Notable Actors and Actresses

This list is comprised of some of the most recognizable names from the world of acting and other performing arts. This includes performers from film, television and the stage. Not included are filmmakers (directors, producers, etc.) who are instead listed with the famous filmmakers and television hosts who are with the famous hosts and presenters.
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John38 actors, 1 actor/comedian39
Michael33 actors, 1 actress, 1 actor/comedian35
David28 actors, 1 comedian, 1 actor/comedian30
James30 actors30
Robert22 actors22
Paul18 actors, 1 actor/comedian19
Peter19 actors19
Richard18 actors18
Jason15 actors, 1 actress, 1 actor/comedian17
Kevin13 actors, 3 actor/comedians16
Tom15 actors, 1 actor/comedian16
Chris14 actors, 1 actor/comedian15
Jennifer14 actresses, 1 actress/comedian15
George13 actors, 1 actor/comedian14
Christopher12 actors12
Jane12 actresses12
Jean7 actors, 5 actresses12
Matthew12 actors12
William11 actors, 1 actor/comedian12
Eric10 actors, 1 actor/comedian11
Mark11 actors11
Alan9 actors, 1 comedian10
Jessica10 actresses10
Kate9 actresses, 1 model10
Martin9 actors, 1 actor/comedian10
Matt10 actors10
Patrick10 actors10
Thomas10 actors10
Anthony9 actors9
Ed7 actors, 2 actor/comedians9
Ian9 actors9
Jack8 actors, 1 comedian9
Jeremy9 actors9
Jonathan9 actors9
Josh9 actors9
Lee6 actors, 3 actresses9
Mary9 actresses9
Michelle9 actresses9
Sam9 actors9
Sarah9 actresses9
Sean9 actors9
Anna8 actresses8
Ben8 actors8
Bill7 actors, 1 entertainer8
Charles8 actors8
Daniel8 actors8
Dean8 actors8
Jim8 actors8
Stephen7 actors, 1 actor/comedian8
Steve8 actors8
Tim8 actors8
Amy6 actresses, 1 actress/comedian7
Billy5 actors, 2 actor/comedians7
Brian7 actors7
Danny6 actors, 1 actor/comedian7
Don6 actors, 1 comedian7
Jamie6 actors, 1 actress7
Joan6 actresses, 1 actress/comedian7
Jon5 actors, 2 comedians7
Kelly7 actresses7
Lisa7 actresses7
Patricia7 actresses7
Aaron6 actors6
Amanda6 actresses6
Anne6 actresses6
Brendan5 actors, 1 actor/magician6
Catherine6 actresses6
Elizabeth6 actresses6
Ellen5 actresses, 1 actress/comedian6
Emily6 actresses6
Emma6 actresses6
Hugh6 actors6
Joe6 actors6
Julia1 actor, 5 actresses6
Justin6 actors6
Laura6 actresses6
Melissa6 actresses6
Ryan6 actors6
Adam5 actors5
Ashley5 actresses5
Barbara5 actresses5
Bob3 actors, 2 actor/comedians5
Bruce5 actors5
Dennis5 actors5
Diane5 actresses5
Donald5 actors5
Eddie4 actors, 1 actor/comedian5
Frances5 actresses5
Gary5 actors5
Harry5 actors5
Jay4 actors, 1 comedian5
Joel4 actors, 1 actor/comedian5
Johnny4 actors, 1 comedian5
Joseph5 actors5
Julie5 actresses5
Kim5 actresses5
Linda5 actresses5
Nick4 actors, 1 actor/comedian5
Rachel5 actresses5
Ray5 actors5
Rob5 actors5
Ron5 actors5
Rupert5 actors5
Sabrina4 actresses, 1 dancer5
Scott5 actors5
Shirley5 actresses5
Tony5 actors5
Aubrey3 actors, 1 actress4
Bryan4 actors4
Charlie4 actors4
Colin4 actors4
Dominic4 actors4
Edward4 actors4
Greg4 actors4
Helen4 actresses4
Henry4 actors4
Jeff3 actors, 1 comedian4
Jeffrey4 actors4
Jenna4 actresses4
Jerry2 actors, 2 actor/comedians4
Jesse4 actors4
Jimmy2 actors, 1 comedian, 1 actor/comedian4
Judy4 actresses4
Kristin4 actresses4
Lauren4 actresses4
Liam4 actors4
Lily4 actresses4
Luke4 actors4
Marie3 actresses, 1 actor/comedian4
Ralph4 actors4
Rebecca4 actresses4
Simon3 actors, 1 actor/comedian4
Susan4 actresses4
Timothy4 actors4
Vincent4 actors4
Adrian2 actors, 1 actor/comedian3
Alex1 actor, 1 actress, 1 actor/model3
Alexander3 actors3
Alexis1 actor, 2 actresses3
Ali1 actor, 1 actress, 1 actor/model3
Alicia3 actresses3
Amber3 actresses3
Andrew3 actors3
Angela3 actresses3
Austin3 actors3
Barry3 actors3
Benjamin3 actors3
Bonnie3 actresses3
Brad3 actors3
Chad3 actors3
Christian3 actors3
Christina3 actresses3
Christine3 actresses3
Clive3 actors3
Dan3 actors3
Eden3 actresses3
Eileen3 actresses3
Elisabeth3 actresses3
Emmanuelle3 actresses3
Ercan2 actors, 1 comedian3
Eva3 actresses3
Frank3 actors3
Gene2 actors, 1 actor/comedian3
Gloria3 actresses3
Goran3 actors3
Gregory3 actors3
Guy3 actors3
Harold3 actors3
Hermione3 actresses3
Ivor3 actors3
Jared3 actors3
Joanna3 actresses3
Joanne3 actresses3
Kenan3 actors3
Kirk3 actors3
Kristen3 actresses3
Kyle3 actors3
Laurence3 actors3
Leslie1 actor, 2 actresses3
Liza3 actresses3
Mackenzie1 actor, 2 actresses3
Maggie3 actresses3
Mandy1 actor, 2 actresses3
Maria3 actresses3
Mercedes3 actresses3
Miranda3 actresses3
Nelida1 actress, 1 dancer, 1 actress/dancer3
Nicholas3 actors3
Nicole3 actresses3
Nina3 actresses3
Olivia3 actresses3
Renée3 actresses3
Robin1 actor, 2 actresses3
Rory3 actors3
Rose3 actresses3
Sandra2 actresses, 1 comedian3
Seth2 actors, 1 actor/comedian3
Sharon3 actresses3
Shawn2 actors, 1 actor/comedian3
Sophia3 actresses3
Taylor2 actors, 1 actress3
Terence3 actors3
Teri2 actresses, 1 actress/comedian3
Terry1 actor, 2 actor/comedians3
Tyler3 actors3
Vanessa3 actresses3
Walter3 actors3
Wayne2 actors, 1 actress3
Wendy3 actresses3
Zoe3 actresses3
Aamir1 actor, 1 actor/model2
Agnes2 actresses2
Aidan2 actors2
Albert2 actors2
Alec2 actors2
Alexa2 actresses2
Alia2 actresses2
Alistair2 actors2
André1 actor, 1 actor/comedian2
Anik1 actress, 1 dancer2
Annette2 actresses2
Arnold2 actors2
Audrey2 actresses2
Barrie2 actors2
Beau1 actor, 1 actress2
Bernard2 actors2
Blair1 actor, 1 actress2
Blake1 actor, 1 actress2
Boris2 actors2
Bradley2 actors2
Brandon2 actors2
Brett1 actor, 1 actress/comedian2
Brigitte2 actresses2
Brooke2 actresses2
Bruno1 actor, 1 actress2
Burt2 actors2
Buster2 actors2
Cara1 actress, 1 model2
Carl2 actors2
Carmen1 actor, 1 actress2
Carrie2 actresses2
Cary2 actors2
Casey2 actors2
Chase2 actors2
Chloë2 actresses2
Claire2 actresses2
Clark2 actors2
Claudia2 actresses2
Colm2 actors2
Connie2 actresses2
Corbin2 actors2
Corey2 actors2
Corin2 actors2
Craig1 actor, 1 actor/comedian2
Crispin2 actors2
Crystal2 actresses2
Cynthia2 actresses2
Dakota2 actresses2
Dana1 actor, 1 actress2
Dania2 actresses2
Darren2 actors2
Debra2 actresses2
Denis1 actor, 1 actor/comedian2
Derek2 actors2
Dick2 actors2
Dolores2 actresses2
Doris2 actresses2
Drew1 actor, 1 actress2
Dylan2 actors2
Eamonn2 actors2
Earl2 actors2
Ela1 actress, 1 actress/model2
Ellis1 actor, 1 actress/model2
Emil2 actors2
Ena1 actress, 1 model2
Esma2 actresses2
Estelle2 actresses2
Ethan2 actors2
Evan1 actor, 1 actress2
Ewan2 actors2
Fred2 actors2
Gay2 actresses2
Gemma2 actresses2
Geoffrey2 actors2
Geraldine2 actresses2
Gérard2 actors2
Gina2 actresses2
Glenn1 actor, 1 actress2
Glynn2 actors2
Grace2 actresses2
Graham1 comedian, 1 actor/comedian2
Gregg2 actors2
Greta2 actresses2
Gwendoline2 actresses2
Hardy2 actors2
Hayden1 actor, 1 actress2
Heather2 actresses2
Herman2 comedians2
Hilary2 actresses2
Holly2 actresses2
Huntley2 actors2
Ido2 actors2
Iman2 models2
Inès2 models2
Jake2 actors2
Janel2 actresses2
Janet2 actresses2
Jayne2 actresses2
Jeanne2 actresses2
Jeroen1 actor, 1 actor/comedian2
Jill2 actresses2
Jodie2 actresses2
Jonah2 actors2
Joy1 actress, 1 actress/comedian2
Judd2 actors2
Jude2 actors2
Judi2 actresses2
Julian2 actors2
Julianne2 actresses2
Juliet2 actresses2
Juliette2 actresses2
Karl2 actors2
Katherine2 actresses2
Kathleen2 actresses2
Kathryn2 actresses2
Kathy2 actresses2
Kay2 actresses2
Keith2 actors2
Kellie2 actresses2
Kieran2 actors2
Kirsten2 actresses2
Lance2 actors2
Laurie2 actresses2
Lea2 actresses2
Lena2 actresses2
Lesley2 actresses2
Lex2 actors2
Lindsay2 actresses2
Liv2 actresses2
Loretta2 actresses2
Louis2 actors2
Louise2 actresses2
Lucy2 actresses2
Madeline1 actress, 1 actress/comedian2
Maisie2 actresses2
Majda2 actresses2
Malcolm2 actors2
Marc1 actor, 1 actor/comedian2
Marcia2 actresses2
Marisa1 actress, 1 model2
Marlon1 actor, 1 actor/comedian2
Max2 actors2
Meg2 actresses2
Megan2 actresses2
Meredith2 actresses2
Merve2 actresses2
Michele1 actress, 1 model2
Mickey2 actors2
Milena2 actresses2
Mira2 actresses2
Misha2 actors2
Morton2 actors2
Murray2 actors2
Nabila1 actress, 1 actress/model2
Natalie2 actresses2
Natasha2 actresses2
Nathan2 actors2
Nestor2 actors2
Nia2 actresses2
Nigel2 actors2
Niketa1 actress, 1 model2
Noah2 actors2
Nur2 actresses2
Oliver2 actors2
Olivera2 actresses2
Omar2 actors2
Omid1 actor, 1 actor/comedian2
Orson2 actors2
Penelope2 actresses2
Penny2 actresses2
Philip2 actors2
Phyllis1 actress, 1 comedian2
Poppy2 actresses2
Red2 actors2
Rene1 actor, 1 actress2
Rex2 actors2
Rhys2 actors2
Ricky2 actors2
Rik1 actor, 1 actor/comedian2
Rita2 actresses2
Roger2 actors2
Ronald2 actors2
Roy2 actors2
Ruby1 actress, 1 actress/comedian2
Ruslana1 actress, 1 model2
Russell2 actors2
Sacha1 actor, 1 actor/comedian2
Sally2 actresses2
Samuel2 actors2
Sanja1 actress, 1 model2
Sara2 actresses2
Sasha2 actresses2
Sebastian2 actors2
Shaun1 actor, 1 actor/comedian2
Shelley2 actresses2
Sian2 actresses2
Sienna2 actresses2
Siobhán2 actresses2
Slavko2 actors2
Sophie2 actresses2
Sterling2 actors2
Tamara2 actresses2
Tania1 actress, 1 model2
Teresa2 actresses2
Toby2 actors2
Tracey2 actresses2
Trevor2 actors2
Victor2 actors2
Virna2 actresses2
Warren2 actors2
Warwick2 actors2
Will1 actor, 1 actor/comedian2
Willoughby2 actors2
Wim2 comedians2
Woody2 actors2
Yanna2 actresses2
Zach1 actor, 1 actor/comedian2
Abbie1 actress1
Abhishek1 actor1
Abigail1 actress1
Adé1 actor1
Adeel1 actor1
Adèle1 actress1
Aden1 actor1
Adewale1 actor1
Adil1 actor1
Adoni1 actor1
Adriana1 model1
Adrien1 actor1
Afroditi1 actress1
Agbani1 model1
Ahu1 actress1
Aimee1 actress1
Ainsley1 actress1
Aisha1 actress1
Aishwarya1 actress/model1
Aisling1 actress/comedian1
Ajai1 actress1
Ajay1 actor1
Akif1 actor/model1
Al1 actor1
Alain1 actor1
Alanna1 actress1
Alberta1 actress1
Alen1 actor1
Alessandra1 model1
Alexandra1 actress1
Alexie1 actress1
Alfie1 actor1
Alfred1 actor1
Alice1 actress1
Alimi1 actor1
Alison1 actress1
Alix1 actress1
Allen1 actor1
Alley1 actress1
Allin1 actor/magician1
Allison1 actress1
Allister1 actor1
Ally1 actress1
Allyce1 actress1
Alma1 actress1
Aloma1 actress1
Alona1 actress1
Altan1 actor1
Alun1 actor1
Alyn1 actress1
Alysia1 actress1
Alyson1 actress1
Alyssa1 actress1
Alyvia1 actress1
America1 actress1
Amitabh1 actor1
Aml1 actor1
Amrish1 actor1
Ana1 actress1
Anagabriela1 model1
Anamaria1 actress1
Anastasia1 actress1
Anatol1 actor1
Anatole1 actor1
Andie1 actress1
Andy1 actor1
Anel1 actress1
Angelina1 actress1
Angeline1 actress1
Angus1 actor1
Anica1 model1
Anil1 actor1
Anjelica1 actress1
Ann1 actress1
Annabella1 actress1
Anneline1 actress/model1
Annie1 entertainer1
Antigone1 model1
Anton1 actor1
Antonie1 actor1
Antonija1 actress1
Antonio1 actor1
Ants1 actor1
Antun1 actor1
Antwon1 actor1
April1 actress1
Aqib1 actor1
Aras1 actor1
Arbaaz1 actor1
Archer1 actor1
Archie1 actress1
Arianne1 actress1
Ariel1 actress1
Arielle1 actress1
Ariyon1 actor1
Arjay1 actor1
Armand1 actor1
Armie1 actor1
Armin1 actor1
Arsher1 actor1
Art1 actor1
Arthur1 actor1
Arye1 actor1
Asad1 actor/model1
Asher1 actress1
Ashton1 actor1
Asja1 actress1
Aslı1 actress/model1
Atholl1 actor1
Atif1 actor1
Atticus1 actor1
Audra1 actress1
August1 actor1
Augusta1 actress1
Ava1 actress1
Avan1 actor1
Aviva1 actress1
Avonia1 actress1
Ayça1 actress1
Aykut1 actor1
Ayla1 actress1
Aytaç1 actor1
Ayub1 actor1
Azra1 model1
Azura1 actress1
Bahar1 actress1
Bailey1 actor1
Ballard1 actor1
Balthazar1 actor1
Barbra1 actress1
Barış1 actor1
Barkhad1 actor1
Barrett1 actor1
Bartlett1 actor1
Bata1 actor1
Batuhan1 actor1
Bea1 actress1
Beatrice1 actress1
Beba1 actress1
Bebe1 actress1
Becca1 actress1
Beckett1 actor1
Becki1 actress1
Begüm1 actress1
Behati1 model1
Bekim1 actor1
Bela1 actor1
Bella1 actress1
Bellamy1 actress1
Benedetta1 model1
Benedict1 actor1
Benicio1 actor1
Benn1 actor1
Bennu1 actress1
Benny1 actor1
Beren1 actress1
Bérénice1 actress1
Bergüzar1 actress1
Bernie1 actor/comedian1
Berrak1 actress1
Bertram1 actor1
Bess1 actress1
Beth1 actress1
Bethany1 actress1
Betina1 model1
Bette1 actress1
Betty1 actress1
Beverlee1 actress1
Beverley1 actress1
Beverly1 actress1
Bianca1 actress1
Bijan1 actor1
Bijou1 actress/model1
Billie1 actress1
Binnur1 actress1
Birgite1 model1
Birna1 actress/model1
Blythe1 actress1
Bo1 actress1
Bojan1 actor1
Bokang1 model1
Bora1 comedian1
Boti1 actress1
Boyd1 actor1
Božidarka1 actress1
Bracha1 actress1
Bramwell1 actor1
Brando1 actor1
Brandy1 actress1
Branka1 actress1
Bransby1 actor/comedian1
Breckin1 actor1
Brenda1 actress1
Brent1 actor1
Brenton1 actor1
Brewster1 actor1
Bridget1 actress1
Bridie1 actress1
Brie1 actress1
Brigid1 actress1
Brina1 actress1
Brinsley1 actor1
Britt1 actress1
Brittany1 actress1
Broderick1 actor1
Brody1 actor1
Bronagh1 actress1
Bronson1 actor1
Brook1 actor1
Brucene1 model1
Bryce1 actress1
Brynn1 actress1
Bud1 actor1
Buğra1 actor1
Bulut1 actor1
Burak1 actor1
Burçin1 actress1
Burl1 actor1
Burn1 actor1
Burton1 actor1
Çağatay1 actor/model1
Çağla1 actress/model1
Cal1 actor1
Calista1 actress1
Callum1 actor1
Calum1 actor1
Cam1 actor1
Cameron1 actress1
Camila1 model1
Campbell1 actor1
Campion1 actor1
Camryn1 actress1
Candace1 actress1
Candice1 actress1
Cansel1 actor1
Cansu1 actress1
Carel1 actor1
Carice1 actress1
Carla1 model1
Carleton1 actor1
Carmine1 actor1
Carol1 actress1
Carole1 actress1
Carroll1 actor1
Casper1 actor1
Cate1 actress1
Cathryn1 actress1
Catrinel1 model1
Cavan1 actor1
Cayden1 actor1
Celeste1 actress1
Çetin1 actor1
Ceyda1 actress1
Chace1 actor1
Chaim1 actor1
Challen1 actress1
Chandra1 actress1
Chanel1 model1
Chaney1 actor1
Channing1 actor1
Charisma1 actress1
Charita1 actress1
Charlize1 actress1
Charlotte1 actress1
Charlton1 actor1
Charlyne1 actress/comedian1
Charnele1 actress1
Chauncey1 actor1
Chazz1 actor1
Chelan1 actress1
Chelsea1 actress/comedian1
Cher1 actress1
Chevy1 actor1
Chiara1 actress1
Chiké1 actor1
Chiwetel1 actor1
Chook1 actor1
Chord1 actor1
Christie1 actress1
Christien1 actor1
Christoph1 actor1
Chuck1 actor1
Chyler1 actress1
Ciarán1 actor1
Cielito1 actress1
Cierra1 actress1
Cillian1 actor1
Cindy1 model1
Cipriana1 model1
Clancy1 actor1
Clare1 actress1
Clarke1 actor1
Claud1 actor1
Claude1 actor1
Claudette1 actress1
Clayton1 actor1
Clea1 actress1
Clémence1 actress1
Cliff1 actor1
Clifton1 actor1
Clint1 actor1
Cloris1 actress1
Cobie1 actress1
Coco1 model1
Çolpan1 actress1
Colton1 actor1
Coltrane1 actor1
Columba1 actress1
Columbus1 actor1
Conan1 comedian1
Concetta1 actress1
Conleth1 actor1
Constantin1 actor1
Cory1 actor1
Costas1 actor1
Cote1 actress1
Cotter1 actor1
Courtenay1 actor1
Courteney1 actress1
Courtney1 actress1
Cree1 actress1
Cress1 actor1
Criss1 magician1
Cuba1 actor1
Cüneyt1 actor1
Currie1 actor1
Cybele1 actress1
Cybill1 actress1
Dae1 actor1
Dafne1 model1
Dai1 actor1
Daiana1 actress/model1
Daisy1 actress1
Dakin1 actor1
Dallas1 actress1
Dameon1 actor1
Damian1 actor1
Damon1 actor/comedian1
Danica1 actress1
Daniela1 actress1
Danielle1 actress1
Danira1 actress1
Danneel1 actress1
Darby1 actress1
Daria1 actress1
Darin1 actor1
Darlene1 actress1
Daryl1 actress1
Daša1 model1
Dascha1 actress1
Dave1 actor1
Daveigh1 actress1
Dawn1 actress/comedian1
Deanna1 actress1
Declan1 actor1
Deepika1 actress1
Deidre1 actress1
Dejan1 actor1
Del1 actor1
Della1 actress1
Delroy1 actor1
Demeter1 actor1
Demi1 actress1
Denholm1 actor1
Deniz1 actress1
Denyse1 actress1
Denzel1 actor1
DeObia1 actor1
Dermot1 actor1
Derren1 actor1
Dervla1 actress1
Deryck1 actor1
Dev1 actor1
Devika1 actress1
Devon1 actor1
Diana1 actress1
Dianna1 actress1
Dianne1 actress1
Dicken1 actor1
Digby1 actor1
Dijana1 actress1
Dilek1 actress/model1
Dimitra1 actress1
Dimitri1 actor1
Dina1 actress1
Dixie1 actress1
Dolph1 actor1
Dolunay1 actress1
Dom1 actor/comedian1
Donal1 actor1
Dondre1 actor1
Donna1 actress1
Donyale1 model1
Dorian1 actor1
Dorothy1 actress1
Douglas1 actor1
Doutzen1 model1
Drake1 actor1
Dražen1 actor1
Dudley1 actor/comedian1
Dulé1 actor1
Duncan1 actor1
Duša1 actress1
Dušica1 actress1
Dustin1 actor1
Dutton1 actor1
Dwayne1 actor1
Dyan1 actress1
E1 actor1
Eartha1 actress1
Ecija1 actress1
Edie1 actress1
Edmond1 actor1
Edmund1 actor1
Efrem1 actor1
Elemér1 actor1
Eli1 actor1
Elijah1 actor1
Elio1 actor1
Elisha1 actress1
Eliza1 actress1
Ellar1 actor1
Elle1 actress1
Elliott1 actor1
Elmar1 actor1
Elsa1 actress1
Elspet1 actress1
Ely1 actress/model1
Elyes1 actor1
Emanuela1 model1
Emile1 actor1
Emilia1 actress1
Emilio1 actor1
Emmett1 actor1
Emmy1 actress1
Emrhys1 actor1
Emrys1 actor1
Emy1 actress1
Engin1 actor1
Enis1 actor1
Enn1 actor1
Enrique1 actor1
Enzo1 actor1
Epatha1 actress1
Erdal1 actor1
Erdoğan1 actor1
Ergün1 actor1
Erik1 actor1
Eriq1 actor1
Erkan1 actor1
Ernest1 actor1
Errol1 actor1
Esai1 actor1
Esme1 actor1
Esmond1 actor1
Ethel1 actress1
Eugene1 actor1
Evangeline1 actress1
Eve1 actress1
Evelyn1 actor1
Ever1 actress1
Ezgi1 actress1
Fabijan1 actor1
Fagun1 actress1
Fahriye1 actress1
Famke1 actress1
Farah1 actress1
Faran1 actor1
Farrah1 actress1
Faruk1 actor1
Fay1 actress1
Faye1 actress1
Felicity1 actress1
Fenella1 actress1
Fernandel1 actor1
Fewlass1 actor1
Fikret1 actor1
Filiz1 actress1
Finn1 actor1
Finty1 actress1
Fiona1 actress1
Fionnula1 actress1
Florinda1 actress1
Flynn1 actress1
Forest1 actor1
Forry1 actor1
Fox1 actor1
Fran1 actress1
Francesco1 actor1
Francia1 actress1
Francis1 actor1
Franka1 actress1
Frankie1 actor1
Frano1 actor1
Frazer1 actor1
Freddie1 actor1
Fredric1 actor1
Freek1 comedian1
Freida1 actress1
Gabriel1 actor1
Gale1 actress1
Gareth1 actor1
Garfield1 actor1
Garrett1 actor1
Garrick1 actor1
Gavin1 actor1
Gawn1 actor1
Geena1 actress1
Gena1 actress1
Genelia1 actress/model1
Genevieve1 actress1
Georgie1 actress1
Gerald1 actor1
Gerónimo1 actor1
Gertrude1 actress1
Gia1 model1
Gibb1 actor1
Gibson1 actor1
Gideon1 actor1
Gig1 actor1
Gigi1 model1
Gil1 actor1
Gilda1 actress/comedian1
Gillian1 actress1
Gilly1 actress1
Ginger1 actress1
Ginnifer1 actress1
Giovanni1 actor1
Gisele1 model1
Gizem1 actress/model1
Gladys1 actress1
Glenda1 actress1
Glyn1 actor1
Godfrey1 actor1
Goizeder1 model1
Goldie1 actress1
Gorden1 actor1
Gorica1 actress1
Gosia1 actress1
Grant1 actor1
Gray1 actor1
Greer1 actress1
Gretchen1 actress1
Griffith1 actor1
Groucho1 actor1
Guillaume1 actor1
Gülse1 actress1
Gülşen1 actress1
Güven1 actor1
Gwenno1 dancer1
Gwyneth1 actress1
Haddon1 actor1
Haden1 actor1
Hailee1 actress1
Haing1 actor1
Hakeem1 actor1
Hal1 actor1
Haldun1 actor1
Haley1 actor1
Halina1 actress1
Halit1 actor1
Halle1 actress1
Halliwell1 actor1
Haluk1 actor1
Hamida1 actress1
Hank1 actor1
Hannah1 actress1
Hannelly1 actress/model1
Hans1 comedian1
Harley1 actress1
Harris1 actor1
Harrison1 actor1
Harvey1 actor1
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