Shakespearian Characters

Thank-you to Selwyn and Phyllis for this information.

William Shakespeare was a writer and actor who lived from 1564 to 1616. Although he was successful and admired in his own time, it was not until the later part of the 18th century that he came to be thought of as a universal genius.

The Folio, which this list is based upon, was started soon after Shakespeare's death in 1616. It was concluded 7 years later in 1623 and contained what were considered Shakespeare's collected plays. Shakespeare's impressive poetry (e.g. Venus and Adonis, The Rape of Lucrece) and his sonnets were not found in the Folio.

Today we have knowledge of two lost plays (Cardenio and Love's Labour's Won) and two other plays (Pericles and The Two Noble Kinsmen) which were not included in the 1623 Folio, perhaps because they were collaborative works. Since this list is based on the Folio, the names from the other plays are not included.

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NamePlayOther Names
AaronTitus Andronicus
Lord AbergavennyHenry VIII
AbhorsonMeasure For Measure
Master Abraham SlenderThe Merry Wives of Windsor
AbramRomeo and Juliet(Abraham)
AchillesTroilus and Cressida
AdamAs You Like It
AdrianThe Tempest
Adrian VolsceCoriolanus
AdrianaThe Comedy of Errors
Don Adriano de ArmadoLove's Labour's Lost
AemiliusTitus Andronicus
AeneasTroilus and Cressida
AgamemnonTroilus and Cressida
AgrippaAntony and Cleopatra
AjaxTroilus and Cressida
AlarbusTitus Andronicus
AlcibiadesTimon of Athens
AlexanderTroilus and Cressida
Alexander CourtHenry V
Alexander IdenHenry VI (2)
AlexasAntony and Cleopatra
AliceHenry V
Mistress Alice FordThe Merry Wives of Windsor
AlienaAs You Like It
King AlonsoThe Tempest
AmiensAs You Like It
Sir Andrew AguecheekTwelfth Night
AndromacheTroilus and Cressida
AngeloMeasure For Measure
AngeloThe Comedy of Errors
Lady AnneRichard III
Anne BoleynHenry VIII
Anne PageThe Merry Wives of Windsor
AntenorTroilus and Cressida
Sir Anthony DennyHenry VIII
Anthony DullLove's Labour's Lost
Anthony WoodvilleRichard III
Earl Anthony Woodville RiversHenry VI (3)
AntigonusThe Winter's Tale
Antipholus of EphesusThe Comedy of Errors
Antipholus of SyracuseThe Comedy of Errors
AntonioMuch Ado About Nothing
AntonioThe Merchant of Venice
AntonioThe Tempest
AntonioThe Two Gentlemen of Verona
AntonioTwelfth Night
ApemantusTimon of Athens
ArchidamusThe Winter's Tale
ArielThe Tempest
ArtemidorusJulius Caesar
ArthurKing John
AsmathHenry VI (2)(Asnath)
AudreyAs You Like It
Augustus CaesarAntony and Cleopatra(Octavian, Octavianus, Octavius)
AutolycusThe Winter's Tale
BagotRichard II
BalthasarMuch Ado About Nothing
BalthasarRomeo and Juliet
BalthasarThe Comedy of Errors
BalthasarThe Merchant of Venice
Baptista MinolaTaming of the Shrew
Lord BardolfHenry IV (2)
BardolphHenry IV (1)
BardolphHenry IV (2)
BardolphHenry V
BardolphThe Merry Wives of Windsor
BarnardineMeasure For Measure
BartholomewTaming of the Shrew
BassanioThe Merchant of Venice
BassetHenry VI (1)
BassianusTitus Andronicus
BeatriceMuch Ado About Nothing
BenedickMuch Ado About Nothing
BenvolioRomeo and Juliet
Lord BerkeleyRichard II(Berkley)
Count BertramAll's Well That Ends Well
BiancaTaming of the Shrew
BiondelloTaming of the Shrew
BironLove's Labour's Lost(Berowne)
Lady BlancheKing John
Lady BonaHenry VI (3)
BorachioMuch Ado About Nothing
Admiral BourbonHenry VI (3)
BoyetLove's Labour's Lost
BrandonHenry VIII
BushyRichard II
Doctor ButtsHenry VIII
CaiusKing Lear
CaiusTitus Andronicus
Caius CassiusJulius Caesar(Cassius)
Caius LigariusJulius Caesar(Ligarius)
Caius MarciusCoriolanus(Coriolanus, Marcius, Martius)
Caius ProculeiusAntony and Cleopatra
Doctor CaiusThe Merry Wives of Windsor
Caius LuciusCymbeline
CalchasTroilus and Cressida
CalibanThe Tempest
CalpurniaJulius Caesar
CambioTaming of the Shrew
CamidiusAntony and Cleopatra
CamilloThe Winter's Tale
Cardinal CampeiusHenry VIII(Lorenzo)
CaphisTimon of Athens
Lord CapuchiusHenry VIII(Caputius)
CapuletRomeo and Juliet
CascaJulius Caesar
CassandraTroilus and Cressida
Cato the YoungerJulius Caesar(Marcus)
CeliaAs You Like It
CeresThe Tempest
CesarioTwelfth Night
CharlesAs You Like It
Charles VIHenry V
Charles VII the VictoriousHenry VI (1)
CharmianAntony and Cleopatra
ChatillonKing John
ChironTitus Andronicus
Sir Christopher SlyTaming of the Shrew
Sir Christopher UrswickRichard III
CiceroJulius Caesar(Marcus)
CinnaJulius Caesar
Cinna the PoetJulius Caesar
ClaudioMeasure For Measure
ClaudioMuch Ado About Nothing
ClaudiusJulius Caesar
King ClaudiusHamlet
CleomenesThe Winter's Tale
CleopatraAntony and Cleopatra
ClitusJulius Caesar
Lord ClotenCymbeline
CobwebA Midsummer Night's Dream
ConradeMuch Ado About Nothing(Conrad)
Lady ConstanceKing John
CordeliaKing Lear
CorinAs You Like It
CostardLove's Labour's Lost
CressidaTroilus and Cressida
CupidTimon of Athens
CuranKing Lear
CurioTwelfth Night
CurtisTaming of the Shrew
King CymbelineCymbeline
DardaniusJulius Caesar
DavyHenry IV (2)
Decius BrutusJulius Caesar
DecretasAntony and Cleopatra
DeiphobusTroilus and Cressida
DemetriusA Midsummer Night's Dream
DemetriusAntony and Cleopatra
DemetriusTitus Andronicus
DennisAs You Like It(Denis)
DianaAll's Well That Ends Well
Dick the ButcherHenry VI (2)
DiomedesAntony and Cleopatra
DiomedesTroilus and Cressida
DionThe Winter's Tale
DogberryMuch Ado About Nothing
DolabellaAntony and Cleopatra
Doll TearsheetHenry IV (2)
Domitius EnobarbusAntony and Cleopatra
DorcasThe Winter's Tale
Dromio of EphesusThe Comedy of Errors
Dromio of SyracuseThe Comedy of Errors
Lord DumainAll's Well That Ends Well
Lord DumainAll's Well That Ends Well
DumaineLove's Labour's Lost
EdgarKing Lear(Tom)
EdmundKing Lear
Edmund MortimerHenry IV (1)
Edmund MortimerHenry VI (1)
Edmund PlantagenetHenry VI (3)
Edward IVHenry VI (2)
Edward IVHenry VI (3)
Edward IVRichard III
Prince EdwardRichard III
Prince Edward of WestminsterHenry VI (3)
Prince Edward of WestminsterRichard III
Edward PoinsHenry IV (1)(Ned)
Edward PoinsHenry IV (2)(Ned)
EgeonThe Comedy of Errors
EgeusA Midsummer Night's Dream
EglamourThe Two Gentlemen of Verona
ElbowMeasure For Measure
Queen EleanorKing John
Dame Eleanor CobhamHenry VI (2)
Queen ElizabethRichard III
Princess ElizabethHenry VIII
Lady Elizabeth GreyHenry VI (3)
EmiliaThe Comedy of Errors
EmiliaThe Winter's Tale
EmmanuelHenry VI (2)
ErosAntony and Cleopatra
EscalusMeasure For Measure
Prince EscalusRomeo and Juliet
EuphroniusAntony and Cleopatra
FabianTwelfth Night
Lady FalconbridgeKing John
FangHenry IV (2)
Master FentonThe Merry Wives of Windsor
FerdinandLove's Labour's Lost
FerdinandThe Tempest
FesteTwelfth Night
FlaminiusTimon of Athens
FlaviusJulius Caesar
FlaviusTimon of Athens
FlorizelThe Winter's Tale(Doricles)
Captain FluellenHenry V
FrancescaMeasure For Measure
FrancisHenry IV (1)
Friar FrancisMuch Ado About Nothing
Francis FeebleHenry IV (2)
Francis FluteA Midsummer Night's Dream
FranciscoThe Tempest
Master Frank FordThe Merry Wives of Windsor
Duke FrederickAs You Like It
FrothMeasure For Measure
GadshillHenry IV (1)
Gaius MaecenasAntony and Cleopatra
Gaius TreboniusJulius Caesar
GallusAntony and Cleopatra
GanymedeAs You Like It
Master George PageThe Merry Wives of Windsor
George PlantagenetHenry VI (3)(Clarence)
George PlantagenetRichard III(Clarence)
Queen GertrudeHamlet
GobboThe Merchant of Venice
GonerilKing Lear(Gonerill, Gonoril)
GonzaloThe Tempest
Captain GowerHenry V
GowerHenry IV (2)
Lord GrandpreHenry V
GratianoThe Merchant of Venice(Graziano)
GreenRichard II
GregoryRomeo and Juliet
GremioTaming of the Shrew
GriffithHenry VIII
GrumioTaming of the Shrew
Prince HamletHamlet
HarcourtHenry IV (2)
Lord HastingsHenry IV (2)
Lord HastingsHenry VI (3)
Lord HastingsRichard III
HectorTroilus and Cressida
Helen of TroyTroilus and Cressida(Helene)
HelenaA Midsummer Night's Dream
HelenaAll's Well That Ends Well
HelenusTroilus and Cressida
Henry Earl of RichmondRichard III
Prince HenryKing John
Henry IVHenry IV (1)
Henry IVHenry IV (2)
Prince HenryHenry IV (1)(Hal, Harry)
Prince HenryHenry IV (2)(Hal, Harry)
Henry VHenry V
Henry VIHenry VI (1)
Henry VIHenry VI (2)
Henry VIHenry VI (3)
Henry VIRichard III
Henry, Earl of RichmondHenry VI (3)
Henry VII TudorRichard III
Henry VIIIHenry VIII
Cardinal Henry BeaufortHenry VI (2)
Henry BolingbrokeRichard II(Harry)
Sir Henry GuildfordHenry VIII
Henry PercyHenry IV (1)(Hotspur)
Henry PercyHenry IV (1)
Henry PercyRichard II(Hotspur)
Henry PercyRichard II
Lord Henry ScroopHenry V
HermiaA Midsummer Night's Dream
HermioneThe Winter's Tale
HeroMuch Ado About Nothing
HippolytaA Midsummer Night's Dream(Hippolyte)
HolofernesLove's Labour's Lost
HortensioTaming of the Shrew
HortensiusTimon of Athens
HostiliusTimon of Athens
HubertKing John
Sir Hugh EvansThe Merry Wives of Windsor
Sir Hugh MortimerHenry VI (3)
Duke HumphreyHenry VI (2)
Prince HumphreyHenry IV (2)
Lord Humphrey StaffordHenry VI (3)
Sir Humphrey StaffordHenry VI (2)
HymenAs You Like It
Princess ImogenCymbeline(Innogen)
IrasAntony and Cleopatra
IrisThe Tempest
IsabelHenry V
IsabellaMeasure For Measure
IsidoreTimon of Athens
Jack CadeHenry VI (2)
Jacques de BoysAs You Like It
Sir James BluntRichard III
Lord James Fiennes SayHenry VI (2)
James GurneyKing John
Sir James TyrrelRichard III
Captain JamyHenry V
JaquenettaLove's Labour's Lost
JaquesAs You Like It
JessicaThe Merchant of Venice
Joan la PucelleHenry VI (1)(Jeanne)
Don JohnMuch Ado About Nothing
Friar JohnRomeo and Juliet
JohnKing John
John of GauntRichard II
John the Bastard of OrleansHenry VI (1)
Lord JohnHenry IV (1)
Prince JohnHenry IV (2)
John BatesHenry V
Lord John BigotKing John
Sir John BluntHenry IV (2)
John CliffordHenry VI (2)
John CliffordHenry VI (3)
Sir John ColevilleHenry IV (2)
Sir John FalstaffHenry IV (1)
Sir John FalstaffHenry IV (2)
Sir John FalstaffThe Merry Wives of Windsor
Sir John FastolfeHenry VI (1)
John HollandHenry VI (2)
John HumeHenry VI (2)
Sir John MontgomeryHenry VI (3)
Sir John MortimerHenry VI (3)
John MortonRichard III
John RugbyThe Merry Wives of Windsor
Sir John SomervilleHenry VI (3)
John SouthwellHenry VI (2)
Sir John StanleyHenry VI (2)
John TalbotHenry VI (1)
JosephTaming of the Shrew
JuliaThe Two Gentlemen of Verona
JulietMeasure For Measure
JulietRomeo and Juliet
Julius CaesarJulius Caesar(Gaius)
Junius BrutusCoriolanus
JunoThe Tempest
Kate PercyHenry IV (1)
Kate PercyHenry IV (2)
KatharineHenry V(Catherine)
KatharineLove's Labour's Lost(Catherine)
Queen KatharineHenry VIII(Katherine)
Katherina MinolaTaming of the Shrew(Kate, Katherine)
LafewAll's Well That Ends Well(Lafeu)
LaunceThe Two Gentlemen of Verona
LauncelotThe Merchant of Venice(Lancelot)
Friar LaurenceRomeo and Juliet
LavatchAll's Well That Ends Well
LaviniaTitus Andronicus
King LearKing Lear
Le BeauAs You Like It
LeonardoThe Merchant of Venice
LeonatoMuch Ado About Nothing
King LeontesThe Winter's Tale
Lewis the DauphinHenry V(Louis)
Lewis the DauphinKing John(Louis)
Lewis XIHenry VI (3)(Louis)
LicioTaming of the Shrew
LongavilleLove's Labour's Lost(Longueville)
LorenzoThe Merchant of Venice
LucentioTaming of the Shrew
LucettaThe Two Gentlemen of Verona
LucianaThe Comedy of Errors
LuciliusJulius Caesar(Lucillius)
LuciliusTimon of Athens
LucioMeasure For Measure
LuciusJulius Caesar
LuciusTimon of Athens
LuciusTitus Andronicus
Young LuciusTitus Andronicus
LucullusTimon of Athens
LysanderA Midsummer Night's Dream
Lady MacbethMacbeth
MacbethMacbeth(Mac Bethad)
Lady MacduffMacbeth
Captain MacmorrisHenry V
MalvolioTwelfth Night
MamilliusThe Winter's Tale
Young MarciusCoriolanus(Martius)
Marcus Aemilius LepidusAntony and Cleopatra(Lepidus)
Marcus Aemilius LepidusJulius Caesar(Lepidus)
Marcus AndronicusTitus Andronicus
Marcus Junius BrutusJulius Caesar(Brutus)
MardianAntony and Cleopatra
MargarelonTroilus and Cressida
MargaretHenry VI (1)
MargaretMuch Ado About Nothing
Queen MargaretHenry VI (2)
Queen MargaretHenry VI (3)
Queen MargaretRichard III
Mistress Margaret PageThe Merry Wives of Windsor
Margery JordanHenry VI (2)
MariaLove's Labour's Lost
MariaTwelfth Night
MarianaAll's Well That Ends Well
MarianaMeasure For Measure
Mark AntonyAntony and Cleopatra(Marcus)
Mark AntonyJulius Caesar(Marcus)
Lord MarshalRichard II
MartiusTitus Andronicus
Matthew GoughHenry VI (2)
Lady Maud NorthumberlandHenry IV (2)
Count MelunKing John
MenasAntony and Cleopatra
MenecratesAntony and Cleopatra
MenelausTroilus and Cressida
Menenius AgrippaCoriolanus
MercadeLove's Labour's Lost
MercutioRomeo and Juliet
MessalaJulius Caesar
Metellus CimberJulius Caesar
Sir MichaelHenry IV (1)
Michael CassioOthello
Michael WilliamsHenry V
MirandaThe Tempest
MontagueRomeo and Juliet
MontjoyHenry V
MopsaThe Winter's Tale
Lady MortimerHenry IV (1)
MortonHenry IV (2)
MothA Midsummer Night's Dream
MothLove's Labour's Lost
MurellusJulius Caesar
MustardseedA Midsummer Night's Dream
MutiusTitus Andronicus
NathanielTaming of the Shrew
Sir NathanielLove's Labour's Lost
NellThe Comedy of Errors
NerissaThe Merchant of Venice
NestorTroilus and Cressida
NicholasTaming of the Shrew
Sir Nicholas VauxHenry VIII
Nick BottomA Midsummer Night's Dream
NymHenry V(Nim)
NymThe Merry Wives of Windsor(Nim)
OberonA Midsummer Night's Dream
OctaviaAntony and Cleopatra
Octavius CaesarJulius Caesar(Augustus, Octavian, Octavianus)
Oliver de BoisAs You Like It
Sir Oliver MartextAs You Like It
OliviaTwelfth Night
OrlandoAs You Like It
Duke OrsinoTwelfth Night
OswaldKing Lear
Mistress OverdoneMeasure For Measure
Owen GlendowerHenry IV (1)(Owain)
PandarusTroilus and Cressida
Cardinal PandolfKing John(Pandulph)
PanthinoThe Two Gentlemen of Verona
Count ParisRomeo and Juliet
ParisTroilus and Cressida
ParollesAll's Well That Ends Well
PatienceHenry VIII
PatroclusTroilus and Cressida
PaulinaThe Winter's Tale
PeaseblossomA Midsummer Night's Dream
Don PedroMuch Ado About Nothing
PerditaThe Winter's Tale
Friar PeterMeasure For Measure
PeterRomeo and Juliet
PeterTaming of the Shrew
Peter of PomfretKing John
Peter BullcalfHenry IV (2)
Peter QuinceA Midsummer Night's Dream
Peter SimpleThe Merry Wives of Windsor
Peter ThumpHenry VI (2)
PetoHenry IV (1)
PetoHenry IV (2)
PetruchioRomeo and Juliet(Petruccio)
PetruchioTaming of the Shrew(Petruccio)
PhebeAs You Like It(Phoebe)
PhilipTaming of the Shrew
Philip the BastardKing John
Philip II of FranceKing John(Philippe)
PhiloAntony and Cleopatra
PhilostrateA Midsummer Night's Dream
PhilotusTimon of Athens
PhryniaTimon of Athens
Sir Piers ExtonRichard II
Doctor PinchThe Comedy of Errors
PindarusJulius Caesar
PistolHenry IV (2)
PistolHenry V
PistolThe Merry Wives of Windsor
King PolixenesThe Winter's Tale
PompeyMeasure For Measure
Popilius LenaJulius Caesar
PortiaJulius Caesar
PortiaThe Merchant of Venice
Posthumus LeonatusCymbeline
PriamTroilus and Cressida
ProsperoThe Tempest
ProteusThe Two Gentlemen of Verona
PubliusJulius Caesar
PubliusTitus Andronicus
Publius VentidiusAntony and Cleopatra(Ventidius)
Mistress QuicklyHenry IV (1)
Mistress QuicklyHenry IV (2)
Mistress QuicklyHenry V
Mistress QuicklyThe Merry Wives of Windsor
QuintusTitus Andronicus
Ralph MouldyHenry IV (2)
Lord RamburesHenry V
ReganKing Lear
Duke Reignier of AnjouHenry VI (1)(René)
ReynaldoAll's Well That Ends Well
Duke Richard of ClarenceRichard III
Earl RichardHenry V
Richard IIRichard II
Richard PlantagenetHenry VI (2)
Richard PlantagenetHenry VI (3)
Richard IIIRichard III
Lord Richard GreyRichard III(Gray)
Richard PlantagenetHenry VI (1)
Richard PlantagenetHenry VI (2)
Richard PlantagenetHenry VI (3)
Sir Richard RatcliffRichard III
Richard ScroopHenry IV (1)
Richard ScroopHenry IV (2)
Sir Richard VernonHenry IV (1)
Sir Robert BrakenburyRichard III
Robert FalconbridgeKing John
Robert ShallowHenry IV (2)
Robert ShallowThe Merry Wives of Windsor
RobinThe Merry Wives of Windsor
Robin GoodfellowA Midsummer Night's Dream
Robin StarvelingA Midsummer Night's Dream
Roger BolingbrokeHenry VI (2)
RomeoRomeo and Juliet
RosalindAs You Like It
RosalineLove's Labour's Lost
Lord RossRichard II
Sir Rowland de BoisAs You Like It
RumourHenry IV (2)
SalarinoThe Merchant of Venice(Salerio)
SalisburyHenry V
SampsonRomeo and Juliet(Samson)
SaturninusTitus Andronicus
Saunder SimpcoxHenry VI (2)
ScarusAntony and Cleopatra
SebastianThe Tempest
SebastianTwelfth Night
SeleucusAntony and Cleopatra
SemproniusTimon of Athens
SemproniusTitus Andronicus
ServiliusTimon of Athens
Sextus PompeiusAntony and Cleopatra(Pompey)
ShylockThe Merchant of Venice
Sicilius LeonatusCymbeline
Sicinius VelutusCoriolanus
SilenceHenry IV (2)
SiliusAntony and Cleopatra
SilviaThe Two Gentlemen of Verona
SilviusAs You Like It
Simon ShadowHenry IV (2)
Earl SiwardMacbeth
Young SiwardMacbeth
Smith the WeaverHenry VI (2)
SnareHenry IV (2)
SneakHenry IV (2)
SnugA Midsummer Night's Dream
SolanioThe Merchant of Venice
SolinusThe Comedy of Errors
SpeedThe Two Gentlemen of Verona
Lord StanleyRichard III
StephanoThe Merchant of Venice(Stefano)
StephanoThe Tempest(Stefano)
Stephen GardinerHenry VIII
Sir Stephen ScroopRichard II
StratoJulius Caesar
SycoraxThe Tempest
Lord TalbotHenry VI (1)
TamoraTitus Andronicus
ThersitesTroilus and Cressida
TheseusA Midsummer Night's Dream
ThidiasAntony and Cleopatra
Duke ThomasHenry IV (2)
Friar ThomasMeasure for Measure
Lord Thomas CliffordHenry VI (2)
Thomas CranmerHenry VIII
Thomas CromwellHenry VIII
Sir Thomas ErpinghamHenry V
Sir Thomas GargraveHenry VI (1)
Sir Thomas GreyHenry V
Thomas Grey, Marquis of DorsetRichard III(Dorset)
Thomas HornerHenry VI (2)
Sir Thomas LovellHenry VIII
Lord Thomas MowbrayHenry IV (2)
Lord Thomas MowbrayRichard II
Thomas PercyHenry IV (1)
Lord Thomas ScalesHenry VI (2)
Sir Thomas VaughanRichard III
Thomas WartHenry IV (2)
Cardinal Thomas WolseyHenry VIII
ThurioThe Two Gentlemen of Verona
TimandraTimon of Athens
TimeThe Winter's Tale
TimonTimon of Athens
TitaniaA Midsummer Night's Dream
TitiniusJulius Caesar
TitusTimon of Athens
Titus AndronicusTitus Andronicus
Titus LartiusCoriolanus
Titus Statilius TaurusAntony and Cleopatra
Sir Toby BelchTwelfth Night
Tom SnoutA Midsummer Night's Dream
TouchstoneAs You Like It
TranioTaming of the Shrew
TraversHenry IV (2)
TrinculoThe Tempest
TroilusTroilus and Cressida
TubalThe Merchant of Venice
Tullus AufidiusCoriolanus
TybaltRomeo and Juliet
UlyssesTroilus and Cressida(Odysseus)
UrsulaMuch Ado About Nothing
ValentineThe Two Gentlemen of Verona
ValentineTitus Andronicus
ValentineTwelfth Night
VarriusAntony and Cleopatra
VarriusMeasure For Measure
VarroJulius Caesar
VarroTimon of Athens
VauxHenry VI (2)
VentidiusTimon of Athens
VergesMuch Ado About Nothing
VernonHenry VI (1)
Duke VincentioMeasure For Measure
VincentioTaming of the Shrew
VintnerHenry IV (1)
ViolaTwelfth Night
ViolentaAll's Well That Ends Well
VolumniusJulius Caesar
Sir Walter BluntHenry IV (1)
Lord Walter FitzwalterRichard II
Sir Walter HerbertRichard III
Walter WhitmoreHenry VI (2)
WarwickHenry V
WestmorelandHenry V
WilliamAs You Like It
Sir William BrandonRichard III
Sir William CatesbyRichard III
Sir William GlasdaleHenry VI (1)
Sir William LucyHenry VI (1)
William PageThe Merry Wives of Windsor
Sir William SandsHenry VIII
William StaffordHenry VI (2)
Sir William StanleyHenry VI (3)
Lord William WilloughbyRichard II
WoodvileHenry VI (1)