Fictional Characters from Television

This list is comprised of some of the most recognizable names from fictional television shows.
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The date is the year the show premiered.

NameYearShowOther Names
Ethel Mertz1951I Love Lucy
Fred Mertz1951I Love Lucy
Lucy Ricardo1951I Love Lucy(Lucille)
Ricky Ricardo1951I Love Lucy
Alice Kramden1955The Honeymooners
Ed Norton1955The Honeymooners
Kermit the Frog1955Sesame Street
Ralph Kramden1955The Honeymooners
Trixie Norton1955The Honeymooners(Thelma)
Barney Rubble1959The Flintstones
Betty Rubble1959The Flintstones
Bullwinkle J. Moose1959The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show
Rocky J. Squirrel1959The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show
Wilma Flintstone1959The Flintstones
Fred Flintstone1960The Flintstones
Abby Deveraux1965Days of Our Lives(Abigail, Johanna)
Abe Carver1965Days of Our Lives(Abraham, Washington)
Addie Horton1965Days of Our Lives(Adelaide)
Adrienne Johnson Kiriakis1965Days of Our Lives(Josephine)
Alex Marshall1965Days of Our Lives
Alice Horton1965Days of Our Lives
Allie Horton1965Days of Our Lives(Alice, Caroline)
André DiMera1965Days of Our Lives
Anna DiMera1965Days of Our Lives
Austin Reed1965Days of Our Lives(Samuel)
Belle Black1965Days of Our Lives(Isabella)
Ben Weston1965Days of Our Lives(Benjamin)
Benjy Hawk1965Days of Our Lives
Bill Horton1965Days of Our Lives(William)
Billie Reed1965Days of Our Lives(Holiday)
Bo Brady1965Days of Our Lives(Beauregard, Aurelius)
Bonnie Lockhart1965Days of Our Lives(Maureen)
Brady Black1965Days of Our Lives(Victor)
Brandon Walker1965Days of Our Lives
Calliope Jones1965Days of Our Lives
Cameron Davis1965Days of Our Lives
Carly Manning1965Days of Our Lives(Katerina)
Caroline Brady1965Days of Our Lives
Carrie Brady1965Days of Our Lives(Caroline, Anna)
Cassie Brady1965Days of Our Lives
Celeste Perrault1965Days of Our Lives(Francesca, Frankie)
Chad DiMera1965Days of Our Lives(Michael)
Chelsea Brady1965Days of Our Lives(Georgia)
Chloe Lane1965Days of Our Lives
Ciara Brady1965Days of Our Lives(Alice)
Claire Brady1965Days of Our Lives
Cole Hines1965Days of Our Lives
Curtis Reed1965Days of Our Lives
Daniel Jonas1965Days of Our Lives(James)
Daphne DiMera1965Days of Our Lives
Don Craig1965Days of Our Lives(Donald, Jeremiah)
Doug Williams1965Days of Our Lives(Douglas)
E. J. DiMera1965Days of Our Lives(E, Elvis, Aaron, J)
Eric Brady1965Days of Our Lives(Roman)
Eugene Bradford1965Days of Our Lives
Eve Donovan1965Days of Our Lives
Frankie Brady1965Days of Our Lives(François)
Gabi Hernandez1965Days of Our Lives(Gabriella, Josephina)
Hope Williams Brady1965Days of Our Lives(Alice)
Isabella Toscano1965Days of Our Lives(Beatrice)
J. J. Deveraux1965Days of Our Lives(J, Jack, Thomas)
Jack Deveraux1965Days of Our Lives(William, Earl, Harcourt)
Jan Spears1965Days of Our Lives
Jennifer Horton1965Days of Our Lives(Rose)
Jeremy Horton1965Days of Our Lives
Jessica Blake1965Days of Our Lives(Angelique)
Joey Johnson1965Days of Our Lives(Joseph)
John Black1965Days of Our Lives
Jordan Ridgeway1965Days of Our Lives
Julie Olson Williams1965Days of Our Lives
Justin Kiriakis1965Days of Our Lives(Alexander)
Kate Roberts1965Days of Our Lives(Katherine, Elizabeth)
Kayla Brady1965Days of Our Lives(Caroline)
Kimberly Brady1965Days of Our Lives
Kristen DiMera1965Days of Our Lives
Larry Welch1965Days of Our Lives
Laura Horton1965Days of Our Lives
Lawrence Alamain1965Days of Our Lives(James)
Lee DuMonde1965Days of Our Lives(Emily)
Lexie Carver1965Days of Our Lives(Alexandra)
Liz Chandler1965Days of Our Lives
Lucas Horton1965Days of Our Lives(Desmond)
Maggie Horton1965Days of Our Lives
Marie Horton1965Days of Our Lives
Marlena Evans1965Days of Our Lives
Max Brady1965Days of Our Lives(Maxwell)
Melissa Horton1965Days of Our Lives
Mickey Horton1965Days of Our Lives(Michael)
Mike Horton1965Days of Our Lives(Michael, William)
Mimi Lockhart1965Days of Our Lives(Miriam, Elizabeth)
Nathan Horton1965Days of Our Lives
Neil Curtis1965Days of Our Lives
Nick Fallon1965Days of Our Lives(Nicholas)
Nicole Walker1965Days of Our Lives(Stella)
Patrick Lockhart1965Days of Our Lives(Brian)
Paul Narita1965Days of Our Lives
Philip Kiriakis1965Days of Our Lives(Robert)
Quinn Hudson1965Days of Our Lives
Rafe Hernandez1965Days of Our Lives(Rafael)
Renée DuMonde1965Days of Our Lives
Rex Brady1965Days of Our Lives
Roman Brady1965Days of Our Lives(Augustus)
Samantha Evans1965Days of Our Lives
Sami Brady1965Days of Our Lives(Samantha, Gene)
Sandy Horton1965Days of Our Lives
Sarah Horton1965Days of Our Lives
Shane Donovan1965Days of Our Lives
Shawn Brady1965Days of Our Lives
Shawn-Douglas Brady1965Days of Our Lives
Sonny Kiriakis1965Days of Our Lives(Jackson, Steven)
Stefano DiMera1965Days of Our Lives
Stephanie Johnson1965Days of Our Lives(Kay)
Steve "Patch" Johnson1965Days of Our Lives(Steven, Earl)
Susan Banks1965Days of Our Lives(Delilah)
Taylor Walker1965Days of Our Lives
Theo Carver1965Days of Our Lives(Theodore, Brandon)
Theresa Donovan1965Days of Our Lives(Jeannie)
Tom Horton1965Days of Our Lives(Thomas)
Tommy Horton1965Days of Our Lives(Thomas)
Tony DiMera1965Days of Our Lives(Antony)
Victor Kiriakis1965Days of Our Lives
Vivian Alamain1965Days of Our Lives
Will Horton1965Days of Our Lives(William, Robert)
Zack Brady1965Days of Our Lives(Beauregard, Isaac, Theo)
James T. Kirk1966Star Trek(Jim, Tiberius)
Leonard "Bones" McCoy1966Star Trek
Spock1966Star Trek
Bert1969Sesame Street
Ernie1969Sesame Street
Oscar the Grouch1969Sesame Street
Grover1970Sesame Street
Prairie Dawn1970Sesame Street
Elwood Blues1976Saturday Night Live
Fozzie Bear1976The Muppet Show
Gonzo1976The Muppet Show
Jake Blues1976Saturday Night Live
Bo Duke1979The Dukes of Hazzard
Luke Duke1979The Dukes of Hazzard
Optimus Prime1984The Transformers
Ben Seaver1985Growing Pains(Benjamin, Hubert, Horatio, Humphrey)
Carol Seaver1985Growing Pains(Anne)
Chrissy Seaver1985Growing Pains(Christine, Ellen)
Elmo1985Sesame Street
Harold Bishop1985Neighbours(Wayne)
Helen Daniels1985Neighbours
Jason Seaver1985Growing Pains(Roland)
Karl Kennedy1985Neighbours(Raymond, Marx)
Lou Carpenter1985Neighbours(Louis, Thomas)
Luke Brower1985Growing Pains
Madge Bishop1985Neighbours(Margaret, Mary)
Maggie Seaver1985Growing Pains(Margaret, Katherine)
Marlene Kratz1985Neighbours
Mike Seaver1985Growing Pains(Michael, Aaron)
Susan Kennedy1985Neighbours(Wendy)
Toadfish Rebecchi1985Neighbours(Jarrod, Toadie, Vincenzo)
Jean-Luc Picard1987Star Trek: The Next Generation
Miles Drentell1987; 1999Thirtysomething; Once and Again
Abe Simpson1989The Simpsons(Abraham)
Bart Simpson1989The Simpsons
Cosmo Kramer1989Seinfeld
Elaine Benes1989Seinfeld
George Costanza1989Seinfeld
Homer Simpson1989The Simpsons
Jerry Seinfeld1989Seinfeld
Lisa Simpson1989The Simpsons
Maggie Simpson1989The Simpsons
Marge Simpson1989The Simpsons
Milhouse Van Houten1989The Simpsons
Moe Szyslak1989The Simpsons
Montgomery Burns1989The Simpsons(Charles, Monty)
Ned Flanders1989The Simpsons(Nedward)
Seymour Skinner1989The Simpsons
Apu Nahasapeemapetilon1990The Simpsons
Cecily King1990Road to Avonlea
Edna Krabappel1990The Simpsons
Felicity King1990Road to Avonlea
Krusty the Clown1990The Simpsons(Herschel)
Ralph Wiggum1990The Simpsons
Brighton Sheffield1993The Nanny(Milhouse)
C. C. Babcock1993The Nanny(Chastity, Claire)
Fran Fine1993The Nanny(Francine, Joy)
Grace Sheffield1993The Nanny(Gracie)
Maggie Sheffield1993The Nanny(Margaret)
Maxwell Sheffield1993The Nanny(Beverly)
Niles1993The Nanny
Sylvia Fine1993The Nanny
Val Toriello1993The Nanny(Valerie)
Yetta Rosenberg Jones1993The Nanny
Zoe1993Sesame Street
Alice Henderson1994Christy
Annie Mott1994Party of Five
Ault Allen1994Christy
Bailey Salinger1994Party of Five
Ben Pentland1994Christy
Bob Allen1994Christy
Little Burl Allen1994Christy
Callie Martel1994Party of Five
Carol Willick1994Friends
Chandler Bing1994Friends(Muriel)
Charlie Salinger1994Party of Five
Christy Huddleston1994Christy(Rudd)
Claudia Salinger1994Party of Five
Creed Allen1994Christy
Daphne Jablonsky1994Party of Five
David Grantland1994Christy
Emily Waltham1994Friends
Fairlight Spencer1994Christy
Frank Buffay, Jr.1994Friends
Grace Wilcox1994Party of Five
Griffin Holbrook1994Party of Five(Chase)
Ida Grantland1994Christy
Jack Geller1994Friends
Jeb Spencer1994Christy
Joe Mangus1994Party of Five(Joseph)
Judy Geller1994Friends(Judith)
Julia Salinger1994Party of Five
Justin Thompson1994Party of Five
Kirsten Bennett1994Party of Five
Lundy Taylor1994Christy
Mary Allen1994Christy
Mike Hannigan1994Friends(Michael)
Monica Geller1994Friends
Mountie O'Teale1994Christy
Ned Grayson1994Party of Five
Neil MacNeill1994Christy
Owen Salinger1994Party of Five
Paul Thomas1994Party of Five
Phoebe Buffay1994Friends
Rachel Green1994Friends(Karen)
Richard Burke1994Friends
Rob Allen1994Christy
Ross Geller1994Friends(Eustace)
Ross Werkman1994Party of Five
Ruby Mae Morrison1994Christy
Sam Houston Holcombe1994Christy
Susan Bunch1994Friends
Swannie O'Teale1994Christy
Ursula Buffay1994Friends(Pamela)
Will McCorkle1994Party of Five(William, Bradley)
Zady Spencer1994Christy
Sarah Reeves Merrin1994; 1999Party of Five; Time of Your Life
Gina Tribbiani1994; 2004Friends; Joey
Joey Tribbiani1994; 2004Friends; Joey(Joseph, Francis)
Sabrina Spellman1996Sabrina the Teenage Witch
Alan Lowe1997The Practice
Anya Jenkins1997Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Bobby Donnell1997The Practice
Buffy Summers1997Buffy the Vampire Slayer(Anne)
Claire Wyatt1997The Practice
Dawn Summers1997Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Ellenor Frutt1997The Practice
Eric Cartman1997South Park
Ethan Rayne1997Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Eugene Young1997The Practice
Helen Gamble1997The Practice
Jamie Stringer1997The Practice
Jenny Calendar1997Buffy the Vampire Slayer(Janna)
Jimmy Berluti1997The Practice
Jonathan Levinson1997Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Joyce Summers1997Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Kendra Young1997Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Kennedy1997Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Lindsay Dole1997The Practice
Lucy Hatcher1997The Practice
Rebecca Washington1997The Practice
Richard Bay1997The Practice
Riley Finn1997Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Roberta Kittleson1997The Practice
Robin Wood1997Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Rupert Giles1997Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Tara Maclay1997Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Warren Mears1997Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Wendy Testaburger1997South Park
Xander Harris1997Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Andrew Wells1997; 1999Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Angel
Angel1997; 1999Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Angel(Angelus)
Cordelia Chase1997; 1999Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Angel
Darla1997; 1999Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Angel
Drusilla1997; 1999Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Angel
Faith1997; 1999Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Angel
Harmony Kendall1997; 1999Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Angel
Oz1997; 1999Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Angel(Daniel)
Spike1997; 1999Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Angel
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce1997; 1999Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Angel
Willow Rosenberg1997; 1999Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Angel
Alan Shore1997; 2004The Practice; Boston Legal
Tara Wilson1997; 2004The Practice; Boston Legal
Andy Trudeau1998Charmed(Andrew)
Billie Jenkins1998Charmed
Chris Halliwell1998Charmed(Christopher, Perry)
Christy Jenkins1998Charmed
Cole Turner1998Charmed(Belthazor)
Dan Gordon1998Charmed
Darryl Morris1998Charmed
Dex Lawson1998Charmed
Elise Rothman1998Charmed
Henry Mitchell1998Charmed
Jason Dean1998Charmed
Jenny Gordon1998Charmed
Kyle Brody1998Charmed
Leo Wyatt1998Charmed
Paige Matthews1998Charmed
Patty Halliwell1998Charmed(Patricia)
Penny Halliwell1998Charmed(Penelope)
Phoebe Halliwell1998Charmed
Piper Halliwell1998Charmed
Prue Halliwell1998Charmed(Prudence)
Sheila Morris1998Charmed
Victor Bennett1998Charmed
Wyatt Halliwell1998Charmed(Matthew)
Aaron Brooks1999Once and Again
Alex Whitman1999Roswell(Alexander, Charles)
Amy DeLuca1999Roswell
August Dimitri1999Once and Again
Brody Davis1999Roswell
Carla Aldrich1999Once and Again
Carmela Soprano1999The Sopranos
Cecilia Wiznarski1999Time of Your Life
Charles Gunn1999Angel
Christie Parker1999Once and Again
David Cassilli1999Once and Again
Diane Evans1999Roswell
Doyle1999Angel(Allen, Francis)
Eli Sammler1999Once and Again(Edward)
Fred Burkle1999Angel(Winifred)
Grace Manning1999Once and Again(Brooks)
Graham Rympalski1999Once and Again
Isabel Evans1999Roswell(Amanda)
Jake Manning1999Once and Again(Allen)
Jeff Parker1999Roswell
Jesse Ramirez1999Roswell(Esteban)
Jessie Sammler1999Once and Again(Elizabeth)
Jim Valenti1999Roswell(James)
John Maguire1999Time of Your Life
Joss House1999Time of Your Life(Jocelyn)
Judy Brooks1999Once and Again(Judith, Lauren)
Karen Davies Sammler1999Once and Again
Kate Lockley1999Angel
Kathleen Topolsky1999Roswell
Kyle Valenti1999Roswell
Leo Fisher1999Once and Again
Les Cresswell1999Once and Again
Lilah Morgan1999Angel
Lily Brooks Manning1999Once and Again(Elizabeth)
Lindsey McDonald1999Angel
Liz Parker1999Roswell(Elizabeth)
Maria DeLuca1999Roswell
Max Evans1999Roswell(Maxwell)
Michael Guerin1999Roswell
Philip Evans1999Roswell
Rick Sammler1999Once and Again(Richard)
Romy Sullivan1999Time of Your Life
Sam Blue1999Once and Again(Samuel)
Sean DeLuca1999Roswell
Spencer Lewicki1999Once and Again
Tess Harding1999Roswell
Tiffany Porter1999Once and Again
Tony Soprano1999The Sopranos(Anthony)
Will Gluck1999Once and Again
Zoe Manning1999Once and Again(Brooks)
Anna Nardini2000Gilmore Girls
April Nardini2000Gilmore Girls
Babette Dell2000Gilmore Girls
Brian Fuller2000Gilmore Girls
Christopher Hayden2000Gilmore Girls
Dave Rygalski2000Gilmore Girls
Dean Forester2000Gilmore Girls
Doyle McMaster2000Gilmore Girls
Emily Gilmore2000Gilmore Girls
Honor Huntzberger2000Gilmore Girls
Jackson Belleville2000Gilmore Girls(Matthew)
Jason "Digger" Stiles2000Gilmore Girls
Jess Mariano2000Gilmore Girls
Kirk Gleason2000Gilmore Girls
Lane Kim2000Gilmore Girls(Hyun, Kyung)
Liz Danes2000Gilmore Girls
Logan Huntzberger2000Gilmore Girls
Lorelai Gilmore2000Gilmore Girls(Victoria)
Louise Grant2000Gilmore Girls
Luke Danes2000Gilmore Girls(Lucas)
Madeline Lynn2000Gilmore Girls
Max Medina2000Gilmore Girls(Arthuro)
Michel Gerard2000Gilmore Girls
Mitchum Huntzberger2000Gilmore Girls
Morey Dell2000Gilmore Girls
Paris Geller2000Gilmore Girls(Eustace)
Miss Patty2000Gilmore Girls(Patricia)
Richard Gilmore2000Gilmore Girls
Rory Gilmore2000Gilmore Girls(Lorelai, Leigh)
Sookie St. James2000Gilmore Girls
Taylor Doose2000Gilmore Girls
Tristan DuGrey2000Gilmore Girls
Zach Van Gerbig2000Gilmore Girls(Zack)
Amanda Hayes2002Everwood
Amy Abbott2002Everwood(Nicole)
Andy Brown2002Everwood(Andrew)
Bright Abbott2002Everwood(Harold, Brighton)
Colin Hart2002Everwood
Delia Brown2002Everwood
Edna Harper2002Everwood
Ephram Brown2002Everwood
Hannah Rogers2002Everwood
Harold Abbott2002Everwood(Hal)
Irv Harper2002Everwood(Irving)
Jake Hartman2002Everwood
Laynie Hart2002Everwood
Linda Abbott2002Everwood
Madison Kellner2002Everwood
Nina Feeney2002Everwood
Reid Bardem2002Everwood
Rose Abbott2002Everwood
Sam Feeney2002Everwood(Samuel)
Ann Veal2003Arrested Development(Paul)
Barry Zuckerkorn2003Arrested Development
Betty Rhomer2003Dead Like Me
Buster Bluth2003Arrested Development(Byron)
Clancy Lass2003Dead Like Me
Crystal Smith2003Dead Like Me(Jane)
Daisy Adair2003Dead Like Me
Delores Herbig2003Dead Like Me
George Bluth, Sr.2003Arrested Development(Oscar)
George Michael Bluth2003Arrested Development
George Lass2003Dead Like Me(Georgia)
Gob Bluth2003Arrested Development(George, Oscar)
Joy Lass2003Dead Like Me
Kitty Sanchez2003Arrested Development
Lindsay Bluth Fünke2003Arrested Development
Lucille Austero2003Arrested Development
Lucille Bluth2003Arrested Development
Lupe2003Arrested Development
Maeby Fünke2003Arrested Development(Mae)
Mason2003Dead Like Me
Michael Bluth2003Arrested Development(Nichael)
Misty Favreaux2003Dead Like Me
Oscar Bluth2003Arrested Development(George)
Reggie Lass2003Dead Like Me(Regina)
Roxy Harvey2003Dead Like Me(Roxanne)
Rube Sofer2003Dead Like Me(Reuben, John)
Steve Holt2003Arrested Development
Tobias Fünke2003Arrested Development(Onyango)
Alex Garrett2004Joey(Alexis, Julia)
Bobbie Morganstern2004Joey(Roberta)
Gregory House2004House
Michael Tribbiani2004Joey
Veronica Mars2004Veronica Mars
Zach Miller2004Joey
Aleksander Cirko2005Surface
Barney Stinson2005How I Met Your Mother
Dave Groves2005Invasion
Davis Lee2005Surface
Eli Szura2005Invasion
Jesse Varon2005Invasion
Kira Underlay2005Invasion
Larkin Groves2005Invasion
Laura Daughtery2005Surface
Lewis Sirk2005Invasion
Mariel Underlay2005Invasion
Michael Scott2005The Office
Miles Barnett2005Surface(James)
Mona Gomez2005Invasion
Phil Nance2005Surface
Rich Connelly2005Surface(Richard)
Rose Varon2005Invasion
Russell Varon2005Invasion
Savannah Barnett2005Surface
Tom Underlay2005Invasion
Dexter Morgan2006Dexter
Andy Goode2008Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles(Andrew, David)
Astrid Farnsworth2008Fringe
Brandon Fayette2008Fringe
Cameron Phillips2008Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Catherine Weaver2008Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Charley Dixon2008Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Charlie Francis2008Fringe(Charles)
Derek Reese2008Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles(Thomas)
Elizabeth Bishop2008Fringe
Etta Bishop2008Fringe(Henrietta)
James Ellison2008Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Jesse Flores2008Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
John Henry2008Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
John Connor2008Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
John Scott2008Fringe
Kacy Corbin2008Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Kyle Reese2008Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Lincoln Lee2008Fringe(Tyrone)
Michelle Dixon2008Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Nina Sharp2008Fringe
Olivia Dunham2008Fringe
Peter Bishop2008Fringe
Phillip Broyles2008Fringe
Riley Dawson2008Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Sarah Connor2008Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles(Jeanette)
Walter Bishop2008Fringe
William Bell2008Fringe
Adelaide Langdon2011American Horror Story(Addie, Addy)
Alma Walker2011American Horror Story
Arthur Arden2011American Horror Story(Hans)
Beau Langdon2011American Horror Story(Beauregard)
Ben Harmon2011American Horror Story(Benjamin)
Billie Dean Howard2011American Horror Story
Carl Elias2011Person of Interest
Chad Warwick2011American Horror Story
Charles Montgomery2011American Horror Story
Constance Langdon2011American Horror Story
Cordelia Foxx2011American Horror Story
Delphine LaLaurie2011American Horror Story(Marie)
Fiona Goode2011American Horror Story(Borgia)
Grace Bertrand2011American Horror Story
Grace Hendricks2011Person of Interest
Harold Finch2011Person of Interest
Hayden McClaine2011American Horror Story
Hugo Langdon2011American Horror Story
John Greer2011Person of Interest
John Reese2011Person of Interest
Johnny Morgan2011American Horror Story
Joss Carter2011Person of Interest(Jocelyn)
Jude Martin2011American Horror Story(Judy)
Kit Walker2011American Horror Story
Kyle Spencer2011American Horror Story
Lana Winters2011American Horror Story
Larry Harvey2011American Horror Story(Lawrence)
Leigh Emerson2011American Horror Story
Lionel Fusco2011Person of Interest
Lorraine Harvey2011American Horror Story
Madison Montgomery2011American Horror Story
Mary Eunice McKee2011American Horror Story
Misty Day2011American Horror Story
Moira O'Hara2011American Horror Story
Myrtle Snow2011American Horror Story
Nathan Ingram2011Person of Interest
Nora Montgomery2011American Horror Story
Oliver Thredson2011American Horror Story
Pepper2011American Horror Story
Root2011Person of Interest(Sam, Samantha)
Sameen Shaw2011Person of Interest
Shachath2011American Horror Story
Spalding2011American Horror Story
Tate Langdon2011American Horror Story
Timothy Howard2011American Horror Story
Travis Wanderley2011American Horror Story
Violet Harmon2011American Horror Story
Vivien Harmon2011American Horror Story
Wendy Peyser2011American Horror Story
Zoe Benson2011American Horror Story
Adam Warren2016The Family
Ben Murphy2016The Family
Bridey Cruz2016The Family
Claire Warren2016The Family
Danny Warren2016The Family(Daniel)
Doug Anderson2016The Family
Gabe Clements2016The Family
Hank Asher2016The Family
Jane Cardone2016The Family
John Warren2016The Family
Nina Meyer2016The Family
Willa Warren2016The Family
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