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This is a list of submitted names in which an editor of the name is jfifles.
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Abd al-Haqq m Arabic
Means "servant of the truth" from Arabic عبد ال ('abd al) meaning "servant of the" and حق (haqq) meaning "truth".
Abdalmassih m Arabic
Means "servant of the Messiah", from Arabic عبد ال ('abd al) and المسح (masih) "messiah, Christ"... [more]
Abdulmasih m Arabic
Means "servant of the Messiah" in Arabic.
Abdunnur m Arabic, Indonesian, Turkish, Indian (Muslim)
Derives from Arabic عبدالنور (‘abd al-Nur) meaning "servant of the Light”.
Abdurrahmansyah m Indonesian
Combination of Abdurrahman and شاه (shah), “king” in Persian
Adiputra m Indonesian
From Indonesian adi meaning "first" (of Sanskrit origin) combined with putra meaning "son, prince".
Ahmaduddin m Arabic, Pashto, Urdu, Indonesian, Malay, Indian (Muslim)
Combination of Ahmad and الدين (al-din) meaning “the religion” in Arabic
Ahmadullah m Persian, Tatar, Crimean Tatar
A Persian combination of Ahmad and Abdullah.
Ahmadurrahman m Arabic
Combination of Ahmad and Rahman
Ahuitzotl m Aztec
From āhuitzōtl, "otter" in Nahuatl.... [more]
Airlangga m Javanese
Means "jumping water" or "crossing water", from Indonesian air meaning "water" combined with Sanskrit लङ्घन (langhana) meaning "passing over, jumping, crossing". This was the name of the only raja of the 11th century kingdom of Kahuripan in present-day East Java.
Aitulagi f Samoan
Means "spirit of heaven" in Samoan.
Aladim m Portuguese
Portuguese form of Aladdin.
Aladin m Arabic, Filipino, Maguindanao, Indonesian, Bosnian
Arabic alternate transcription of Ala al-Din as well as the Maguindanao, Indonesian and Bosnian form.
Aladino m Italian (Rare), Spanish
Italian and Spanish form of Aladdin.
Aladyn m Polish
Polish form of Aladdin.
Alamsyah m Indonesian
From Arabic عالم ('alam) meaning "world, universe" and Persian شاه (shah) meaning "king".
Alek f Eastern African, Dinka
Means "black-and-white cow" in Dinka.... [more]
Alemão m Portuguese (Brazilian)
Means "German" in Portuguese.
Ambrósíus m History
Icelandic form of Ambrosius, used to refer to historical figures.
Amerika f American
Variant of America.
Amirmachmud m Indonesian
Combination of Amir 1 and Machmud.
Amisadai m & f Biblical (All), American (Hispanic)
Meaning "the Almighty is my relative" or "people of the Almighty" in Hebrew. His son Ahiezer was chief of the Tribe of Dan at the time of the Exodus (Numbers 1:12; 2:25).
Anantawikramottunggadewa m History
Derived from Sanskrit अनन्तविक्रमतुङ्गदेव (anantavikramatungadeva) meaning "infinite valor of the high god". This is part of Airlangga's regnal name, as well as that of his uncle, Dharmawangsa.
Äneas m German
German form of Aeneas
Anggraini f Indonesian Mythology, Javanese
Derived from Javanese anggara meaning "Tuesday", ultimately from Sanskrit अङ्गार (angara). In the Javanese version of the Hindu epic Mahabharata, this is the name of a princess and the wife of Ekalavya.
Angkasa m Indonesian
Means "sky" or "space" in Indonesian, from Sanskrit आकाश (ākāśa), meaning “sky, space”.
Aniq m Arabic
From أنيق (ʾanīq), meaning “stylish” in Arabic
Antoinique f African American (Rare)
Feminization of Antoine by using the fashionable suffix -ique
Apriliyanto m Indonesian
Combination of April and Yanto. Given to boys born in April.
Aprilyn f Filipino
Combination of April and the suffix -Lyn
Archibaldo m Spanish
Spanish form of Archibald.
Arono m Esperanto
Esperanto form of Aaron.
Áshjálmur m Icelandic
Icelandic variant of Anselm.
Ásþór m Icelandic
Derived from the Old Norse elements áss "god" and the name of the Norse god Þórr (see Thor).
Attakullakulla m Cherokee
Means "leaning wood" in Cherokee, from *ada meaning "wood", and *gulkalu, a verb that implies something long, leaning against some other object.
Ayodhya m & f Indian
Ayodhya is a city in India, and birthplace of the god Rama in Hindu mythology. It comes from अयोध्या (ayodhyā), "unconquerable citadel" in Sanskrit.
Ayudhia m & f Minangkabau, Indonesian, Sundanese, Javanese
Indonesian and Minangkabau variant of Ayodhya.
Aztlan m & f Aztec and Toltec Mythology, Nahuatl (?), American (Hispanic, Rare), Mexican (Rare)
Aztlan is the mythical homeland of the Aztec peoples. In their language (Nahuatl), the roots of Aztlan are the two words: aztatl tlan(tli) meaning "heron" and "place of". The homeland was said to have many heron birds and may have been translated to 'place of white-ness' or even 'brightness' (as used by some Chicanos) because of the large population of the white feathered birds living there... [more]
Azzahra f Indonesian
Shortened form of Fatima az-Zahra.
Bachtiaruddin m Indonesian
Combination of Bachtiar and الدين (al-din) meaning “the religion” in Arabic.
Badruddin m Arabic, Urdu, Bengali, Malay, Indonesian
Arabic alternate transcription of Badr al-Din as well as the Urdu, Bengali, Malay, and Indonesian form.
Baharuddin m Indonesian, Malay
Indonesian and Malay form of Bahr al-din.
Bahr al-din m Arabic
This name means "sea of religion" in Arabic, itself derived from Arabic بَحْر (bahr) "sea, ocean" combined with Arabic دين (din) "religion, faith".
Baihaqi m Indonesian
From the name of 11th-century Islamic scholar Al-Bayhaqi. His name was derived from his birthplace, the city of Bayhaq (now Sabzevar) in present-day Iran.
Balagangadharanatha m Indian
Means "finding refuge in the might of the Ganges-supporter (i.e., Shiva)" in Sanskrit... [more]
Balamuralikrishna m Indian, Sanskrit
Derived from the Sanskrit बालमुरलीकृष् (Balamuralikrishna) meaning “young Krishna holding the flute”.
Balasaraswati f Indian
Means "child possessing water" in Sanskrit. A famous bearer is Balasaraswati, a Bharatanatyam dancer from Tanjore, India.
Balik m & f Balinese
Means "turn, return, again" in Balinese. This name is traditionally added to the end of first, second, third, and fourth-born names (for example, Wayan Balik would be the name given to a fifth-born child, followed by Made Balik, Nyoman Balik, and Ketut Balik for the sixth, seventh, and eighth-born child, respectively).
Barrikad m Soviet, Russian
Masculine form of Barrikada. This name was used by Communist parents who were eager to reject traditional names.... [more]
Bartholomea f Dutch, English
Dutch and English feminine form of Bartholomew.
Batman m Javanese, Popular Culture
From a Jawi rendering of पत्मन् (patman), meaning "path" in Sanskrit. A notable bearer of this name is Batman bin-Suparman, a Singaporean man imprisoned for drugs, who was rumored to be named after the DC comics superhero.... [more]
Bayu m Indonesian
Means "wind, breeze" in Indonesian, ultimately from Sanskrit वायु (vayu).
Bintang m & f Indonesian
Means "star" in Indonesian.
Bluey m & f Popular Culture (Rare)
Diminutive of Blue.
Bonifasius m Indonesian
Indonesian variant of Boniface
Budiharto m Javanese
From Javanese budi meaning "reason, mind, character" and harta meaning "treasure, wealth" (both of Sanskrit origin). Taken together, बुद्धिबुद्धि (buddhiartha) means "money wise" in Sanskrit.
Cadenza f & m American (Rare)
An "ornamental passage near the close of a song or solo," 1780, from Italian cadenza "conclusion of a movement in music." See also Cadence.
Candra m & f Indonesian
Means "moon" in Indonesian, ultimately from Sanskrit चन्द्र (chandra).
Candraningsih f Indonesian
Combination of Indonesian candra meaning "moon" and the given name Ningsih.
Candrawati f Indonesian
From Indonesian candra meaning "moon" combined with the feminine suffix -wati.
Canisius m Dutch (Rare)
Transferred use of the surname Canisius. From the Dutch surname Kanis... [more]
Ceceng m Sundanese
Diminutive of Asep.
Chazwick m English
Form of Chadwick with a "z" instead of a d.
Christiansyah m Indonesian
Combination of Christian and شاه (shah), meaning “king” in Persian.
Chrysalis f & m English (Rare), Filipino (Rare)
From the word referring to the pupa of a butterfly or moth or the cocoon where the pupa is enclosed inside, derived via Latin from Ancient Greek χρυσαλλίς (khrusallís), from χρυσός (khrusós) meaning "gold."... [more]
Chukwufumnanya f Igbo
Combination of Chukwu and Fumnanya.
Condro m Javanese
Javanese form of Candra.
Confucio m Italian (Rare, ?), History (Hispanicized)
Italian and Spanish form of Confucius. This was borne by Italian politician Confucio Basaglia (1872-1944).
Cucu f & m Sundanese
Derived from Sundanese incu meaning "grandchild".
Damanhuri m Indonesian
From the name of 18th-century Egyptian scholar and scientist Ahmad al-Damanhuri (1689-1778), who served as the tenth Grand Imam of al-Azhar. His name was derived from his birthplace, the city of Damanhur in Egypt.
Darto m Indonesian
Diminutive of Sudarto
Darussalam m Indonesian
Derived from Arabic دار السلام (dar as-salam) meaning "abode of peace", used as an epithet for various places.
Darwinawati f Indonesian
Combination of Darwina and Wati
Dasharatha m Hinduism
Means "possessing ten chariots" from Sanskrit दश (dasha) meaning "ten" and रथ (ratha) meaning "chariot". In the Hindu epic the Ramayana he is the king of Ayodhya and the father of the hero Rama.
Dayat m Sundanese
Short form of Hidayat.
Dharmawangsa m Indonesian
From Indonesian darma wangsa, which derives from धर्मवंश (dharmavaṃśa), “lineage of duty” in Sanskrit.... [more]
Dionisodoro m Spanish, Italian, Portuguese
Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian form of Dionysodoros.
Dominggus m Indonesian
Indonesian form of Domingos
Donizetti m Portuguese (Brazilian)
From the surname of an Italian composer Donizetti, which means "descended from Donizo" in Italian, Donizo being an Italian Christian monk.... [more]
Dur-e-Shahwar f Arabic, Pashto, Urdu, Afghan
From در شھوار (dur-e-shahwar), “king’s worthy pearl” in Persian.
Dürrüşehvar f Turkish
Turkish variant of Dur-e-Shahwar, from در شھوار (dur-e-shahwar), “king’s worthy pearl” in Persian.... [more]
Ekklesia f Indonesian
From Greek εκκλησία (ekklesia) meaning "church".
Elizabelle f English (Modern, Rare)
Variant of Elizabeth, with Beth replaced by Belle
El Shaddai m & f African, Indonesian (Rare)
Derived from the Hebrew phrase אֵל שַׁדַּי (ʼĒl Šadạy) meaning "God Almighty".
Esthappen m Malayalam, Literature
Malayalam form of Stephen... [more]
Estia f Greek Mythology (Italianized), Greek (Rare), Afrikaans
Modern Greek and Italian form of Hestia.
Evachristina f Swedish (Rare)
Combination of Eva and Christina. More commonly spelled with a hyphen, Eva-Christina.
Fatmawati f Indonesian
Combination of Fatma and the feminine suffix -wati. Fatmawati (1923-1980), who did not have a surname, was the first Indonesian First Lady.
Fatmayanti f Indonesian
Combination of Fatma and Yanti
Fionawati f Indonesian
Combination of Fiona and Wati.
Florazinha f Portuguese
Portuguese diminutive of Flora
Frančeska f Latvian (Modern, Rare), Croatian
Croatian and Latvian borrowing of Francesca.
Franchesca f English (Rare), Spanish (Rare)
Variant of Francesca (Italian pronunciation with Spanish spelling rules).
Fransisca f Indonesian
Indonesian variant of Francisca
Fransiskus m Indonesian, Sundanese
Indonesian form of Franciscus. This name is commonly used by the Christian community in Indonesia.
Fransiskus Xaverius m Indonesian (Rare), Sundanese
Combination of Fransiskus and Xaverius, used in honor of Saint Francis Xavier (1506-1552).
Freidoon m Afghan
Afghan variant of Fereydoon, (Persian), meaning the third child.
Freyþór m Icelandic (Rare)
The first element Frey- in part means "lord" (it is derived from Primitive Scandinavian *fraujaR "lord") but also refers to the Norse god Freyr. The second element refers to the Norse god Þórr (see Þór).
Gabriyela f Indonesian
Indonesian version of Gabriela
Gatot m Indonesian, Javanese
Diminutive of Gatotkoco. Famous bearers include Indonesian national hero Gatot Mangkupraja (1898-1968), retired general Gatot Nurmantyo (1960-), politician Gatot Sudjito (1960 - 2021), late general Gatot Subroto (1907 – 1962) (after whom a hospital was named), and Indonesia's first attorney general Gatot Tarunamiharja (1901 – 1971).
Ghatotkacha m Indian, Hinduism
From घटोत्कच (Ghaṭotkaca), meaning "bald pot" in Sanskrit. He is a great warrior and the son of Bhima and Hidimbi in the Mahabharata.
Giandomenico m Italian
Combination of Gian and Domenico.
Gilang m Sundanese
Means "brilliant, shining, sparkling" in Sundanese.
Gioan Baotixita m Vietnamese
Vietnamese version of Juan Bautista, used by Vietnamese Catholics.
Govindarajan m Indian, Tamil
From गोविन्दराजन् (govindarajan), "king of the cow finders" in Sanskrit... [more]
Gugum m Sundanese
Derived from Sundanese gumbira meaning "happy, glad".
Hallelujah f & m English (Rare)
From the English word hallelujah, uttered in worship or as an expression of rejoicing, ultimately from Hebrew הַלְּלוּיָהּ (halleluyah) meaning "praise ye the Lord."
Hamengkubuwono m Javanese, Indonesian
Means "guardian of the world" in Javanese. It comes from the current ruling royal house of the Yogyakarta Sultanate in Indonesia
Heherson m Filipino
From the phrase "He, Her Son", referring to Jesus Christ's position as the son of Mary. A known bearer was Heherson Alvarez (1939-2020), a Filipino politician.
Heiderose f German
Combination of Heide and Rose
Hephaestine f Greek Mythology
Derives from Greek ἡφαιστεῖον (ifaisteion) meaning "volcano" (see Hephaestus).... [more]
Herawati f Indonesian
Combination of the name Hera and the feminine suffix -wati.
Hestía f Icelandic
Icelandic form of Hestia
Hidayaturrizkiyah f Indonesian
Derives from هداية الرزقية (hidayah al-rizqiyah), "guidance of the livelihood" in Arabic
Hijau m & f Malay
Means "green, verdant" in Malay.
Hiranyalakshmi f Indian, Hindi, Hinduism
Means "golden mark" in Sanskrit.
Hitler m South American, Indonesian, Indian, Filipino
From the German surname Hitler. Despite the strong negative connotations of the name Hitler, it is used as a given name in South America, India, Indonesia, and the Philippines.
Husaini m Hausa, Indonesian, Malay
Hausa, Indonesian and Malay form of Husayn.
Hyrcanus m History
Means "of Hyrcania", Hyrcania being a Greek form of the Persian name Verkâna, which meant "wolf-land" and referred to a historical region in Persia. Hyrcanus was a member of the Hasmonean dynasty, the Jewish High Priest and King of Judea in the 1st century BC.
If-christ-had-not-died-for-thee-thou-hadst-been-damned m English (Puritan)
An English Puritan name, a variant of If-jesus-christ-had-not-died-for-thee-thou-hadst-been-damned, referring to Jesus Christ's death and resurrection... [more]
Ikhwan m Indonesian, Malay
Means "brother, friend" in Indonesian and Malay, derived from Arabic إخوان (ikhwan) meaning "brothers, brethren, brotherhood", the plural of أخ (akh) meaning "brother".
Ingrith f Medieval English
Medieval English form of Ingríðr.... [more]
Injilia f Indonesian (Rare)
From the Indonesian word injil, which is derived from the Arabic word الإنجيل (al-Īnjil) meaning "gospel", with the feminine suffix -ia. This name is primarily used by Christian community in Indonesia.
Integrity f English (American, Rare)
From the English word integrity, which is derived from Middle French intégrité, then from Latin integritās meaning “soundness, integrity”.
Inten f Sundanese
Sundanese form of Intan.
Irish m & f English, Filipino
Means a person from Ireland or of Irish descent.
Jacquewyn f English
Form of Jacquelyn influenced by Wynne 2. Alternatively, Jacquelyn with a W.
Jajuana f English
Feminine equivalent of Jajuan
Jaka m Javanese, Sundanese
Variant of Joko.
Jalalullah m Pashto (Rare), Indonesian
Means "greatness of Allah", from from Arabic جلال (Jalal) meaning "greatness, loftiness, grandeur" and الله (Allah).
Janeiro m Various (Rare), Portuguese
Means "January" in Portuguese.
Jayquin m & f Obscure
combination of Jay and Joaquin
Jejomar m Filipino
Combination of Jesús, José, and María. A notable bearer is Jejomar Binay (1942-), a former Vice President of the Philippines.
Jerjes m Spanish
Spanish form of Xerxes.
Jirjis m Arabic
Arabic form of George
Jišaj m Czech (Rare), Croatian (Rare)
Czech and Croatian form of Jesse.
Jónþór m Icelandic (Rare)
Combination of Jón and Þór.
Juanpablo m American (Hispanic)
Variant of Juan Pablo used in Spanish-speaking regions of the United States.
Juniharto m Indonesian
Combination of Juni and Harto
Kaʻanāʻanā f & m Hawaiian (Archaic)
Hawaiian feminine name derived from ka meaning "the" and ʻanāʻanā meaning "black magic". This name is rarely used in modern times.
Ka'ano'i m & f Hawaiian
Means "the beloved one" in Hawaiian.... [more]
Kaharudin m Indonesian, Filipino, Maguindanao
Indonesian and Maguindanao form of قاهار الدين (Qahar ad-din) meaning “conqueror of the religion” in Arabic.
Kaiali'i m & f Hawaiian
Means "chief of the sea" in Hawaiian, a combination of Hawaiian kai meaning "sea" and ali'i meaning "chief, officer, ruler, monarch, peer, headman, king, commander". A famous bearer of this name is Hawaii Representative Kaiali'i Kahele.
Kalvinus m Indonesian
Indonesian form of Calvin, often paired with Yohanes.
Kanisius m Indonesian, German (Rare)
Indonesian and German form of Canisius, often paired with Petrus.
Karlgustav m Swedish (Rare)
Very rare combination of Karl and Gustav. More commonly spelled with a hyphen, Karl-Gustav, or with a space between the names, Karl Gustav.
Karno m Javanese
Javanese form of Karna.
Kasimír m History
Icelandic form of Casimir, used to refer to historical bearers.
Kasimirus m Indonesian
Indonesian form of Casimir
Kawasa m Sundanese
Means "powerful" in Sundanese, from Old Javanese kawaśa, from Sanskrit वश (vaśa) meaning “authority, power, control, dominion”.
Kawenaʻulaokalaniahiʻiakaikapoliopele f Hawaiian (Rare)
From ka-wena-ʻula-o-ka-lani-a-hiʻiaka-i-ka-poli-o-pele, which means "the red glow of the heavens of Hiʻiaka in the bosom of Pele" in Hawaiian... [more]
Kawenaʻulaokalaniahiʻiakaikapoliopelekawahineʻaihonua f Hawaiian (Rare)
From ka-wena-ʻula-o-ka-lani-a-hiʻiaka-i-ka-poli-o-pele-ka-wahine-ʻai-honua-i-nā-lei-lehua-a-pele, which means "the red glow of the heavens of Hiʻiaka in the bosom of Pele, the earth eating woman" in Hawaiian... [more]
Keishawati f Indonesian
Combination of Keisha and Wati
Kendrawati f Indonesian
Combination of Kendra and Wati
Khalifatuddin m Indonesian
Comes from خليفة الدين (khalifah al-din), “representative of the religion” in Arabic
Khalifatullah m Pashto, Urdu, Indonesian, Arabic
Comes from خليفة الله (khalifah allah), “representative of God” in Arabic, a term in the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community synonymous with a prophet, seer, or messenger.
Khalifaturrahman m Indonesian
Comes from خليفة الرحمٰن (khalifah al-rahman) meaning “representative of the Compassionate” in Arabic
Kingdavid m English (American, Modern, Rare), English (African)
Combination of King and David, possibly used in reference to the Biblical character, King David of Israel.
Kingsolomon m English (American, Modern, Rare)
Combination of King and Solomon, possibly used in reference to the Biblical character, King Solomon of Israel.
Komar m Sundanese
Sundanese form of Qamar.
Komariah f Indonesian, Sundanese
Feminine form of Komar and Sundanese form of Kamariah.
Konrado m Esperanto
Esperanto version of the name Konrad.
Koo-wi-s-gu-wi m Cherokee
Means "little white bird" in Cherokee.
Krisnobroto m Indonesian, Javanese
From Sanskrit कृष्णव्रत (Kṛṣṇavrata) meaning "devoted to Krishna", derived from the name of the Hindu deity Krishna combined with व्रत (vratá) "will, command" or "vow".
Kristiansyah m Indonesian
Combination of Kristian and شاه (shah), “king” in Persian
Kristinawati f Indonesian
Combination of Kristina and the feminine suffix -wati.
Kristþór m Icelandic
Combination of Kristján and Þór
Krúpskaya f Spanish (Latin American, Rare)
Transferred use of the Russian surname Krupskaya feminine form of Krupski < крупа (krupa), "grain" in Russian, honouring Russian revolutionary Nadezhda Krupskaya (1869-1939), the wife of Vladimir Lenin.
Lakshminarasimha m Indian, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam
Combination of Lakshmi and Narasimha meaning "mark of the man-lion".
Lakshminarayan m Indian, Sanskrit, Hinduism
From Lakṣmīnārāyaṇa, "the lucky mark of the path of man" in Sanskrit. In Hinduism, it is a manifestation of Vishnu.
Laksmi f & m Indonesian, Indian, Kannada, Hindi
Indonesian form of Lakshmi as well as a Kannada and Hindi alternate transcription. It is solely used as a feminine name in Indonesia, while it is unisex in India.
Lamartine m Portuguese (Brazilian)
Means “dweller by the sea” in French. Alphonse de Lamartine was a French writer and politician in the Second Republic of France.
Lászlóné f Hungarian
Feminine form of Laszlo.
Lestariwati f Indonesian
Combination of Lestari and Wati.
Lilakai f Navajo
Meaning uncertain, perhaps derived from Navajo łį́į́ʼ "horse" and łigaii "white". It was borne by Lilakai "Lily" Neil (1900-1961), the first woman to be elected to the Navajo Tribal Council (served 1946-1951).
Lilarose f English (Rare)
Combination of Lila and Rose
Lilik f & m Indonesian
From Indonesian lili meaning "lily".
Liliyana f Indonesian, Bulgarian
Variant spelling of Liliana.
Lufthansa f German (Rare)
Lufthansa is the name of the German national carrier. It was given as a second name to a girl born on a Lufthansa flight to New York in the 1960s.... [more]
Lui m Hunsrik
Hunsrik form of Louis
Luky m Indonesian
Variant of Lucky
Maevawati f Indonesian
combination of Maeva and Wati
Magdawati f Indonesian
Combination of Magda and Wati
Mahalakshmi f Indian, Hinduism, Hindi
From Sanskrit महालक्ष्मी (Mahalakshmi) meaning "great sign", derived from Sanskrit महा (maha) "great" and लक्ष्मी (lakshmi) "sign, mark".
Majusi f Indonesian
From Arabic مَجُوسِيّ‎ (majūsiyy) meaning “of or related to Zoroastrians”, which is in turn derived from مَجُوس‎ (majūs) meaning “Magians, Zoroastrians”. Ali ibn al-'Abbas al-Majusi was a Persian physician and psychologist from the Islamic Golden Age.
Malikussaleh m Indonesian
Indonesian form of Malik al-Salih. This was the name of the founding ruler of Samudera Pasai in Indonesia who converted to Islam.
Malinalxochitl f Nahuatl
Means "grass flower" in Nahuatl, from Nahuatl malinal, "grass" and xochitl, "flower". In Aztec mythology, Malinalxochitl is a beautiful sorceress and sister of Huitzilopochtli.
Marianingsih f Indonesian
Combination of Maria and Ningsih
Marioluigi m Italian
Combination of Mario and Luigi
Marxlenin f Spanish (Caribbean), Spanish (Latin American)
Combination of the surnames Marx and Lenin used as a feminine given name... [more]
McCartney f & m English (American)
Transferred use of the surname McCartney. This name was given to 15 girls in 2017.
Meiling f Chinese
From Chinese 美 (měi) meaning "beautiful" combined with 龄 (líng) meaning "age, duration, years", 玲 (líng) meaning "tinkling of jade", 伶 (líng) meaning "clever, smart, performer, solitary", or 灵 (líng) meaning “spirit, soul”... [more]
Meilisa f Indonesian (Rare)
Indonesian form of Melissa influenced by Mei
Memed m Indonesian, Sundanese
Sundanese form of Ahmad.
Menorah f Jewish
Its meaning is "candlestick". To the Jews, the menorah is the candelabrum used at Hannukah, the Festival of Lights."
Migoy m Filipino
A derivation of the Spanish/Portuguese Miguel.... [more]
Mocteuzma m Aztec
From Classical Nahuatl Motēuczōma (“he who frowns like a lord”), from mo- (“reflexive prefix”) + tēuc- (“lord”) + -zōma (“to frown in anger”).... [more]
Mozart m English (Rare), Portuguese (Brazilian)
Transferred use of the German surname Mozart, most likely in honour of the Austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
Muhammaduddin m Pashto
Combination of Muhammad and الدين (al-din) meaning “the religion” in Arabic
Najm Al-din m Arabic
Means "star of the religion" in Arabic.
Naranja f Swedish (Rare, ?), Finnish (Rare, ?)
From the Spanish word naranja meaning "orange (fruit)", a cognate of Orange.
Narcedalia f Spanish (Mexican, Modern, Rare)
Allegeldly a combination of Narcissa and the Dahlia. A famous bearer of the name is Mexican politician Narcedalia Ramirez.... [more]
Navendra m Indian
Means "new lord" from Sanskrit नव (nava) meaning "new, fresh" combined with the name of the Hindu god Indra, used here to mean "lord".
Nezahualpilli m Nahuatl, Aztec
Form Nahuatl nezahualli, a fasting collar made out of bands of paper twisted together + pilli "child"... [more]
Niebla f Spanish (Latin American, Rare)
Means “fog” in Spanish
Nilawati f Indonesian
Derived from Indonesian nila meaning "blue", ultimately from Sanskrit नील (nila), combined with the feminine suffix -wati.
Ningsih f Javanese, Sundanese, Balinese
From Javanese and Sundanese asih meaning "love, affection".
Nixzmary f American (Hispanic, Rare)
A combination of Nixzaliz and Maria. A famous person with this name is Nixzmary Brown (1998-2006).
Novelette f African American (Modern, Rare)
Possibly an elaborated form of Novella, inspired by the English word novelette meaning "a short novel".
Ntombiyezulu f Zulu
"girl of heaven" in Zulu
Nurjannah f Indonesian
From Arabic نور (nur) meaning "light" and جنة (jannah) meaning "paradise, garden".
Octander m Norwegian (Archaic)
Combination of Latin oct- "eight" and Greek -ander "man" given to children born in October or to the eighth child of the family.
Onedollar m Spanish (Caribbean)
From English "one dollar"
Orestis m Greek
Modern Greek spelling of Orestes. A known bearer of this name is the Greek professional soccer player Orestis Karnezis (b. 1985).
Óðin-Dísa f Old Norse (Rare)
From the name of the Norse god Óðinn (see Odin; possibly via an Old West Norse byname) combined with the feminine name Disa, a short form of other names containing the element dís "goddess".
Parwati f Indian, Hindi, Indonesian, Javanese, Balinese, Sundanese
Hindi alternate transcription of Parvati as well as the Indonesian form.
Patriot m Albanian, Indonesian
Derived from Albanian patriot "patriot".
Phillippus m Afrikaans
Afrikaans form of Philip.
Piermassimiliano m Italian
Combination of Pietro and Massimiliano. A famous bearer of this name is the Italian rugby union player Piermassimiliano Dotto (1970-2012).
Pinkie f & m English (Rare)
Diminutive of Pink. Borne by a character of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
Pioquinto m Spanish (Mexican), American (Hispanic), Spanish (Latin American), Spanish (Philippines)
A name given in honor of Pope Pius V, a saint of the Catholic Church.
Priskiana f Indonesian
Feminine form of Priskian.
Qahar m Arabic
From Arabic قاهار (qahar) meaning "subduer, conqueror"
Qamar Ud-din m Arabic
From Arabic قمر الدين (Qamar ud-Din) meaning "moon of the religion".
Quetzal f & m Spanish (Mexican, Rare), American (Hispanic, Rare), American (Rare)
After a central American bird (Pharomachrus mocino), from Nahuatl quetzalli, "large brilliant tail feather". Can also be a short form of Quetzalcoatl
Quetzala f Spanish (Mexican, Rare)
From Quetzala, the name of a river in Mexico. Quetzala is likely derived from Nahuatl quetzalli, "quetzal feather". The word quetzalli also denotes something precious. The quetzal held great cultural and religious significance to the Aztecs, and other indigenous peoples of Central America... [more]
Radhakrishnan m Indian
Krishna, lord of Hindus, and Radha, his staunch devotee, finally became part of him... [more]
Raffaelangelo m Italian
combination of Raffaele and Angelo.
Rahmaniar f Indonesian, Minangkabau
Combination of the name Rahma and the feminine suffix -niar.
Rahmawati f Indonesian
From Arabic رحمة (rahmah) meaning "mercy" combined with the feminine suffix -wati.
Raiféal m Irish
Irish form of Raphael
Ramadhansyah m Indonesian, Malay
Combination of the name Ramadhan and Persian شاه (shah) meaning "king".
Ramanathan m Indian, Tamil, Malayalam
Means "protector of Rama", derived from Sanskrit नाथ (nāthá) meaning "protector, possessor, owner" combined with the name of the Hindu god Rama 1.
Rarity f & m English (Rare), Popular Culture
From the English word, rarity, "a thing that is rare, especially one having particular value as a result". A My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic character bears this name.
Ratnacandra m & f Indonesian
Combination of Ratna and Candra, derived from रत्नचन्द्र (rathnachandra), "jewel of the moon" or "shining treasure" in Sanskrit.
Respati m & f Javanese
Javanese form of Brihaspati.
Retifa f Indonesian (Rare)
Maybe a feminine form of Rétif.
Ribkawati f Indonesian
Combination of Ribka and Wati
Ricci f Filipino
Transfered use of the Italian surname Ricci