Shortly after the death of Christ the title of saint, in Latin sanctus, was given to the Apostles, Evangelists and other early Christian martyrs and confessors. Since the 12th century the papacy has claimed the exclusive right of bestowing the title. These days the process of declaring a person to be a saint can be lengthy. One may be considered for sainthood no sooner than five years after death. If research proves the candidate lived a virtuous life then the title of venerable is bestowed. After evidence of at least one miracle has been accepted then the person is beatified and given the title of blessed. Finally, a posthumous miracle ensures canonization and the title of saint.
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John79 saints, 67 blessed146
Maria24 saints, 71 blessed95
Peter63 saints, 28 blessed91
Thomas16 saints, 46 blessed62
William12 saints, 34 blessed46
Paul36 saints, 7 blessed43
Joseph26 saints, 7 blessed33
Marie7 saints, 25 blessed32
Felix27 saints, 1 blessed28
James16 saints, 9 blessed25
Robert7 saints, 18 blessed25
Andrew17 saints, 7 blessed24
Anthony12 saints, 12 blessed24
Dominic15 saints, 9 blessed24
Giovanni6 saints, 17 blessed23
Richard7 saints, 16 blessed23
Leo17 saints, 5 blessed22
Vincent20 saints, 1 blessed21
Alexander18 saints, 1 blessed19
Maximus19 saints19
Michael6 saints, 13 blessed19
Pedro8 saints, 11 blessed19
Anastasius18 saints18
Edward3 saints, 15 blessed18
Francisco9 saints, 9 blessed18
José7 saints, 11 blessed18
Victor17 saints, 1 blessed18
Antonio6 saints, 11 blessed17
Francis8 saints, 9 blessed17
Juan9 saints, 8 blessed17
Julian15 saints, 2 blessed17
Benedict14 saints, 2 blessed16
Mary10 saints, 6 blessed16
Bernard11 saints, 4 blessed15
Dionysius14 saints, 1 blessed15
Gregory14 saints, 1 blessed15
Louis5 saints, 10 blessed15
Nicholas6 saints, 9 blessed15
Giuseppe8 saints, 6 blessed14
Teresa8 saints, 6 blessed14
Theodore14 saints14
Hugh8 saints, 5 blessed13
Philip10 saints, 3 blessed13
Pierre5 saints, 8 blessed13
Albert9 saints, 3 blessed12
Francesco8 saints, 4 blessed12
Jean7 saints, 5 blessed12
Agnes6 saints, 5 blessed11
Anne5 saints, 6 blessed11
Augustine9 saints, 2 blessed11
Margaret7 saints, 4 blessed11
Pietro11 blessed11
Severinus11 saints11
Stephen11 saints11
Athanasius10 saints10
Bartholomew5 saints, 5 blessed10
Caterina6 saints, 4 blessed10
Charles5 saints, 5 blessed10
Giacomo1 saint, 9 blessed10
Jeanne7 saints, 3 blessed10
Lawrence3 saints, 7 blessed10
Angelo1 saint, 8 blessed9
Edmund5 saints, 4 blessed9
George3 saints, 6 blessed9
Leontius9 saints9
Lucius9 saints9
Romanus8 saints, 1 blessed9
Saturninus9 saints9
Theophilus9 saints9
Adrian7 saints, 1 blessed8
Andrea3 saints, 5 blessed8
Claudius8 saints8
Fortunatus8 saints8
François5 saints, 3 blessed8
Françoise2 saints, 6 blessed8
Gerard4 saints, 4 blessed8
Henry4 saints, 4 blessed8
Hilary8 saints8
Ignatius4 saints, 4 blessed8
Isidore6 saints, 2 blessed8
Justus8 saints8
Luigi2 saints, 6 blessed8
Paulinus8 saints8
Zosimus8 saints8
Abraham7 saints7
Ambrose5 saints, 2 blessed7
Angela1 saint, 6 blessed7
Anna7 blessed7
Baptist5 saints, 2 blessed7
Boniface6 saints, 1 blessed7
Christina3 saints, 4 blessed7
Christopher2 saints, 5 blessed7
Columba5 saints, 2 blessed7
Cyprian6 saints, 1 blessed7
Daniel6 saints, 1 blessed7
David6 saints, 1 blessed7
Diego2 saints, 5 blessed7
Donatus7 saints7
Elizabeth7 saints7
Faustus7 saints7
Florentius7 saints7
Gabriel5 saints, 2 blessed7
Jan4 saints, 3 blessed7
Juliana6 saints, 1 blessed7
Lorenzo3 saints, 4 blessed7
Luke6 saints, 1 blessed7
Macarius7 saints7
Matthew5 saints, 2 blessed7
Matthias2 saints, 5 blessed7
Ralph2 saints, 5 blessed7
Roger7 blessed7
Sebastian1 saint, 6 blessed7
Sergius7 saints7
Simeon7 saints7
Simon5 saints, 2 blessed7
Valerius7 saints7
Walter4 saints, 3 blessed7
Zeno7 saints7
Abundius6 saints6
Agatha6 saints6
Alonso3 saints, 3 blessed6
Apollinaris5 saints, 1 blessed6
Benignus6 saints6
Bruno6 saints6
Colmán6 saints6
Conrad3 saints, 3 blessed6
Eleutherius6 saints6
Emilian5 saints, 1 blessed6
Eusebius6 saints6
Ferreolus5 saints, 1 blessed6
Hermes6 saints6
Honoratus5 saints, 1 blessed6
Lambert5 saints, 1 blessed6
Laurence5 saints, 1 blessed6
Lucy4 saints, 2 blessed6
Luis2 saints, 4 blessed6
Martin4 saints, 2 blessed6
Maurus4 saints, 2 blessed6
Odo4 saints, 2 blessed6
Paternus6 saints6
Raymond5 saints, 1 blessed6
Serapion5 saints, 1 blessed6
Theodosius6 saints6
Thérèse1 saint, 5 blessed6
Timothy6 saints6
Tommaso1 saint, 5 blessed6
Victorinus6 saints6
Apollonius5 saints5
Arnold4 saints, 1 blessed5
Basil5 saints5
Basilissa5 saints5
Beatrice3 saints, 2 blessed5
Benedetto3 saints, 2 blessed5
Bertha4 saints, 1 blessed5
Candida4 saints, 1 blessed5
Cassian4 saints, 1 blessed5
Catherine2 saints, 3 blessed5
Cecilia4 saints, 1 blessed5
Chiara1 saint, 4 blessed5
Clement5 saints5
Cyril5 saints5
Desiderius4 saints, 1 blessed5
Domingo4 saints, 1 blessed5
Elias3 saints, 2 blessed5
Emmanuel2 saints, 3 blessed5
Eugene3 saints, 2 blessed5
Flavian5 saints5
Frederick2 saints, 3 blessed5
Germanus5 saints5
Gertrude4 saints, 1 blessed5
Hypatius5 saints5
Julia4 saints, 1 blessed5
Julius5 saints5
Justin5 saints5
Lupus5 saints5
Madeleine1 saint, 4 blessed5
Marcellinus5 saints5
Marcellus5 saints5
Margherita1 saint, 4 blessed5
Marguerite3 saints, 2 blessed5
Mark4 saints, 1 blessed5
Maurice3 saints, 2 blessed5
Miguel3 saints, 2 blessed5
Nicolas1 saint, 4 blessed5
Palladius5 saints5
Patrick2 saints, 3 blessed5
Peregrinus5 saints5
Pius3 saints, 1 blessed, 1 venerable5
Raynerius4 saints, 1 blessed5
Romulus5 saints5
Rosa4 saints, 1 blessed5
Rufus5 saints5
Rusticus5 saints5
Sabinus5 saints5
Secundus5 saints5
Theobald4 saints, 1 blessed5
Theodora5 saints5
Trophimus5 saints5
Urban3 saints, 2 blessed5
Ursicinus5 saints5
Valentine5 saints5
Venantius5 saints5
Victoria2 saints, 3 blessed5
Vitalis4 saints, 1 blessed5
Xavier3 saints, 2 blessed5
Agapius4 saints4
Alfonso1 saint, 3 blessed4
Amandus4 saints4
Amatus3 saints, 1 blessed4
Anastasia4 saints4
André2 saints, 2 blessed4
Anselm4 saints4
Antonia4 blessed4
Antoninus4 saints4
Arnulf4 saints4
Aurea4 saints4
Bartolomeo4 blessed4
Bernardino2 saints, 2 blessed4
Bernardo1 saint, 3 blessed4
Bonaventura1 saint, 3 blessed4
Carpophorus4 saints4
Caspar4 blessed4
Cassius4 saints4
Conon4 saints4
Cosmas4 saints4
Crescentian4 saints4
Domenico1 saint, 3 blessed4
Elisabetta1 saint, 3 blessed4
Émilie2 saints, 2 blessed4
Gerald4 saints4
Giovanna4 blessed4
Guillaume4 blessed4
Guy3 saints, 1 blessed4
Hyacinth4 saints4
Innocent2 saints, 2 blessed4
Irene4 saints4
Jacques1 saint, 3 blessed4
João2 saints, 2 blessed4
Josefa4 blessed4
Lazarus4 saints4
Louise2 saints, 2 blessed4
Maddalena1 saint, 3 blessed4
Marcian4 saints4
Marco4 blessed4
Maximian4 saints4
Maximinus4 saints4
Modestus4 saints4
Nicetas4 saints4
Paola2 saints, 2 blessed4
Paphnutius4 saints4
Paula4 saints4
Pelagius4 saints4
Philippa1 saint, 3 blessed4
Rose1 saint, 3 blessed4
Severus4 saints4
Simplicius4 saints4
Thecla3 saints, 1 blessed4
Theodoric4 saints4
Theodosia4 saints4
Theodotus4 saints4
Valerian4 saints4
Veronica2 saints, 2 blessed4
Achilleus3 saints3
Adalbert2 saints, 1 blessed3
Agostino1 saint, 2 blessed3
Agricola3 saints3
Alban3 saints3
Alberto2 saints, 1 blessed3
Alexius1 saint, 2 blessed3
Aloysius1 saint, 2 blessed3
Amadeus1 saint, 2 blessed3
Amalberga3 saints3
Amantius3 saints3
Ammon3 saints3
Ana3 blessed3
Ananias3 saints3
Andronicus3 saints3
Antoine2 saints, 1 blessed3
Aquilinus3 saints3
Arcadius3 saints3
Aredius3 saints3
Asterius3 saints3
Atto3 saints3
Aurelian3 saints3
Aventinus3 saints3
Avitus3 saints3
Bartolomé3 blessed3
Battista1 saint, 2 blessed3
Benno2 saints, 1 blessed3
Benvenuto1 saint, 2 blessed3
Bertrand2 saints, 1 blessed3
Caesarius3 saints3
Carlo2 saints, 1 blessed3
Carlos3 blessed3
Ciarán3 saints3
Claude1 saint, 2 blessed3
Constantius2 saints, 1 blessed3
Cornelius3 saints3
Crónán3 saints3
Cuthbert3 saints3
Dalmatius3 saints3
Deodatus3 saints3
Desideratus3 saints3
Deusdedit3 saints3
Dolores3 blessed3
Domitian3 saints3
Domnina3 saints3
Donatian3 saints3
Eberhard2 saints, 1 blessed3
Elena3 blessed3
Elfleda3 saints3
Elisabeth1 saint, 2 blessed3
Eskil2 saints, 1 blessed3
Ethelwold3 saints3
Eugenia1 saint, 2 blessed3
Eulogius3 saints3
Euphrasia3 saints3
Exuperius3 saints3
Felician3 saints3
Felipe1 saint, 2 blessed3
Fernando1 saint, 2 blessed3
Fidelis3 saints3
Filippo2 saints, 1 blessed3
Flavius3 saints3
Flora3 saints3
Francesca3 saints3
Francisca3 blessed3
Fulk3 saints3
Gaius3 saints3
Giles1 saint, 2 blessed3
Godfrey1 saint, 2 blessed3
Gonzalo3 blessed3
Gregorio2 saints, 1 blessed3
Helena3 saints3
Heliodorus3 saints3
Heraclius3 saints3
Hesychius3 saints3
Hubert3 saints3
Isaac3 saints3
Isabel2 saints, 1 blessed3
Jacinto3 blessed3
Jakob3 blessed3
Jesús1 saint, 2 blessed3
Joachim3 saints3
Josaphat1 saint, 2 blessed3
Josep2 saints, 1 blessed3
Julietta3 saints3
Leonard2 saints, 1 blessed3
Liberatus1 saint, 2 blessed3
Lucia2 saints, 1 blessed3
Lucian3 saints3
Ludovico3 blessed3
Mancius3 blessed3
Marinus2 saints, 1 blessed3
Marius3 saints3
Martha3 saints3
Masiá3 blessed3
Maura3 saints3
Maurilius3 saints3
Maxima3 saints3
Mennas3 saints3
Methodius3 saints3
Montanus3 saints3
Moses3 saints3
Mykola3 blessed3
Narcissus3 saints3
Orentius3 saints3
Pamphilus3 saints3
Paolo1 saint, 2 blessed3
Papias3 saints3
Paschasius3 saints3
Pastor3 saints3
Pelagia3 saints3
Petronius3 saints3
Phocas3 saints3
Placidus3 saints3
Pontian3 saints3
Quadratus3 saints3
Quirinus3 saints3
Raynald1 saint, 2 blessed3
Regulus3 saints3
Remigius3 saints3
Restituta2 saints, 1 blessed3
Sabbas3 saints3
Sabinian3 saints3
Sacerdos3 saints3
Salvius3 saints3
Secundinus3 saints3
Serenus3 saints3
Sixtus3 saints3
Susanna2 saints, 1 blessed3
Sylvester3 saints3
Thaddeus1 saint, 2 blessed3
Theodota3 saints3
Theonas3 saints3
Theophanes3 saints3
Titus2 saints, 1 blessed3
Tomás1 saint, 2 blessed3
Vigilius3 saints3
Vincenzo1 saint, 2 blessed3
Aaron2 saints2
Abbo2 saints2
Abibus2 saints2
Achillas2 saints2
Adalbero2 saints2
Adalgis2 saints2
Adalsindis2 saints2
Adauctus2 saints2
Adela2 saints2
Adelaide2 saints2
Adelelmus2 saints2
Adolphus2 saints2
Agape2 saints2
Agapitus2 saints2
Agatho2 saints2
Agnellus1 saint, 1 blessed2
Aidan2 saints2
Aigulf2 saints2
Aimo1 saint, 1 blessed2
Alain2 blessed2
Alberic2 saints2
Alessandro1 saint, 1 blessed2
Alfredo2 blessed2
Alphege2 saints2
Amabilis2 saints2
Amata1 saint, 1 blessed2
Amator2 saints2
Ambrosio2 blessed2
Amicus2 saints2
Ammonaria2 saints2
Ammonius2 saints2
Amparo2 blessed2
Amphilochius2 saints2
Anatolia2 saints2
Anatolius2 saints2
Anectus2 saints2
Anianus2 saints2
Anicetus2 saints2
Anthimus2 saints2
Antoni1 saint, 1 blessed2
Antonina2 saints2
Antonius2 saints2
Apollo2 saints2
Aquila2 saints2
Armentarius2 saints2
Arsenius2 saints2
Artemas2 saints2
Artemius2 saints2
Athenodorus2 saints2
Aubert2 saints2
Aurelius2 saints2
Auxentius2 saints2
Baldwin2 saints2
Baptista2 blessed2
Baptiste2 saints2
Barbara2 saints2
Barlaam2 saints2
Bartolomea1 saint, 1 blessed2
Bartolomeu2 blessed2
Basileus2 saints2
Basilides2 saints2
Benedicta2 saints2
Berthold2 saints2
Bertilla2 saints2
Bertulf2 saints2
Bonitus2 saints2
Boris2 saints2
Brendan2 saints2
Broccán2 saints2
Caius1 saint, 1 blessed2
Candidus2 saints2
Canute2 saints2
Caprasius2 saints2
Carpus2 saints2
Carterius2 saints2
Carthach2 saints2
Castulus2 saints2
Castus2 saints2
Ceferino2 blessed2
Celestine2 saints2
Cellach2 saints2
Celsus2 saints2
Christian1 saint, 1 blessed2
Clarus2 saints2
Claudine1 saint, 1 blessed2
Constantine2 saints2
Contardo1 saint, 1 blessed2
Corrado1 saint, 1 blessed2
Crescens2 saints2
Crescentia1 saint, 1 blessed2
Crescentius2 saints2
Cyriaca2 saints2
Cyrinus2 saints2
Damian2 saints2
Damien1 saint, 1 blessed2
Dasius2 saints2
Digna2 saints2
Dionysia2 saints2
Dioscorus2 saints2
Domenica2 blessed2
Domnius2 saints2
Dorotheus2 saints2
Eadberht2 saints2
Ebba2 saints2
Edburga2 saints2
Elian2 saints2
Elpidius2 saints2
Engelmund2 saints2
Epicharis2 saints2
Epiphanius2 saints2
Epipodius2 saints2
Ethelbert2 saints2
Ethelburga2 saints2
Eucherius2 saints2
Eulalia2 saints2
Euphemia2 saints2
Eusebia1 saint, 1 blessed2
Eustace2 saints2
Eustochium1 saint, 1 blessed2
Eustorgius2 saints2
Eutropius2 saints2
Eutychius2 saints2
Ewald2 saints2
Fantino2 saints2
Faustina2 saints2
Faustinus2 saints2
Felice1 saint, 1 blessed2
Felicissimus2 saints2
Felicitas2 saints2
Finian2 saints2
Finnian2 saints2
Fintan2 saints2
Firmatus2 saints2
Firminus2 saints2
Flavia2 saints2
Florian2 saints2
Floribert2 saints2
Florus2 saints2
Fortunata1 saint, 1 blessed2
Fructuosus2 saints2
Frumentius2 saints2
Fulgentius2 saints2
Gaetano2 saints2
Gall2 saints2
Garcia2 saints2
Gaspar1 saint, 1 blessed2
Geminian2 saints2
Gemma1 saint, 1 blessed2
Genevieve1 saint, 1 blessed2
Gerold2 saints2
Giacinto1 saint, 1 blessed2
Giordano1 saint, 1 blessed2
Girolamo2 blessed2
Giuseppina2 blessed2
Glycerius2 saints2
Godfried2 saints2
Guarinus2 saints2
Guido2 blessed2
Hadelin2 saints2
Hedda2 saints2
Heinrich2 blessed2
Helen1 saint, 1 blessed2
Herbert2 saints2
Herculanus1 saint, 1 blessed2
Herman1 saint, 1 blessed2
Hermias2 saints2
Hermogenes2 saints2
Herodion2 saints2
Hervé2 saints2
Hilaria2 saints2
Hildegard1 saint, 1 blessed2
Hippolytus2 saints2
Hormisdas2 saints2
Humbert2 blessed2
Humphrey2 blessed2
Ida1 saint, 1 blessed2
Irenaeus2 saints2
Isaiah1 saint, 1 blessed2
Ivan2 blessed2
Ivo2 saints2
Jacobus1 saint, 1 blessed2
Januarius2 saints2
Jeremiah2 saints2
Joannes2 saints2
Joséphine1 saint, 1 blessed2
Józef1 saint, 1 blessed2
Jucundus2 saints2
Julien2 blessed2
Julio1 saint, 1 blessed2
Jutta1 saint, 1 blessed2
Juvenal2 saints2
Ladislaus2 saints2
Laura1 saint, 1 blessed2
Laurentia1 saint, 1 blessed2
Leonardo2 saints2
Leopold2 saints2
Leucius2 saints2
Liberalis2 saints2
Liborius1 saint, 1 blessed2
Licinius2 saints2
Ludolph2 saints2
Lupercus2 saints2
Lydia2 saints2
Macedonius2 saints2
Macrina2 saints2
Magdalene2 saints2
Magnus2 saints2
Manuel2 blessed2
Marcellina1 saint, 1 blessed2
Margareta2 blessed2
Mariam2 blessed2
Mateo2 saints2
Matteo2 blessed2
Maurontus2 saints2
Maxentius2 saints2
Maximilian2 saints2
Mechtildis2 saints2
Melania2 saints2
Meletius2 saints2
Mercedes2 blessed2
Mercurius2 saints2
Michel1 saint, 1 blessed2
Michele2 blessed2
Milles2 saints2
Monica1 saint, 1 blessed2
Mummolus2 saints2
Myron2 saints2
Natalia1 saint, 1 blessed2
Nerses2 saints2
Nicasius2 saints2
Nicola1 saint, 1 blessed2
Nicolaas2 saints2
Nicostratus2 saints2
Noël1 saint, 1 blessed2
Notburga2 saints2
Oliver2 saints2
Olympiades2 saints2
Onesimus2 saints2
Optatus2 saints2
Osanna2 blessed2
Osmanna2 saints2
Oswald2 saints2
Otto1 saint, 1 blessed2
Pablo1 saint, 1 blessed2
Pascual1 saint, 1 blessed2
Paternian2 saints2
Patiens2 saints2
Patroclus2 saints2
Paulo2 saints2
Pavel2 blessed2
Peregrine2 blessed2
Philemon2 saints2
Philomena2 saints2
Pilar2 blessed2
Plato2 saints2
Polycarp2 saints2
Pomposa2 saints2
Porphyrius2 saints2
Primitivus2 saints2
Primus2 saints2
Prisca2 saints2
Priscus2 saints2
Prosper2 saints2
Protasius2 saints2
Publius2 saints2
Quintian2 saints2
Quintus2 saints2
Rafael2 saints2
Redemptus1 saint, 1 blessed2
Regina1 saint, 1 blessed2
René1 saint, 1 blessed2
Restitutus2 saints2
Rita1 saint, 1 blessed2
Rogatian2 saints2
Rufinus2 saints2
Salvinus2 saints2
Samson2 saints2
Savina1 saint, 1 blessed2
Secunda2 saints2
Secundian2 saints2
Servusdei2 saints2
Severa2 saints2
Severianus2 saints2
Sigebert2 saints2
Sigfrid2 saints2
Stanisław1 saint, 1 blessed2
Stefano2 blessed2
Sulpicius2 saints2
Syagrius2 saints2
Symeon1 saint, 1 blessed2
Terence1 saint, 1 blessed2
Tetricus2 saints2
Thalelaeus2 saints2
Thea2 saints2
Theodard2 saints2
Theodulus2 saints2
Theofrid2 saints2
Tiburtius2 saints2
Timoteo2 blessed2
Toribio2 saints2
Turibius2 saints2
Ugolino2 blessed2
Ulrich2 saints2
Ultan2 saints2
Urbitius2 saints2
Ursula1 saint, 1 blessed2
Ursus2 saints2
Valens2 saints2
Veranus2 saints2
Viator2 saints2
Vicente1 saint, 1 blessed2
Victorian2 saints2
Victoricus2 saints2
Vitalian2 saints2
Vitus2 saints2
Wigbert2 saints2
Wilfrid2 saints2
Willehad2 saints2
Wincenty2 blessed2
Władysław2 blessed2
Zachary2 saints2
Zenobius2 saints2
Zoe2 saints2
Zoticus2 saints2
Abbán1 saint1
Abdas1 saint1
Abdiesus1 saint1
Abdon1 saint1
Abel1 saint1
Abercius1 saint1
Abiatha1 saint1
Abra1 saint1
Abran1 saint1
Abundantius1 saint1
Acarius1 saint1
Acca1 saint1
Aceolus1 saint1
Acepsimas1 saint1
Achaicus1 saint1
Acius1 saint1
Acutius1 saint1
Acyllinus1 saint1
Acyndinus1 saint1
Ada1 saint1
Adalar1 saint1
Adalbald1 saint1
Adalgott1 saint1
Adalhard1 saint1
Adam1 blessed1
Adamnan1 saint1
Adaucus1 saint1
Adele1 saint1
Adelin1 saint1
Adelina1 saint1
Adeloga1 saint1
Adeodatus1 saint1
Aderald1 saint1
Adílio1 blessed1
Adjutor1 saint1
Ado1 saint1
Adolf1 saint1
Adolph1 blessed1
Adomnán1 saint1
Adrianus1 saint1
Adulf1 saint1
Aedesius1 saint1
Aedh1 saint1
Aelred1 saint1
Æthelwine1 saint1
Aetherius1 saint1
Afra1 saint1
Africus1 saint1
Agabius1 saint1
Agabus1 saint1
Aganus1 saint1
Agapetus1 saint1
Agathangelo1 blessed1
Agathangelus1 saint1
Agathius1 saint1
Agathodorus1 saint1
Agathonica1 saint1
Agathopodes1 saint1
Agathopus1 saint1
Ageranus1 saint1
Agericus1 saint1
Agia1 saint1
Agilbert1 saint1
Agilberta1 saint1
Agileus1 saint1
Agilulfus1 saint1
Agilus1 saint1
Agnese1 saint1
Agnofleda1 saint1
Agobard1 saint1
Agofredus1 saint1
Agostina1 saint1
Agrecius1 saint1
Agrippina1 saint1
Agrippinus1 saint1
Aichardus1 saint1
Ailbe1 saint1
Ailerán1 saint1
Alberico1 blessed1
Albertinus1 saint1
Albina1 saint1
Albinus1 saint1
Alburga1 saint1
Alcmund1 saint1
Alda1 blessed1
Aldate1 saint1
Aldebrandus1 saint1
Aldegonde1 saint1
Aldegrin1 saint1
Aldemar1 saint1
Aldericus1 saint1
Aldhelm1 saint1
Aldo1 saint1
Aldric1 saint1
Alena1 saint1
Alessio1 saint1
Alexandra1 saint1
Alexandrina1 blessed1
Aleydis1 saint1
Alfano1 saint1
Alferius1 saint1
Alfred1 saint1
Alfreda1 saint1
Alfrick1 saint1
Alfwold1 saint1
Alicja1 blessed1
Alipius1 saint1
Alix1 blessed1
Allucio1 saint1
Almachius1 saint1
Almirus1 saint1
Almus1 saint1
Alnoth1 saint1
Alodia1 saint1
Alpaïs1 blessed1
Alphaeus1 saint1
Alphius1 saint1
Alphonsa1 saint1
Alrad1 blessed1
Altfrid1 saint1
Altigianus1 saint1
Altmann1 saint1
Alto1 saint1
Alvarado1 blessed1
Alvarez1 blessed1
Alvitus1 saint1
Amalburga1 saint1
Amarand1 saint1
Amarin1 saint1
Amasius1 saint1
Amaswinthus1 saint1
Ambrogio1 blessed1
Ammianus1 saint1
Amor1 saint1
Ampelius1 saint1
Ampelus1 saint1
Ampliatus1 saint1
Amulwinus1 saint1
Amunia1 saint1
Anacletus1 saint1
Anatole1 saint1
Andeolus1 saint1
Andreas1 saint1
Andres1 blessed1
Andriy1 blessed1
Andrzej1 saint1
Angadresma1 saint1
Ángel1 blessed1
Angelelmus1 saint1
Angelina1 blessed1
Angélique1 blessed1
Angilbert1 saint1
Anglinus1 saint1
Angus1 saint1
Ann1 saint1
Annemund1 saint1
Annibale1 blessed1
Anno1 saint1
Annobert1 saint1
Annunziata1 blessed1
Ansanus1 saint1
Ansbald1 saint1
Ansbert1 saint1
Ansegisus1 saint1
Anselmo1 blessed1
Ansfried1 saint1
Ansgar1 saint1
Ansovinus1 saint1
Anstrudis1 saint1
Ansueris1 saint1
Ansuinus1 saint1
Ansurius1 saint1
Anterus1 saint1
Anthelm1 saint1
Anthia1 saint1
Anthim1 saint1
Antholian1 saint1
Antide1 saint1
Antidius1 saint1
Antigones1 saint1
Antiochus1 saint1
Antipas1 saint1
Anton1 blessed1
Antoniette1 blessed1
Antonino1 saint1
Anysia1 saint1
Anysius1 saint1
Apelles1 saint1
Aphian1 saint1
Aphrahat1 saint1
Aphrodisius1 saint1
Apollonia1 saint1
Apollos1 saint1
Apphia1 saint1
Appian1 saint1
Apronia1 saint1
Apronian1 saint1
Aprus1 saint1
Aquilina1 saint1
Arator1 saint1
Arbogast1 saint1
Arcangelo1 blessed1
Archangela1 blessed1
Archelais1 saint1
Archelaus1 saint1
Archippus1 saint1
Ardalion1 saint1
Ardanus1 saint1
Ardo1 saint1
Arduinus1 saint1
Arethas1 saint1
Argeus1 saint1
Argimirius1 saint1
Ariadne1 saint1
Arialdo1 saint1
Arian1 saint1
Aristarchus1 saint1
Aristides1 saint1
Aristobulus1 saint1
Ariston1 saint1
Armagillus1 saint1
Armogastes1 saint1
Arnaldo1 blessed1
Arsacius1 saint1
Artaldus1 saint1
Artemide1 blessed1
Arthur1 blessed1
Arwald1 saint1
Asaph1 saint1
Ascelina1 saint1
Ascensión1 saint1
Asclepiades1 saint1
Asella1 saint1
Aspasius1 saint1
Aspren1 saint1
Assicus1 saint1
Asteria1 saint1
Astericus1 saint1
Astius1 saint1
Astrik1 saint1
Asyncritus1 saint1
Athanasia1 saint1
Athelm1 saint1
Athenogenes1 saint1
Athracht1 saint1
Atilano1 saint1
Attala1 saint1
Attalas1 saint1
Attalia1 saint1
Atticus1 saint1
Attilanus1 saint1
Aucejas1 saint1
Audaldus1 saint1
Augulus1 saint1
Augurius1 saint1
August1 blessed1
Augusta1 saint1
Augustalus1 saint1
Auguste1 saint1
Augustin1 saint1
Aunacharius1 saint1
Aurelia1 saint1
Auspicius1 saint1
Austindus1 saint1
Austreberta1 saint1
Austregisilus1 saint1
Austremonius1 saint1
Autbod1 saint1
Autonomous1 saint1
Auxanus1 saint1
Auxilius1 saint1
Ava1 saint1
Aventine1 saint1
Avertanus1 blessed1
Avilius1 saint1
Aybert1 saint1
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