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Completely missed this 'til today! Girls:Ottoline
Cecily/ Cecilia (still waffling)
AramintaThe top four are constant, still, but the bottom 5 are in a bit of flux. I still can't firmly decide between Cecilia & Cecily. IOne honors directly but has already been done, Cecily's a variant and honors without duplicating. Araminta has been added, I like her too much to keep her off anymore and while Zelda's down, I've loved her so long I can't bring myself to write her off entirely. Boys:Cosmo
AngusThe top four remain constant but there's movement in the bottom 4, Constantin is back on and Angus has been added. I'm digging the overly Scot sound beteeen first name/surname these days.
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Oops, almost missed this.Girls--
1. Isla
2. Nora
3. Clara
4. Elsa (honoring name)
5. Iris
6. Lila - suddenly liking this a lot more than I used to; an alternative to Isla
7. Esther - suddenly liking this a lot more
8. Lydia
9. Beatrice
10. VioletBoys—-
1. Julian - don't really have an in-love-with favorite right now, but it's definitely not Henry anymore (I'm bored with Henry)
2. Gabriel - despite its growing popularity, I'm loving this more and more
3. Graham
4. August
5. Elliott
6. Isaac
7. Rowan
8. Henry
9. Gideon
10. Quinn
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Irena Etana
Mirabelle Oryah
Winifred Serach
Amalia Yahava
Helaina Masua
Mildred Aziela
Audrid Zuriela
Josephina Naamah
Rufina Nuria
Vera EmunaFranklin Reuel
Zachary Admiel
Jeremy Ittai
Gregory Yishmerai
Theodor Eber
Wilbert Meir
Josiah Eliam
Halden Hanniel
Edwin Chever
Robin Deror
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Just was coming to post this...everyone is so ahead of me!!! =D haha.Boys:
1. Daniel
2. Evan
3. Samuel
4. Patrick
5. BenjaminGirls:
1. Kara
2. Grace
3. Anna
4. Madelyn
5. Giovanna
Evan is finally out of the number one spot! And it has been replaced with Daniel. Evan is number 2 now followed by Sam and Patrick, and newest addition Benjamin, in the place of John.Girls are almost the same except my spelling of Madeleine has changed to Madelyn. And Giovanna has replaced Noelle.
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VivienneThe only difference from last month is that Margaret isn't on the list and Vivienne is back on.Arthur
TheodoreThe only difference from last month is that I have Duncan on my list instead of Gareth.
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1. Lucasta Belphoebe
2. Evening Astraea (or Evening Susanna)
3. Ophelia Scholastica
4. Pandora Larkspur
5. Seraphina Blackbird
6. Athena Pasithea
7. Astraea SojournerMy boys have changed much more.1. Valentine Oscar or Valentine Dorian
2. Ulysses Roman or Ulysses Morgan
3. Dimitri (haven't found a suitable middle name. Dimitri Oscar? Dimitri Poe?)
4. Ludovic Caspar
5. Oleander Milo
6. Augustus Jude
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1 – Ariel Gwyneth
2 – Storm Adelaide
3 – Sparrow Linnéa
4 – Gwendolen Ivy
5 – Maura Xanthe (ZAN-thee)
6 – Leyla Seraphine (LEE-la)
7 – Sora Winter
8 – Brenna Willow
9 – Adelaide Delphina
10 – Delphine Anastasia (ah-na-STAY-zha)Boys
1 – Bastien Aubrey
2 – Jonas Malachi
3 – Rhys Cameron
4 – Solomon Rhys
5 – Declan Arthur
6 – Liam Roarke
7 – Gideon Maxwell
8 – Grey Solomon
9 – Max Kendrick
10 – Dimitri Lucien (LOO-syin)
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I'd go with (numbered for counting's sake as opposed to preference):1. Elizabeth
2. Alberta
3. Roberta
4. Thomasin
5. Miriam / Maryam / Meryem
6. Romaine
7. Christophine
8. Frances
9. Rachael
10. Moriah1. William
2. Lawrence
3. Raymond
4. Rainer
5. Karl
6. Koloman
7. Boris
8. Douglas
9. Anthony
10. RichardI have a fairly fixed top 10-15 for girls, but I could go on and on with boys names.

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GIRLS:Zelda Lenore (it's back haha)
Lydia Temperance
Indigo Celeste
Elizabeth Sigurrós
Iris CatherineAgnes
MaeBOYS:Thomas Jerome
Miles EdwardEdmund
Horatio...aaand that's all I can manage for boys. How pathetic. ;_;
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I'd love feedback on these:-)
Here they are:
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1) Xanthe
2) Adelaide "Addie"
3) Geneva "Jenna"
4) Sonnet
5) Afton
6) Delphine
7) Story
8) Opal
9) Anneliese
10) Elodie1) August
2) Levi
3) Mordecai
4) Isaiah
5) Micah
6) Sidney "Sid"
7) Ezra
8) Leonidas "Leo"
9) Griffin
10) Afton

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I've been doing 10 all year1. Helena
2. Avril
3. Anna
4. Rosalie
5. Zakiah
6. Sofia
7. Esme
8. Tirzah
9. Lux
10. Honor1. Ashley
2. Edward
3. Ari
4. Lucan
5. Morgan
6. Shiloh
7. Apollo
8. Darcy
9. Luke
10. Rowan
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