Fictional Characters from Movies

This list is comprised of some of the most recognizable names from fictional movies. If shown, the year indicates when the movie was first released.
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NameYearMovieOther Names
Ace Ventura1994Ace Ventura
Ada McGrath1993The Piano
Alex DeLarge1971A Clockwork Orange
Amélie Poulain2001Amélie
Anton Chigurh2007No Country For Old Men
Aragorn II Elessar2001The Lord of the Rings(Elessar, Estel, Strider)
Ash Williams1981The Evil Dead(Ashley)
Atticus Finch1962To Kill a Mockingbird
Austin Powers1997Austin Powers
Axel Foley1984Beverly Hills Cop
Barry B. Benson2007Bee Movie
Beatrice Prior2014Divergent(Tris)
Beatrix Kiddo2003Kill Bill
Becky Howard1996McLeod's Daughters(Rebecca)
Ben Walton1971The Homecoming: A Christmas Story(Benjamin)
Wild Bill Hickok1953Calamity Jane
Boba Fett1980The Empire Strikes Back
Brick Tamland2004Anchorman
Bruce Wayne1989Batman
Buffy Summers1992Buffy the Vampire Slayer(Anne)
Bugs Bunny1940A Wild Hare
Buzz Lightyear1995Toy Story
Cal Hockley1997Titanic(Caledon)
Carreen O'Hara1939Gone With the Wind(Caroline, Irene)
Charles Foster Kane1941Citizen Kane
Col. Christopher Brandon1995Sense and Sensibility
Claire McLeod1996McLeod's Daughters(Louise)
Clarice Starling1991The Silence of the Lambs
Clark Kent1978Superman
Claudia1994Interview with the Vampire
Crystal Smith2009Dead like Me: Life After Death(Jane)
Daisy Adair2009Dead like Me: Life After Death
Daisy Duck1940Mr. Duck Steps Out
Daniel Jackson1994Stargate
Daniel Plainview2007There Will Be Blood
Lieutenant Danny Gilmartin1953Calamity Jane
Delores Herbig2009Dead like Me: Life After Death
Donald Duck1934The Wise Little Hen
Donnie Darko2001Donnie Darko
Dory2003Finding Nemo
Count Dracula1931Dracula
Edward Scissorhands1990Edward Scissorhands
Elisabeth of Austria1955Sissi(Sisi, Sissi)
Elizabeth Walton1971The Homecoming: A Christmas Story(Tyler)
Ellen Ripley1979Alien(Louise)
Ellis Redding1994The Shawshank Redemption(Red)
Emily Baldwin1971The Homecoming: A Christmas Story
Emmett "Doc" Brown1985Back to the Future
Erin Walton1971The Homecoming: A Christmas Story(Esther)
Esther "Grandma" Walton1971The Homecoming: A Christmas Story
Ethan Edwards1956The Searchers
Ethan Hunt1996Mission Impossible
Ferris Bueller1986Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Forrest Gump1994Forrest Gump
Frank Booth1986Blue Velvet
Frank Drebin1988The Naked Gun
Freddy Krueger1984A Nightmare on Elm Street
Gandalf2001The Lord of the Rings(Mithrandir, Olórin)
George Bailey1946It's a Wonderful Life
George Lass2009Dead like Me: Life After Death(Georgia)
Gollum2002The Lord of the Rings(Sméagol, Trahald)
Han Solo1977Star Wars
Hannibal Lecter1991The Silence of the Lambs
Harry Burns1989When Harry Met Sally...
Harry Callahan1971Dirty Harry
Harry Potter2001Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone(James)
Honeythorn Gump1985Legend
Ike Godsey1971The Homecoming: A Christmas Story(Isaac)
Indiana Jones1981Raiders of the Lost Ark(Indy)
Jack Dawson1997Titanic
Jack O'Neill1994Stargate(John, Jonathan, J)
Jack Skellington1993The Nightmare Before Christmas
Jack Sparrow2003Pirates of the Caribbean
Jack Torrance1980The Shining
James Bond1962Dr. No
Calamity Jane1953Calamity Jane(Martha)
Jason Bourne2002The Bourne Identity
Jason Voorhees1980Friday the 13th
Jason Walton1971The Homecoming: A Christmas Story
Jeff "the Dude" Lebowski1998The Big Lebowski
Jessica Rabbit1988Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
Jim-Bob Walton1971The Homecoming: A Christmas Story(James, Robert)
Jody Baxter1946The Yearling
John Connor1991; 2003; 2009; 2015Terminator 2: Judgment Day; Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines; Terminator Salvation; Terminator Genisys
John McClane1988Die Hard
John "John-Boy" Walton Jr.1971The Homecoming: A Christmas Story(Lee)
John Walton Sr.1971The Homecoming: A Christmas Story
Joy Lass2009Dead like Me: Life After Death
Jules Winnfield1994Pulp Fiction
Juno MacGuff2007Juno
Kanaalaq2003The Snow Walker
Katie Brown1953Calamity Jane
Katniss Everdeen2012The Hunger Games
Kekoa Shaw2021Malignant
Kevin McCallister1990; 1992Home Alone; Home Alone 2: Lost in New York
Keyser Söze1995The Usual Suspects
Kyle Reese1984; 2009; 2015The Terminator; Terminator Salvation; Terminator Genisys
Lark Ingoldsby1948Enchantment
Lassie1943Lassie Come Home
Laurie Strode1978Halloween
Princess Leia Organa1977Star Wars
Luke Jackson1967Cool Hand Luke(Lucas)
Luke Skywalker1977Star Wars
Malcolm Reynolds2005Serenity(Mal)
Mamie Baldwin1971The Homecoming: A Christmas Story
Marge Gunderson1996Fargo
Marlin2003Finding Nemo
Martin Blank1997Grosse Pointe Blank
Martin Riggs1987Lethal Weapon
Marty McFly1985Back to the Future
Marv2005Sin City
Mary Poppins1964Marry Poppins
Mary Ellen Walton1971The Homecoming: A Christmas Story
Mason2009Dead like Me: Life After Death
Mathilda1994The Professional
"Mad" Max Rockatansky1979Mad Max
Maximus Decimus Meridius2000Gladiator
Michael Corleone1973The Godfather
Michael Myers1978Halloween
Mickey Mouse1928Steamboat Willie
Minnie Mouse1928Steamboat Willie
Muriel Heslop1994Muriel's Wedding
Napoleon Dynamite2004Napoleon Dynamite
Nemo2003Finding Nemo
Neo1999The Matrix
Norman Bates1960Psycho
Olivia Walton1971The Homecoming: A Christmas Story
Patrick Bateman2000American Psycho
Peter Parker2002Spider-Man
Peter Venkman1984Ghostbusters
Randal Graves1994Clerks
R. P. McMurphy1975One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.(Randle, Patrick)
Reggie Lass2009Dead like Me: Life After Death(Regina)
Rhett Butler1939Gone With the Wind
Rick Blaine1942Casablanca
Rocky Balboa1976Rocky
Roger Rabbit1988Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
Ron Burgundy2004Anchorman
Rosaleen1984The Company of Wolves
Rosco P. Coltrane1975Moonrunners(Purvis)
Rose DeWitt Bukater1997Titanic
Roxy Harvey2009Dead like Me: Life After Death(Roxanne)
Roy Batty1982Blade Runner
Sally Albright1989When Harry Met Sally...
Sarah Connor1984; 1991; 2015The Terminator; Terminator 2: Judgment Day; Terminator Genisys(Jeanette)
Scarlett O'Hara1939Gone With the Wind(Katie)
Sidney Prescott1996Scream
Agent Smith1999The Matrix
Snake Plissken1981Escape from New York
Suellen O'Hara1939Gone With the Wind(Susan, Elinor)
Tess Silverman McLeod1996McLeod's Daughters(Teresa, Charlotte)
Tommy DeVito1990Goodfellas
Tony Montana1983Scarface
Tony Stark2008Iron Man
Travis Bickle1976Taxi Driver
Trinity1999The Matrix
Tyler Durden1999Fight Club
Darth Vader1977Star Wars(Anakin)
Velvet Brown1944National Velvet
Vic Vega1992Reservoir Dogs(Victor)
Vincenzo Coccotti1993True Romance
Vito Corleone1972The Godfather
Walter Sobchak1998The Big Lebowski
White Goodman2004DodgeBall
Yoda1980The Empire Strikes Back
Zeb "Grandpa" Walton1971The Homecoming: A Christmas Story(Zebb, Zebulon)