Fictional Characters from Books

This list is comprised of some of the most recognizable names from fictional books. These include novels, short stories, graphic novels and comic books. If shown, the year indicates when the book was first published.
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Abel1 character1
Abra1 character1
Abraham1 hero1
Adam1 character1
Agnes1 character1
Ahab1 character1
Albus1 hero1
Alex1 character1
Alexandre1 character1
Alice1 character, 1 hero2
Allan1 character1
Altamiro1 hero1
Amelia1 character1
Amy1 character, 1 hero2
Anatole1 character1
Anatool1 villain1
André1 hero1
Andrey1 character1
Anna1 character1
Anne1 character, 2 heroes3
Antoinetta1 character1
Anton1 villain1
Aragorn1 hero1
Aron1 character1
Arthur4 characters4
Arya1 character1
Ashley1 character1
Atticus2 characters2
Augusta1 character1
Ault1 character1
Aureliano1 character1
Azelma1 character1
Baker1 character1
Bathsheba1 character1
Beatrice1 hero1
Beauregard1 character1
Bella1 character1
Bellatrix1 villain1
Belle1 character1
Ben1 character1
Benjamin1 character1
Benjy1 character1
Beowulf1 character1
Bernard1 character1
Bertha1 character1
Beryl1 character1
Bess1 character1
Betsey1 character1
Betsy1 hero1
Bilbo1 hero1
Bill1 villain1
Billy1 character1
Bob1 character1
Boes1 character1
Bonnie1 character1
Bran1 character1
Bridget1 character1
Bruce1 hero1
Burl1 character1
Caddie1 hero1
Cain1 character1
Caleb1 character1
Campion2 characters, 1 hero3
Caroline1 character1
Carreen1 character1
Catelyn1 character1
Catherine3 characters, 1 hero4
Cathy1 villain1
Catootje1 character1
Cecelia1 character1
Cedric1 character1
Cersei1 character1
Charles6 characters6
Charlie1 hero1
Charlotte1 character, 1 hero2
Chet1 character1
Christopher1 character, 1 hero2
Christy1 character1
Chuck1 character1
Clarice1 hero1
Clarissa2 characters2
Clark1 hero1
Claude1 villain1
Claudia1 character1
Clopin1 character1
Conan1 character1
Coraline1 hero1
Cosette1 character1
Creed1 character1
Cthulhu1 character1
Cubitus1 character1
Cyrus1 character1
Daenerys1 character1
Daisy1 character1
Daniel1 hero1
David1 character, 2 heroes3
Dexter1 character1
Diana1 character1
Dilsey1 character1
Dolores1 villain1
Dorian1 character1
Dorothy1 hero1
Draco1 villain1
Dracula1 villain1
Drogo1 character1
Earnshaw1 character1
Ebenezer1 character1
Eddard1 character1
Edmond1 character1
Edmund2 heroes2
Edred1 character1
Edward2 characters, 1 hero3
Elam1 hero1
Eleanor1 character1
Elinor1 character1
Elizabeth2 characters, 1 hero3
Ella1 character1
Ellen1 character1
Ellis1 character1
Elrond1 character1
Emily1 character1
Emma1 character1
Éponine1 character1
Erik1 character1
Esmeralda1 character1
Estella1 character1
Esther1 hero1
Fairfax1 hero1
Fairlight1 character1
Fanny3 characters, 1 hero4
Fantine1 character1
Felicity1 character, 1 hero2
Fitzwilliam1 hero1
Flavia1 character1
Ford1 character1
Forrest1 hero1
Francis1 character, 1 hero2
Frank2 characters, 1 hero3
Frederick2 characters, 1 hero3
Friedrich1 character1
Frodo1 hero1
Gabriel1 character1
Galadriel1 character1
Gandalf1 hero1
Geoffrey1 character1
George6 characters6
Georgiana1 character1
Gerald1 character1
Gerrit1 character1
Gertrude1 character1
Gilbert1 character1
Giles1 character1
Ginevra1 character1
Goldmund1 character1
Gollum1 villain1
Grace1 character, 1 hero2
Gregor1 character1
Guy1 character1
Gwendolen1 character1
Ham1 character1
Hampton1 character1
Hannibal1 character1
Harriet1 character1
Harry1 character, 2 heroes3
Hazel1 hero1
Hélène1 character1
Helmholtz1 character1
Henrietta2 characters2
Henry3 characters, 1 hero4
Herbert1 character1
Hercule1 hero1
Hermione1 hero1
Hester1 character1
Holden1 character1
Holly1 character1
Honoria1 character1
Houston1 character1
Huckleberry1 character1
Humbert1 character1
Ida1 character1
Ignatius1 character1
Ilya1 character1
India1 character1
Isabel1 character1
Isabella2 characters2
Isabelle1 character1
Jack2 characters2
Jacob1 character1
Jaime1 character1
James2 characters, 1 hero, 1 villain4
Jan1 character1
Jane4 characters, 2 heroes6
Jans1 character1
Jason1 character, 1 hero2
Jay1 character1
Jean1 character, 1 hero2
Jeb1 character1
Jemima1 character1
Jeremy2 characters2
Jeroentje1 character1
Jerom1 character1
Jerusha1 hero1
Jessica1 character1
Jim1 character1
Joe1 hero1
Joffrey1 character1
John9 characters, 1 hero10
Jommeke1 hero1
Jon1 character1
Jonathan1 character1
Jordan1 character1
Josef1 character1
Joseph2 characters2
Josephine1 character, 1 hero2
Josiah1 character1
Josie1 character1
Juan1 character1
Judah1 hero1
Julia2 characters2
Karlijn1 character1
Kate1 character1
Katniss1 hero1
Kilgore1 character1
Kyle1 character1
Lemuel1 character1
Lenina1 character1
Lennie1 character1
Leopold1 character1
Liesel1 hero1
Lily1 character1
Lise1 character1
Loedertje1 character1
Logan1 character1
Lois1 character1
Lolita1 character1
Lorena1 character1
Lorna1 character1
Louis1 character, 1 hero2
Louisa2 characters2
Louise1 character1
Lucie1 character1
Lucius1 villain1
Lucy2 characters, 1 hero3
Luna1 character1
Lundy1 character1
Lydia2 characters2
Madeline1 character, 1 hero2
Mae1 character1
Margaret3 characters3
Maria2 characters2
Marianne1 character1
Marilla1 character1
Marius1 character1
Mariya1 character1
Marty1 character1
Marv1 character1
Mary6 characters6
Maryann1 character1
Matilda1 character1
Matthew1 character1
Max1 hero1
Maxim1 character1
May1 character1
Melanie1 character1
Michael2 characters2
Mina1 character1
Minnie1 character1
Mirah1 character1
Molitor1 hero1
Molly1 character1
Moody1 character1
Mountie1 character1
Mulberry1 villain1
Muriel1 character1
Nancy1 character, 1 hero2
Narziß1 character1
Natasha1 character1
Neil1 character1
Neville1 character1
Newman1 character1
Nicholas1 character, 1 hero2
Nick1 character1
Nikolai1 character1
Noah1 character1
Oliver1 hero1
Patrick1 character1
Paul1 character, 1 hero2
Pauline1 character1
Peg1 character1
Percy1 hero1
Peter2 characters, 3 heroes5
Petrova1 character1
Petya1 character1
Philip1 character, 1 hero2
Phoebus1 character1
Pierre1 character, 1 hero2
Pippi1 hero1
Piscine1 hero1
Posy1 character1
Quasimodo1 character1
Quentin1 character1
Quincey1 character1
Rachel1 character1
Ralph1 character1
Rawdon1 character1
Rebecca1 character1
Rhett1 character1
Rob1 character1
Robb1 character1
Robert2 characters, 1 hero3
Robinson1 character1
Roger1 hero1
Ronald1 hero1
Rose1 character1
Rubeus1 character1
Ruby2 characters2
Sabrina1 character1
Sam1 character1
Samuel1 character1
Samwise1 hero1
Sancho1 character1
Sansa1 character1
Santiago1 character1
Saruman1 villain1
Sauron1 villain1
Scarlett1 character1
Sebastian1 character1
Sémaphore1 character1
Severus1 character1
Sharp1 character1
Sherlock1 hero1
Sidonia1 character1
Silas1 character1
Sirius1 character1
Sonya1 character1
Sophia1 character1
Sophie1 character1
Spurgeon1 character1
Stephen2 characters2
Suellen1 character1
Susan1 hero1
Suske1 hero1
Swannie1 character1
Sydney1 character1
Tacy1 character1
Tarzan1 hero1
Tess1 character1
Theodore1 character1
Thérèse1 villain1
Thomas2 characters2
Thomasina1 character1
Tib1 character1
Tirzah1 character1
Tom5 characters, 1 hero6
Tommy1 hero1
Tony1 hero1
Treebeard1 character1
Trillian1 character1
Tristram1 character1
Tuppence1 hero1
Tyler1 character1
Tyrion1 character1
Uriah1 villain1
Victor1 character1
Viserys1 character1
Vito1 character1
Voldemort1 villain1
Wackford1 villain1
Wade1 character1
Walter1 character1
Wendy1 character1
Wilbur1 hero1
William3 characters3
Willy1 character1
Winnie1 character1
Winston1 character1
Wiske1 hero1
Zady1 character1
Zaphod1 character1