of this name.
Gerion m Greek (Latinized)
Latinisation of Geryon.
Giorgy m Russian (Anglicized, ?)
Possibly a form of George or a variant transcription of Gyorgy.
Gwerful f Medieval Welsh
Form of Gweirful. This was the name of two Welsh poets in the 15th century.
Hali f Hawaiian
Hawaiian form of Holly.
Harthacnut m History
From Danish hardeknud - lit. "tough knot". This was the name of a semi-legendary king of Denmark and England, who was a half-brother of Edward the Confessor.
Henriete f Latvian (Rare)
Latvian borrowing of Henriette.
Honorat m Catalan (Rare), French (Rare), Polish
Catalan, French, and Polish form of Honoratus.
Hybris f Greek Mythology
From Greek ὕβρις (hybris) meaning "insolence, arrogance, wanton violence, outrage, insult" (originally "presumption toward the gods"). In Greek mythology Hybris was a spirit or goddess of violence, insolence and outrageous behaviour... [more]
Imgarda f Lithuanian
Lithuanian form of Irmingard.
Iordanka f Bulgarian
Variant transcription of Йорданка (see Yordanka).
Iracebeth f Popular Culture
This was the Red Queen's real name in Tim Burton's film "Alice in Wonderland". Her name was a play on the English word irascible meaning "easily angered", with Beth added to it in order to make it look more like a real feminine name.
Ireene f Estonian
Estonian variant of Irene.
Iynx f Greek Mythology
From Greek mythology. The name of a nymph who invented the magical love-charm known as the iynx--a spinning wheel with a wryneck bird attached, according to mythology she either used the charm to make Zeus fall in love with her or with another nymph, Io... [more]
Janalyn f English (Rare)
Combination of Janna and the popular name suffix lyn.
Jannetje f Dutch
Diminutive of Johanna.
Jędra m Vilamovian
Vilamovian form of Jędrzej.
Jelizaveta f Russian
Varian transliteration of Elizaveta.
Jesco m German
Short form of Slavonic names like Jaromir or Jarosław.... [more]
Jevgenij m Russian
Variant transcription of Yevgeniy.
Jhett m English
Variant of Jet.
Jonathena f South African, American
Feminine form of Jonathan, possibly influenced by Athena.
Juli f & m English, Georgian, Spanish, Portuguese
English variant spelling of Julie as well as the Georgian form of the name. It is also a short form of given names that start with Juli-, which not only applies to English, but also to Georgian, Spanish and Portuguese.... [more]
Julina f Slovak
Slovak diminutive of Júlia.
Jureczek m Polish
Diminutive of Jerzy and Jur via Jurek.
Juuli f Finnish, Estonian
Short form of Juulia.
Juulika f Estonian (Rare)
Diminutive of Juuli.
Juvelita f Esperanto (?)
Derived from juvela "jewel-like", combined with a diminutive suffix, and could therefore mean "little jewel".
Kalliopi f Greek
Modern Greek transcription of Kalliope. Known Greek bearers of this name include the swimmer Kalliopi Araouzou (b. 1991) and the shot putter Kalliopi Ouzouni (b... [more]
Kartika f & m Indonesian
Means "star" in Indonesian, ultimately from Sanskrit कृत्तिका (krittika). This is also the Indonesian name for the constellation of the Pleiades.
Kel f & m English (Modern, Rare)
Short form of Kelly.
Kerubina f Croatian (Rare), Hungarian (Rare)
Croatian and Hungarian form of Cherubina.
Kes f Popular Culture
The name of a character in Star Trek, as well as the name of Billy's kestrel in the play Kes.
Kęsmina f Lithuanian
Variant form of Kęsminė.
Kharybdis f Greek Mythology
Variant transcription of Charybdis.
Khelina f Russian
Presumably a Russian form of Helia.
Kirila f Bulgarian
Feminine form of Kiril.
Klarina f Russian, Dutch
Elaboration of Klara.
Kleofa f Croatian (Rare)
Croatian feminine form of Cleophas.
Kukka-Maaria f Finnish
Combination of kukka, meaning "a flower" in Finnish and Maaria which refers to Virgin Mary. Christian feast, Visitation of Mary, was called Kukka-Maaria in the past.... [more]
Kvitoslava f Ukrainian
Ukrainian cognate of Kvetoslava.
Laimrota f Latvian (Rare)
Combination of Laima and Rota.
Laxus m Popular Culture (Modern)
Derived from Latin lux- "light". This is the name of the Fairy Tail manga/anime character Laxus Dreyer.
Layyah f Arabic
Means "coil", "flex".
Levanah f Hebrew
Variant transcription of Levana 1.
Libuša f Slovak
Slovak form of Libuše.
Libusza f Polish (Rare)
Polish form of Libuše.
Licínia f Portuguese
Portuguese form of Licinia.
Licinia f Ancient Roman, Italian, Emilian-Romagnol, Spanish (Rare)
Feminine form of Licinius. A known bearer of this name was Licinia Eudoxia, a Roman empress from the 5th century AD.
Licinius m Ancient Roman
Roman nomen gentile which was derived from the Roman cognomen Licinus, which itself was derived from the Latin adjective licinus meaning "bent, turned upward, upturned"... [more]
Lija f Latvian
Of uncertain origin and meaning. Theories include a Latvianized variant of Lia and a direct derivation from Latvian lija "hen-harrier; mild, soft rain".
Lion m & f Hebrew (Modern, Rare)
Combination of the names Li 2 and On means "my potency; my strength" in Hebrew.
Lizanka f Russian
Diminutive of Yelizaveta via its short form Liza. It is the equivalent of Lizziekins.
Ljubuša f Croatian, Serbian
Croatian and Serbian form of Libuše.
Loyola f Spanish
Derived from the surname or place name Loyola. Used in honour of Saint Ignatius of Loyola ˙(c. October 23, 1491 – July 31, 1556) a Spanish Basque priest and theologian, who founded the religious order called the Society of Jesus (Jesuits).
Lubomira f Polish, Bulgarian
Feminine form of Lubomir.
Lucíola f Portuguese
Portuguese form of Luciola.
Lucjola f Polish (Rare)
Polish form of Luciola.
Lusya f Russian
Russian variant of Luchiya and diminutive of Lyudmila.
Lutka f English (Rare), Polish
As a Polish name it comes from the word lutka meaning ''doll, puppet'', often used as a nickname or a pet form.
Lyuda f Russian
Diminutive of Lyudmila.
Mairita f Latvian
Variant of Maira.
Maka f Georgian
Short form of feminine Georgian names that start with Ma-, such as Makrine, Margalita and Mariam.... [more]
Mania f Polish
Diminutive of Maria and Marianna.
March m & f English (Rare)
From the name of the month, which was derived from the name of the Roman god Mars.
March m Medieval Welsh
Welsh form of Mark.
Marëna f Kashubian
Kashubian form of Marina.
Marëszka f Kashubian
Diminutive of Mariô.
Margaery f Literature
This name is borne by from Margaery Tyrell from a Song of Ice and Fire. It's intended as a variant of Marjorie.
Margrieta f Latvian, Dutch
Dutch variant of Margriet and Latvian variant of Margarita.
Marili f Estonian
Combination of Mari 1 and the syllable -li-, most commonly derived from Eliisabet.
Markela f Greek
Greek form of Marcela.
Marousia f Dutch (Rare), Flemish (Rare)
Dutch and Flemish adoption of Marusya.
Marylee f English (American)
Combination of Mary and Lee.
Mattathias m Ancient Hebrew (Hellenized), History, Biblical Greek
Hellenized form of the Hebrew name Mattityahu (see Matthew). Some sources claim that this name is the original Greek form of Mattityahu and that names like Matthaios and Matthias are contracted forms of Mattathias.... [more]
Meghna f Indian
From the name of the river, or alternatively from Hindi megh (मेघ)- "cloud".
Mikiko f Japanese
From the kanji 美 (mi)- "beautiful, combined with 貴 (ki)- "honour, respect" and 子 (ko)- "child"; alternatively, 幹 (miki)- "tree trunk" and 子 (ko)- "child",as well as other kanji or kanji combinations which have the same reading.
Milota f Albanian
Feminine form of Milot.
Minja f Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian
Diminutive of Milena or Milana.
Mira f Albanian
Derived from Albanian mirë "good".
Mirjama f Latvian (Rare)
Latvian cognate of Miriam.
Miryam f Hebrew
Original transcription of Miriam.
Miuna f Japanese (Modern, Rare)
This name can be used as 美海, 美羽奈, 美羽菜, 美羽南, 美羽名, 美生菜, 美生奈, 美宇名, 海羽奈, 海羽菜, 海羽南, 未羽奈, 未羽那 or 未生奈 with 美 (bi, mi, utsuku.shii) meaning "beautiful, beauty," 海 (kai, umi, mi, una) meaning "ocean, sea," 未 (bi, mi, ima.da, hitsuji, ma.da) meaning "even now, hitherto, not yet, still, sign of the ram (8th sign of Chinese zodiac)," 羽 (u, ha, hane, wa) meaning "feathers," 生 (shou, sei, i.kiru, i.keru, -u, u.mare, o.u, ki,, ha.eru) meaning "birth, genuine, life," 宇 (u) meaning "eaves, heaven, house, roof," 奈 (dai, na, nai, ikan, karanashi) meaning "Nara, what?," 菜 (sai, na) meaning "greens, side dish, vegetable," 南 (na, nan, minami, nami) meaning "south," 名 (myou, mei, na, -na) meaning "distinguished, name, noted, reputation" and 那 (na, da, nani, nanzo, ikan) meaning "what?"... [more]
Modesse m Walloon
Walloon form of Modeste.
Mutmetjennefer f Ancient Egyptian
The name of one of the daughters of Princess Tia (or Tiya), sister of Rameses II and daughter of Seti I.
Name f German (East Prussian)
East Prussian German form of Naomi 1.
Namika f German
Non-Turkish spelling of Namıka.... [more]
Natiya f Georgian (Russified)
Russification of Natia, since the name is written as Натия in Russian, which is properly transcribed as Natiya.
Niemir m Polish (Archaic)
Allegedly derived from Polish nie "not" and the Slavic name element mir "peace; world". In old Masovian sources the name Erazm often appears as a replacement for this name in the form of Niemierz.
Niemira f & m Polish
Feminine form and an archaic variant of Niemir.
Nikiforos m Greek
Modern form of Nikephoros.
Odilla f Polish
Polish form of Odile.
Oksaniya f Russian, Ukrainian
Alternative form of Oksana, sometimes transliterated as Oxaniya.
Olesja f Russian, Albanian (Rare), Latvian (Rare), Ukrainian (Rare), Estonian
Diminutive of Olga and a Russian variant transcription of Olesya.
Olgara f American
Possibly an elaboration of Olga.
Olia f Georgian, Moldovan (Rare), Bulgarian, Russian (Rare), Ukrainian (Rare)
Georgian and Moldovan form of Olya as well as a Bulgarian, Russian and Ukrainian variant transcription of the name.... [more]
Pamelina f English
Perhaps an elaboration of Pamela.
Pege f Greek
Means "source" or "spring" in Greek.
Perci m English
Variant of Percy.
Phoebi f Greek
Variant of Phoebe.
Pigi f Greek
Derived from Greek πηγή (pêgê) "a spring, fountain; fount, source", possibly taken from the Greek title of the Virgin Mary, Ζωοδόχος Πηγή (Zôodochos Pêgê), meaning "life-giving spring" (or πηγή ζωής (pêgê zôês) "fountain of life" or "source of life")... [more]
Polynike f Ancient Greek
Derived from Greek πολύς (polys) meaning "much" and νίκη (nike) meaning "victory".
Polynikes m Greek Mythology, Literature
From Greek polys (πολυς) -"much, many" combined with nike (νικη)- "victory". In Greek mythology he was the son of Oedipus and Jocasta.
Polyniki f Greek
Modern Greek transcription of Polynike.
Qeshet f & m Ancient Hebrew
Ancient Hebrew transcription of Keshet.
Remik m Polish
Diminutive of Remigiusz.
Rohr f & m Literature
Transferred use of the surname Rohr. This is used as a feminine name in Victoria Aveyard's Red Queen.
Romel m Filipino
Probably a simplified spelling of Rommel.
Romella f English, Filipino
Possibly a feminine form of Romel.
Roscigniew m Polish
Derived from the Slavic name element rasti "to grow" and gnyevu "anger".
Samee m & f Urdu, English (Rare)
As an Urdu masculine name, means "one who hears." It is a convention to use either a prefix Abdus or a suffix Ullah along the name, which gives meanings of the servant of All Hearing or hearer of God respectively.... [more]
Senora f English (American, Rare)
From Spanish señora meaning "lady, Mrs".
Shaili f Hebrew
Combination of Shai and Li 2; means "gift for me" from Hebrew שַׁי (shai) meaning "gift" and לִי (li) meaning "to me, for me".
Shampa f Sanskrit
Means "lightning" in Sanskrit.
Shiera f Popular Culture
This is a character name in both Game of Thrones and the DC comics universe.
Sieciech m Polish
From siecie-"to understand, to perceive" combined with ciech- "enjoy". As well as this, its initial element can also be interpreted as wsze- "universe, all", so this name can mean "he who enjoys the universe".
Sieciesław m Polish
From the Slavic elements siecie- " to understand , remember , guess , feel, perceive " combined with sława - "glory". Therefore, this name means "to perceive/understand glory".
Sieciesława f Polish
Feminine form of Sieciesław.
Slavojka f Slovene
Feminine form of Slavoj.
Sofa f Russian
Russian diminutive of Sofya.
Sofica f Romanian
Diminutive of Sofia.
Soidade f Galician (Rare)
Galician cognate of Soledad.
Srbijanka f Serbian (Rare)
Means ''Serbian woman".
Stojna f Macedonian
Feminine form of Stojan.
Strzeżysław m Polish (Archaic)
A dithematic name from Polish strzec "to guard" and sław "glory". This name is not used as often in the modern day.
Svetozar m Serbian, Croatian, Czech
Derived from Slavic svet "blessed, holy, bright" and zar, zariti meaning "radiant, beaming; delight".
Szeliga f Polish
Polish feminine form of Selig, or perhaps from the name of the town.
Szeréna f Hungarian
Hungarian form of Serena.
Szimonetta f Hungarian
Hungarian borrowing of Simonetta.
Tadashia f African American (Anglicized, Rare)
Possibly a form of Dasha combined with the prefix ta.
Taida f Croatian (Rare), Latvian (Archaic), Lithuanian (Rare), Polish (Rare), Serbian (Rare), Spanish (Rare)
Form of Thaïs - also compare its Italian form Taide. In Slavic countries, this name can also be a variant of Taisiya, which is ultimately of Coptic origin.
Taija f Finnish
Finnish variant of Taina as well as a Finnish diminutive of Tarja and Taimi.
Talija f Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, Slovene, Macedonian
Bosnian and Croatian form of Talya.
Tassja f German
Diminutive of Nastassja.
Tati f Ancient Egyptian, History
Meaning unknown. This was the name of an Egyptian queen from the 17-18th century BC.
Tereese f Estonian
Estonian form of Therese.
Themisto f Greek Mythology
From Greek θεμιστος (themistos) which means "belonging to the law", or "belonging to the customs". It is therefore related to Themis.... [more]
Thusnelda f Old Norse (Latinized), Germanic, History, German (Rare)
From the name Tussinhilda, originally an Old Norse name of which the second element is derived from Old Norse hildr "battle". The etymology of the first element has two possibilities. The first is that it is derived from Old Norse Þurs "giant" (as in, a giant, not an adjective illustrating something big), which would mean that the entire name's meaning is roughly "battle with a giant"... [more]
Tisifoni f Greek (Modern, Rare)
Modern Greek form of Tisiphone.
Tolisława f Polish
Feminine form of Tolisław.
Vaia f Greek
From the Egyptian word referring to the palm branch.... [more]
Vasilena f Bulgarian
Feminine form of Vasil.
Veronike f Greek (Rare), Dutch (Rare)
Greek form of Veronika and possible Dutch variant of Veronique.
Veroniki f Greek
Variant transcription of Veronike.
Vessa f English
Possibly a shortened form of Vanessa or a variant of Vesa 2.
Vladena f Bulgarian
Feminine form of Vladan.
Vurban m Bulgarian
Derived from Bulgarian върба (vǎrba) "willow".
Vurbana f Bulgarian, Spanish (?)
Feminine form of Vurban.
Wszemiła f Polish
Feminine form of Wszemił.
Yasna f Bulgarian
Bulgarian form of Jasna.
Yumeko f Japanese
From Japanese 夢 (yume) "dream" combined with 子 (ko) "child".