Notable Writers

This list is comprised of some of the most recognizable names from the literary world. Included are novelists, poets, playwrights and essayists. However, those who are primarily considered to be philosophers or academic writers can be found on the lists of thinkers.
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Abiola1 author1
Adélia1 author/poet1
Adena1 author1
Aeschylus1 playwright1
Aesop1 fabulist1
Agatha1 author1
Aharon1 author1
Ain1 poet1
Albert2 authors2
Aldous1 author1
Aleksandr1 poet1
Alexander1 poet1
Alexandre1 author1
Alfred1 poet1
Algernon1 author, 1 poet2
Ali1 author1
Allan1 author1
Allen1 poet1
Ambrose1 author1
Anatole1 poet1
André1 author1
Anna1 author, 1 poet2
Anne4 authors4
Annie1 author1
Anthony1 author1
Anton2 authors2
Antonio1 author1
Apuleius1 author1
Aristophanes1 playwright1
Arnette1 author1
Arnon1 author1
Arsen1 poet1
Arthur2 authors, 1 playwright, 1 poet4
Astrid1 author1
August1 playwright1
Aylin1 author1
Ayn1 author1
Bai1 poet1
Baptiste1 playwright1
Barbu1 poet1
Bart1 author/poet1
Basho1 poet1
Beatrix1 author1
Beecher1 author1
Ben1 playwright1
Bernard1 playwright1
Bernardin1 author1
Bertolt1 poet1
Bertrice1 author1
Betina1 author1
Blaga1 poet1
Boudewijn1 author/poet1
Bram1 author1
Butler1 poet1
Bysshe1 poet1
Carlo1 playwright1
Carola1 author1
Carry1 author1
Cass1 author1
Catherine1 author1
Cato1 author1
Charles3 authors, 2 poets5
Charlotte1 author1
Chemmanam1 poet1
Cheris1 author1
Cheyenne1 author1
Chrétien1 poet1
Christian1 author1
Christopher1 author, 1 playwright2
Claribel1 author1
Codrin1 author1
Colm1 author1
Conan1 author1
Connie1 author1
Constantijn1 poet1
Cormac1 author1
Cvetka1 poet1
Dalton1 author/playwright1
Danai1 playwright1
Daniel1 author1
Dante1 poet1
Daphne1 author1
David1 playwright1
Delphine1 author1
Demetra1 author1
Denis1 author1
Derviş2 authors2
Dick2 authors2
Diogenes1 author1
Dixie1 author1
Donald1 author1
Donita1 author1
Douglas1 author1
Dylan1 poet1
Dyzma1 author/playwright/poet1
Eddy1 author1
Edgar2 authors2
Edith1 author1
Edmund1 poet1
Edna1 author1
Eduard2 authors2
Ekrem1 author1
Ela1 author1
Elsie1 author1
Elswyth1 author1
Emanuil1 poet1
Émile1 author1
Emily1 author1
Enis1 author1
Enn2 authors2
Erich1 author1
Erminie1 author1
Ernest1 author1
Euripides1 playwright1
Ezra1 poet1
Faik1 author1
Fan1 author1
Federico1 playwright1
Fenimore1 author1
Ferdo1 author1
Ferdowsi1 poet1
Flora1 author1
Frances1 author1
Francesco1 poet1
Francine1 author1
François1 author1
Frank2 authors2
Franz1 author1
Frederik1 author1
Friedrich1 poet1
Fu1 poet1
Fyodor1 author1
Gabriel1 author1
Gaja1 author1
Gena1 author1
Geoffrey2 authors2
George4 authors, 1 playwright5
Gerard1 author/poet1
Gerbrand1 playwright/poet1
Germaine2 authors2
Gerri1 author1
Gerrit1 author/poet1
Giacomo1 author1
Giovanni1 author1
Godfried1 author1
Guillermo1 author1
Gülten1 poet1
Gustave1 author1
Guus1 author1
Gwyn1 author1
Halide2 authors2
Hallie1 author1
Hans1 author1
Harper1 author1
Harriet1 author1
Harry1 author1
Haunani1 author1
Heiki1 author1
Heinrich1 poet1
Heleen1 author1
Hella1 author1
Hendrik1 author1
Henrik1 playwright1
Henry1 author, 1 poet2
Herman1 author1
Hermann1 author1
Hesiod1 poet1
Hikmet1 author1
Homer1 poet1
Honoré1 author1
Horace1 poet1
Hovik1 author1
Hugo1 author/poet1
Hüseyin1 author1
Ian1 author1
Idris1 poet1
Ikbal1 author1
Imme1 author1
Inoslav1 columnist1
Isaac1 author1
Ivan1 author1
Jack3 authors3
Jackie1 author1
Jacob1 author, 2 poets3
Jacqui1 author1
Jalal ad-Din1 poet1
James4 authors4
Jamiluddin1 playwright/poet1
Jan1 author/poet, 1 playwright/poet2
Jane1 author1
Janelle1 author1
Jean2 authors, 2 playwrights, 1 fabulist5
Jeaniene1 author1
Jef1 author1
Jessica1 author1
Johann1 author1
John3 authors, 2 poets, 1 essayist6
Jonathan2 authors2
Joost1 author/poet, 1 playwright/poet2
Joseph2 authors2
Jovica1 poet1
Jude1 author1
Jules1 author, 1 author/poet2
Juš1 author1
Juvenal1 poet1
Kahlil1 poet1
Kaie1 poet1
Karel1 author1
Katherine1 author1
Kay1 author1
Kazuo1 author1
Kees1 author1
Kenneth2 authors2
Kingsley1 author1
Kjartan1 author1
Konstantine1 author1
Korney1 author/poet1
Kurt1 author1
Lado1 poet1
Laertius1 author1
LaVyrle1 author1
Leanne1 author1
Lela1 author1
Lemony1 author1
Leo1 author1
Leonida1 poet1
Lewis1 author1
Lilith1 author1
Linnea1 author1
Louis1 author, 1 author/poet2
Louisa1 author1
Lucian1 author1
Lucy1 author1
Ludovic1 author/playwright1
Luigi1 poet1
Lutfi1 author1
Lydia1 author/poet1
Lynda1 author1
Lytton1 author1
Maarten1 author1
Madelon1 author1
Mahmut1 poet1
Máirtín1 author, 1 poet2
Marcel1 author1
Marcus1 author1
Marga1 author1
Margaret1 author1
Maria1 author1
Marion1 author1
Mark1 author1
Marlon1 author1
Marten1 author1
Martial1 poet1
Mary1 author1
Matei1 essayist1
Matthew1 poet1
Maud1 author1
Maureen1 author1
Maurice1 author1
Maxim1 author1
May1 author1
Maya1 poet1
Melinda1 author1
Menander1 playwright1
Meša1 author1
Michael1 author1
Michel1 author, 1 essayist2
Midas1 author1
Miguel1 author1
Mihály1 poet1
Mikha'il1 author1
Mikhail1 author1
Milan1 author1
Milovan1 author1
Miroslav1 author1
Moderata1 author/poet1
Muhammad1 poet1
Muhsin1 author1
Munir1 poet1
Nalini1 author1
Naseem1 author1
Nathaniel1 author1
Nazım1 author1
Neale1 author1
Neil1 author1
Nélida1 author1
Nikolai1 playwright1
Norman1 author1
Nuri1 author1
Oliver1 author1
Omar1 poet1
Oscar1 playwright1
Otokar1 poet1
Ovid1 poet1
Pablo1 poet1
Pádraic1 author1
Pádraig1 author1
Patrick1 author1
Paul3 authors3
Paulo1 author1
Pearl1 author1
Percy1 poet1
Peretz1 author, 1 playwright/poet2
Petronius1 author1
Philip4 authors, 1 poet5
Pierre1 playwright1
Pieter1 playwright/poet1
Pindar1 poet1
Plautus1 playwright1
Pliny1 author1
Primož1 essayist1
Quintilian1 author1
Rachel1 poet1
Rafael1 author1
Rahmi1 author1
Raivo1 author1
Ralph1 author1
Ranko1 author1
Ray1 author1
Raymond1 author1
Remco1 author/poet1
Renate1 author1
René1 author1
Reşat2 authors2
Reyer1 author/playwright1
Rice1 author1
Roald1 author1
Robert3 authors, 3 poets6
Robertson1 author1
Robley1 poet1
Rochelle1 author1
Ronald1 author1
Rosina1 author1
Rudyard1 author1
Rupert1 poet1
Ruth1 author1
Sabahattin1 author1
Şadi1 author1
Saeed1 author1
Safran1 author1
Sait1 author1
Saken1 author1
Şakir1 author1
Salih1 author1
Salman1 author/essayist1
Sam1 playwright1
Samuel1 author, 1 playwright, 1 poet3
Sappho1 poet1
Saul1 author1
Scott2 authors2
Serena1 author1
Shelia1 author1
Sherrilyn1 author1
Sherryl1 author1
Shirl1 author1
Shirlee1 author1
Simon2 author/poets2
Simone1 author1
Sinclair1 author1
Snorri1 poet1
Somerset1 author/playwright1
Sophocles1 playwright1
Stan1 author1
Stendhal1 author1
Stephen1 author1
Stephenie1 author1
Stieg1 author1
Süreyya1 author1
Süreyyya1 author1
Susan2 authors2
Suzanne2 authors2
Sylvia1 poet1
Tami1 author1
Tanya1 author1
Taylor1 poet1
Tennessee1 playwright1
Terence1 playwright1
Terry1 author1
Tevfik1 poet1
Thane1 author1
Theodor2 authors2
Thomas2 authors2
Titsian1 poet1
Tom1 author1
Toni1 author1
Tristan1 author1
Truman1 author1
Tzvia1 poet1
Umberto1 author1
Ursula1 author1
Václav1 author1
Vahagn1 author1
Vesna1 poet1
Victor1 author1
Vincas1 poet, 1 author/playwright/poet2
Virgil1 poet1
Virginia1 author1
Vladimir1 author1
Wadsworth1 poet1
Waldo1 author1
Walter1 author1
Washington1 author1
Wilhelm1 author1
Willem1 author, 1 author/poet2
William2 authors, 3 poets, 1 playwright/poet6
Willy1 author1
Winston1 playwright1
Wolfgang1 author1
Wolfram1 poet1
Yaşar1 author1
Zarah1 author1
Zdena1 author1