Fictional Characters from Books

This list is comprised of some of the most recognizable names from fictional books. These include novels, short stories, graphic novels and comic books. If shown, the year indicates when the book was first published.
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NameYearBookOther Names
Abel Magwitch1860Great Expectations
Abra Bacon1952East of Eden
Abraham Van Helsing1897Dracula
Adam Dalgliesh1962; 1963; 1967Cover Her Face; A Mind to Murder; Unnatural Causes
Adam Trask1952East of Eden
Adele "Gran" Stackhouse2001The Southern Vampire Mysteries
Agnes Wickfield1849David Copperfield
Captain Ahab1851Moby-Dick
Alan Grant1990Jurassic Park
Albus Dumbledore1997Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone(Percival, Wulfric, Brian)
Alcide Herveaux2001The Southern Vampire Mysteries
Alex1962A Clockwork Orange
Alex Standall2007Thirteen Reasons Why(Alexander, Dean)
Dr Alexandre Manette1854A Tale of Two Cities
Alice1865Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Alice Henderson1967Christy
Allan Woodcourt1852Bleak House
Altamiro1965Altamiro de la Cueva
Amelia Sedley1847Vanity Fair
Amy Dorrit1857Little Dorrit
Amy March1868Little Women(Curtis)
Anatole Kuragin1869War and Peace(Anatoliy)
André-Louis Moreau1921Scaramouche
Prince Andrey Bolkonsky1869War and Peace(Andrei, Andrew)
Andy Bellefleur2001The Southern Vampire Mysteries(Andrew)
Andy Dalziel1970; 1971A Clubbable Woman; An Advancement of Learning(Andrew)
Anna Karenina1877Anna Karenina
Anne Elliot1818Persuasion
Anne Shirley1908Anne of Green Gables
Anne Steele1811Sense and Sensibility(Nancy)
Anton Chigurh2005No Country For Old Men
Aragorn II Elessar1954The Lord of the Rings(Elessar, Estel, Strider)
Arlene Fowler2001The Southern Vampire Mysteries
Aron Trask1952East of Eden(Aaron)
Arthur Dent1979The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Arthur Gride1839Nicholas Nickleby
Arthur Holmwood1897Dracula
Arthur Radley1960To Kill a Mockingbird(Boo)
Arya Stark1996A Game of Thrones
Ashley Wilkes1936Gone With the Wind(George)
Atticus Finch1960To Kill a Mockingbird
Augusta Elton1815Emma
Ault Allen1967Christy
Aureliano Buendia1967One Hundred Years of Solitude
Azelma Thénardier1862Les Misérables
Barbara Havers1988; 1989A Great Deliverance; Payment in Blood
Basil Hallward1890The Picture of Dorian Gray
Bathsheba Everdene1847Far From the Madding Crowd
Beatrice Prior2012Divergent(Tris)
Beauregard Wilkes1936Gone With the Wind(Beau)
Bella Swan2005Twilight
Bellatrix Lestrange2000Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Belle Watling1936Gone With the Wind
Ben Pentland1967Christy
Benjamin Bunny1904The Tale of Benjamin Bunny
Benjy Compson1929The Sound and the Fury(Benjamin, Maury)
Bernard Marx1932Brave New World
Bertha Antoinetta Mason1847Jane Eyre
Beryl Stapleton1902The Hound of the Baskervilles
Bess Marvin1931The Secret at Shadow Ranch(Elizabeth)
Betsey Trotwood1849David Copperfield
Betsy Ray1940Betsy-Tacy(Elizabeth, Warrington)
Bilbo Baggins1937The Hobbit
Bill Compton2001The Southern Vampire Mysteries(William, Erasmus, Thomas)
Bill Sikes1838Oliver Twist(William)
Billy Pilgrim1969Slaughterhouse-Five
Blair Waldorf2002Gossip Girl(Cornelia)
Bob Allen1967Christy
Bonnie Butler1936Gone With the Wind(Eugenie, Blue, Victoria)
Bran Stark1996A Game of Thrones
Colonel Brandon1811Sense and Sensibility
Bridget Jones1996Bridget Jones's Diary
Bruce Banner1962The Incredible Hulk(Hulk)
Bruce Wayne1939Batman
Bryce Walker2007Thirteen Reasons Why
Little Burl Allen1967Christy
Caddie Woodlawn1936Caddie Woodlawn(Caroline)
Cain Ball1847Far From the Madding Crowd(Cainy)
Caleb Trask1952East of Eden(Cal)
Campion2008House of Suns
Campion1972Watership Down
Campion Bond1999The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Caroline Bingley1813Pride and Prejudice
Carreen O'Hara1936Gone With the Wind(Caroline, Irene)
Catelyn Stark1996A Game of Thrones
Catherine Earnshaw1847Wuthering Heights
Catherine Bennet1813Pride and Prejudice(Kitty)
Lady Catherine de Bourgh1813Pride and Prejudice
Catherine Morland1817Northanger Abbey
Cathy Ames1952East of Eden(Catherine, Kate)
Catootje Tromp1970Jan, Jans en de kinderen
Cecelia Jupe1854Hard Times(Sissy)
Cedric Diggory2000Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Cersei Lannister1996A Game of Thrones
Charles Bingley1813Pride and Prejudice
Charles Darnay1854A Tale of Two Cities
Charles Hamilton1936Gone With the Wind
Charles Baker Harris1960To Kill a Mockingbird(Dill)
Charles Musgrove1818Persuasion
Charles Trask1952East of Eden
Charles Wycliffe1968Wycliffe and the Three-Toed Pussy
Charlie Bucket1964; 1972Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator
Charlotte A. Cavatica1952Charlotte's Web(Aranea)
Charlotte Lucas1813Pride and Prejudice
Chet Morton1927The Tower Treasure(Chester)
Christopher John Francis Boone2003The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
Christopher Robin1926Winnie-the-Pooh
Christy Huddleston1967Christy(Rudd)
Chuck Bass2002Gossip Girl(Charles, Bartholomew)
Chuck Cathcart1961Catch-22
Clarice Starling1988The Silence of the Lambs
Clarissa Dalloway1925Mrs Dalloway
Clarissa Harlowe1748Clarissa
Clark Kent1938Superman
Claude Frollo1831Notre-Dame de Paris
Claudia1976Interview with the Vampire
Clay Jensen2007Thirteen Reasons Why(Clayton, Jason)
Clive Barnard1984Frost at Christmas
Clopin Trouillefou1831Notre-Dame de Paris
Conan the Barbarian1932Weird Tales
Coraline Jones2002Coraline
Cosette Fauchelevant1862Les Misérables(Euphrasie)
Courtney Crimsen2007Thirteen Reasons Why
Creed Allen1967Christy
Crystal Norris2001The Southern Vampire Mysteries
Cthulhu1928The Call of Cthulhu
Cyrus Trask1952East of Eden
Daenerys Targaryen1996A Game of Thrones
Daisy Buchanan1925The Great Gatsby
Damon Salvatore1991The Vampire Diaries
Dan Humphrey2002Gossip Girl(Daniel, Randolph)
Daniel Deronda1876Daniel Deronda
Dariel1897Dariel: a romance of Surrey
Data Tutashkhia1975Data Tutashkhia
David Balfour1886Kidnapped(Davie)
David Copperfield1849David Copperfield(Davy, Doady, Trot, Trotwood)
David Grantland1967Christy
Dawn Green2001The Southern Vampire Mysteries
Demelza Carne1945; 1946Ross Poldark; Demelza
Dexter Morgan2004Darkly Dreaming Dexter
Diana Barry1908Anne of Green Gables
Dick Grayson1940Batman(Robin)
Dilsey Gibson1929The Sound and the Fury
Dolfje Spaan1996Dolfje Weerwolfje
Dolores Umbridge2003Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix(Jane)
Dorian Gray1890The Picture of Dorian Gray
Dorothy Gale1900The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Draco Malfoy1997Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
Count Dracula1897Dracula
Khal Drogo1996A Game of Thrones
Ebenezer Scrooge1843A Christmas Carol
Eddard Stark1996A Game of Thrones(Ned)
Edmond Dantès1844The Count of Monte Cristo
Edmund Bertram1814Mansfield Park
Edmund Pevensie1950The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
Edred Fitzpiers1886The Woodlanders
Edward Cullen2005Twilight
Edward Ferrars1811Sense and Sensibility
Edward Fairfax Rochester1847Jane Eyre
Elam Harnish1910Burning Daylight
Eleanor Tilney1817Northanger Abbey
Elena Gilbert1991The Vampire Diaries
Elinor Dashwood1811Sense and Sensibility
Elizabeth Bennet1813Pride and Prejudice(Eliza, Lizzy)
Elizabeth Elliot1818Persuasion
Elizabeth March1868Little Women(Beth)
Ella Lorena Kennedy1936Gone With the Wind
Ellen Robillard O'Hara1936Gone With the Wind
Ellie Sattler1990Jurassic Park
Ellis Redding1982Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption(Red)
Elrond1954The Lord of the Rings
Emily Trevelyan1869He Knew He Was Right
Emma Woodhouse1815Emma
Endeavour Morse1975; 1976Last Bus to Woodstock; Last Seen Wearing
Éponine Thénardier1862Les Misérables
Eric Northman2001The Southern Vampire Mysteries
Erik1909The Phantom of the Opera
Esmeralda1831Notre-Dame de Paris
Estella Havisham1861Great Expectations
Esther Summerson1852Bleak House
Fairlight Spencer1967Christy
Fanny Dashwood1811Sense and Sensibility
Fanny Price1814Mansfield Park
Fanny Robin1847Far From the Madding Crowd
Fanny Squeers1839Nicholas Nickleby
Fantine1862Les Misérables
Felicity King1911The Story Girl
Felicity Merriman1991Meet Felicity: An American Girl
Fitzwilliam Darcy1813Pride and Prejudice
Princess Flavia of Ruritania1894The Prisoner of Zenda
Florete12xxFloriant et Florete
Floriant12xxFloriant et Florete
Ford Prefect1979The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Forrest Gump1986Forrest Gump
Francis Troy1847Far From the Madding Crowd
Frank Churchill1815Emma
Frank Hardy1927The Tower Treasure
Frank Kennedy1936Gone With the Wind
Frederick Tilney1817Northanger Abbey
Lord Frederick Verisopht1839Nicholas Nickleby
Captain Frederick Wentworth1818Persuasion
Friedrich Bhaer1869Little Women(Fritz)
Frodo Baggins1954The Lord of the Rings
Gabriel Oak1847Far From the Madding Crowd
Galadriel1954The Lord of the Rings(Alatáriel, Artanis, Nerwen)
Gandalf1937The Hobbit(Mithrandir, Olórin)
Gavin Troy1987; 1989The Killings at Badger's Drift; Death of a Hollow Man
Geoffrey Firmin1947Under the Volcano
George Fayne1931The Secret at Shadow Ranch
George Gently1955; 1956; 1957Gently Does It; Gently by the Shore; Gently Down the Stream
George Hazard1982; 1984; 1987North and South; Love and War; Heaven and Hell
George Knightley1815Emma
George Milton1937Of Mice and Men
George Osborne1847Vanity Fair
George Smiley1974Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy
George Wickham1813Pride and Prejudice
Georgiana Darcy1813Pride and Prejudice
Gerald O'Hara1936Gone With the Wind
Gerrit Tromp1970Jan, Jans en de kinderen
Gertrude Morel1913Sons and Lovers
Gideon Sarn1924Precious Bane
Gilbert Blythe1908Anne of Green Gables
Giles Winterborne1886The Woodlanders
Ginny Weasley1997Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone(Ginevra, Molly)
Goldmund1930Narziß und Goldmund
Gollum1937The Hobbit(Sméagol, Trahald)
Grace Melbury1886The Woodlanders
Gregor Samsa1915The Metamorphosis
Grigola1882The Patricide
Guy Montag1953Fahrenheit 451
Gwendolen Harleth1876Daniel Deronda
Ham Peggotty1849David Copperfield
Hannah Baker2007Thirteen Reasons Why
Hannibal Lecter1981Red Dragon
Harriet Smith1815Emma
Harry "Rabbit" Angstrom1960Rabbit, Run
Harry Morgan2004Darkly Dreaming Dexter(Harrison)
Harry Morgan1937To Have and Have Not
Harry Potter1997Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone(James)
Hazel Grace Lancaster2012The Fault in Our Stars
Hélène Kuragina1869War and Peace(Elena, Lyolya, Yelena)
Helmholtz Watson1932Brave New World
Henrietta Musgrove1818Persuasion
Henrietta Petowker1839Nicholas Nickleby
Henry Crawford1814Mansfield Park
Henry Jekyll1886Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde(Edward)
Henry Tilney1817Northanger Abbey
Henry Woodhouse1815Emma
Lord Henry Wotton1890The Picture of Dorian Gray(Harry)
Herbert Pocket1860Great Expectations
Hercule Poirot1920The Mysterious Affair at Styles
Hermione Granger1997Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone(Jean)
Hester Prynne1850The Scarlet Letter
Hilda Spellman1971Sabrina the Teenage Witch(Hildegarde, Antoinette)
Holden Caulfield1951The Catcher in the Rye
Holly Cleary2001The Southern Vampire Mysteries
Holly Golightly1958Breakfast at Tiffany's
Honoria, Lady Dedlock1852Bleak House
Hoyt Fortenberry2001The Southern Vampire Mysteries
Huckleberry Finn1876The Adventures of Tom Sawyer(Huck)
Humbert Humbert1955Lolita
Iago1882The Patricide
Ian Malcolm1990Jurassic Park
Ida Grantland1967Christy
Ignatius Reilly1980A Confederacy of Dunces
Count Ilya Rostov1869War and Peace
India Wilkes1936Gone With the Wind
Isabel Evans1998Roswell High(Amanda)
Isabella Knightley1815Emma
Isabella Thorpe1817Northanger Abbey
Isabelle de Merteuil1782The Dangerous Liaisons
Jack Dawkins1838Oliver Twist
Jack Frost1984; 1987Frost at Christmas; A Touch of Frost(William, Edward)
Jack Torrance1977The Shining
Jacob Marley1843A Christmas Carol
Jaime Lannister1996A Game of Thrones
James Benwick1818Pride and Prejudice
James Bond1953Casino Royale
Professor James Moriarty1894The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes
James Morland1817Northanger Abbey
Jan Tromp1970Jan, Jans en de kinderen
Jancis Beguildy1924Precious Bane
Jane Andrews1908Anne of Green Gables
Jane Bennet1813Pride and Prejudice
Jane Eyre1847Jane Eyre
Jane Fairfax1815Emma
Miss Jane Marple1930The Murder at the Vicarage
Jane Porter1912Tarzan of the Apes
Jane Rizzoli2001; 2002The Surgeon; The Apprentice(Clementine)
Jans Tromp1970Jan, Jans en de kinderen
Jason Bourne1980The Bourne Identity
Jason Compson IV1929The Sound and the Fury
Jason Stackhouse2001The Southern Vampire Mysteries
Inspector Javert1862Les Misérables
Jay Gatsby1925The Great Gatsby(James)
Jean Louise Finch1960To Kill a Mockingbird(Scout)
Jean Valjean1862Les Misérables(Ultime)
Jeb Spencer1967Christy
Jemima Puddle-Duck1908The Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck
Jenny Humphrey2002Gossip Girl(Jennifer, Tallulah)
Jenny Kurtz2007Thirteen Reasons Why
Jeremy Atticus Finch1960To Kill a Mockingbird(Jem)
Jeremy Fisher1906The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher
Jeroentje1970Jan, Jans en de kinderen(Jeroen)
Jerom1945Suske en Wiske(Jerommeke)
Jerusha Abbott1912Daddy-Long-Legs(Judy)
Jessica Davis2007Thirteen Reasons Why
Jessica Rabbit1981Who Censored Roger Rabbit?
Jim Valenti1998Roswell High(James)
Jody Baxter1938The Yearling
Joe Hardy1927The Tower Treasure
Joffrey Baratheon1996A Game of Thrones
John the Savage1932Brave New World
John Brooke1868Little Women
John Browdie1839Nicholas Nickleby
John Dashwood1811Sense and Sensibility
John Seward1897Dracula
John Thorpe1817Northanger Abbey
Dr. John Watson1887A Study in Scarlet
John Willoughby1811Sense and Sensibility
John Yossarian1961Catch-22
Jon Snow1996A Game of Thrones
Jonathan Harker1897Dracula
Jonathas13xxJonathas ende Rosafiere
Jordan Baker1925The Great Gatsby
Josef K.1925The Trial
Joseph Gargery1860Great Expectations(Joe)
Joseph Sedley1847Vanity Fair(Jos)
Josephine Barry1908Anne of Green Gables
Josephine March1868Little Women(Jo)
Josiah Bounderby1854Hard Times
Josie Pye1908Anne of Green Gables
Don Juan1819Don Juan(Giovanni)
Judah Ben-Hur1880Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ
Judah Ben-Hur1880Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ
Judalon de Bornay1951The Iron Mistress
Julia Bertram1814Mansfield Park
Julia Ray1940Betsy-Tacy
Justin Foley2007Thirteen Reasons Why
Karlijn Tromp1970Jan, Jans en de kinderen
Kate Nickleby1839Nicholas Nickleby(Catherine)
Katniss Everdeen2008The Hunger Games
Kester Woodseaves1924Precious Bane
Kilgore Trout1965God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater
Koba1882The Patricide
Konala1975The Snow Walker
Kurt Wallander1991; 1992Faceless Killers; The Dogs of Riga
Kyle Valenti1998Roswell High
Lafayette Reynolds2001The Southern Vampire Mysteries
Lassie1940Lassie Come-Home
Lemuel Gulliver1726Gulliver's Travels
Lenina Crowne1932Brave New World
Lennie Small1937Of Mice and Men
Leopold Bloom1922Ulysses
Liesel Meminger2005The Book Thief
Lily Bart1905Edith Wharton
Princess Lise Bolkonskaya1869War and Peace(Lisa, Liza, Yelizaveta)
Loedertje1970Jan, Jans en de kinderen
Logan "Wolverine"1974X-Men(James)
Lois Lane1938Superman
Lorna Doone1869Lorna Doone
Louden Swain1979Vision Quest
Louis Trevelyan1869He Knew He Was Right
Louisa Gradgrind1854Hard Times(Loo)
Louisa Musgrove1818Persuasion
Lucie Manette1854A Tale of Two Cities
Lucius Malfoy1997Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
Lucy Pevensie1950The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
Lucy Steele1811Sense and Sensibility
Lucy Westenra1897Dracula
Luna Garza2001The Southern Vampire Mysteries
Luna Lovegood2003Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Lundy Taylor1967Christy
Lydia Bennet1813Pride and Prejudice
Lydia Smallbury1847Far From the Madding Crowd(Liddy)
Madeline Bray1839Nicholas Nickleby
Marcus Cooley2007Thirteen Reasons Why
Margaret Dashwood1811Sense and Sensibility
Margaret March1868Little Women(Meg)
Margaret Ray1940Betsy-Tacy
Maria Bertram1814Mansfield Park
Maria DeLuca1998Roswell High
Marianne Dashwood1811Sense and Sensibility
Marilla Cuthbert1908Anne of Green Gables
Marius Pontmercy1862Les Misérables
Princess Mariya Bolkonskaya1869War and Peace(Maria, Mary)
Marty South1886The Woodlanders
Marv1991Sin City
Mary Allen1967Christy
Mary Bennet1813Pride and Prejudice
Mary Crawford1814Mansfield Park
Mary Lennox1910The Secret Garden
Mary Musgrove1818Persuasion
Mary Poppins1934Marry Poppins
Maryann Money1847Far From the Madding Crowd
Matilda Price1839Nicholas Nickleby(Tilda)
Matthew Cuthbert1908Anne of Green Gables
Maura Isles2002; 2003The Apprentice; The Sinner(Dorothea)
Max Evans1998Roswell High(Maxwell)
Maxim de Winter1938Rebecca(Maximilian)
Melanie Hamilton Wilkes1936Gone With the Wind
Michael Corleone1969The Godfather
Michael Guerin1998Roswell High
Mike Hammer1947; 1950I, the Jury; My Gun Is Quick(Michael)
Mina Harker1897Dracula(Wilhelmina)
Minnie May Barry1908Anne of Green Gables
Minthe Guillory2017Te waar om mooi te zijn
Mirah Lapidoth1876Daniel Deronda
Molly Bloom1922Ulysses
Moody Spurgeon MacPherson1908Anne of Green Gables
Mountie O'Teale1967Christy
Sir Mulberry Hawk1839Nicholas Nickleby
Muriel Stacy1908Anne of Green Gables
Nancy1838Oliver Twist
Nancy Drew1930The Secret of the Old Clock
Narziß1930Narziß und Goldmund
Natasha Rostova1869War and Peace(Natalya)
Nate Archibald2002Gossip Girl(Nathaniel, Fitzwilliam)
Neil MacNeill1967Christy
Neville Longbottom1997Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
Newman Noggs1839Nicholas Nickleby
Niall Brigant2001The Southern Vampire Mysteries
Nicholas Nickleby1839Nicholas Nickleby
Nicholas Rubashov1940Darkness at Noon
Nick Carraway1925The Great Gatsby(Nicholas)
Nikolai Rostov1869War and Peace(Nicholas)
Noah Claypole1838Oliver Twist
Nunu1882The Patricide
Oliver Twist1838Oliver Twist
Orry Main1982; 1984North and South; Love and War
Oscar Goldman1972Cyborg
Othello Guillory2017Te waar om mooi te zijn
Patrick Bateman1991American Psycho
Paul Bäumer1929All Quiet on the Western Front
Paul Morel1913Sons and Lovers
Pauline Fossil1936Ballet Shoes
Peg Sliderskew1839Nicholas Nickleby
Percy Jackson2005The Lightning Thief(Perseus)
Pert Barlow1896Checkers: A Hard Luck Story
Peter Rabbit1910Old Mother West Wind
Peter Rabbit1902The Tale of Peter Rabbit
Peter Pan1902The Little White Bird
Peter Parker1962Spider-Man
Peter Pascoe1970; 1971A Clubbable Woman; An Advancement of Learning
Peter Pevensie1950The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
Petrova Fossil1936Ballet Shoes
Petya Rostov1869War and Peace(Pyotr)
Philip Elton1815Emma
Philip Pirrip1860Great Expectations(Pip)
Phoebus de Chateaupers1831Notre-Dame de Paris
Pierre Bezukhov1869War and Peace(Pyotr)
Pierre Gringoire1831Notre-Dame de Paris
Pippi Longstocking1945Pippi Longstocking(Pippilotta)
Piscine Molitor Patel2002Life of Pi(Pi)
Posy Fossil1936Ballet Shoes
Prue Sarn1924Precious Bane
Quasimodo1831Notre-Dame de Paris
Quentin Compson III1929The Sound and the Fury
Quincey Morris1897Dracula
Don Quixote1605Don Quixote(Alonso)
Rachel Lynde1908Anne of Green Gables
Ralph Nickleby1839Nicholas Nickleby
R. P. McMurphy1962One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest(Randle, Patrick)
Rawdon Crawley1847Vanity Fair
Rebecca Sharp1847Vanity Fair(Becky)
Rhett Butler1936Gone With the Wind
Rob Allen1967Christy
Robb Stark1996A Game of Thrones
Robbie Lewis1975; 1976Last Bus to Woodstock; Last Seen Wearing(Robert)
Robert Baratheon1996A Game of Thrones
Robert Ferrars1811Sense and Sensibility
Robert Langdon2003The Da Vinci Code
Robinson Crusoe1719Robinson Crusoe
Roger Rabbit1981Who Censored Roger Rabbit?
Ron Weasley1997Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone(Ronald, Bilius)
Rosafiere13xxJonathas ende Rosafiere
Rose Maylie1838Oliver Twist
Ross Poldark1945Ross Poldark
Rubeus Hagrid1997Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
Ruby Gillis1908Anne of Green Gables
Ruby Mae Morrison1967Christy
Rudy Wells1972Cyborg
Russell Edgington2001The Southern Vampire Mysteries
Ryan Shaver2007Thirteen Reasons Why
Sabrina Spellman1971Sabrina the Teenage Witch(Victoria)
Salem Saberhagen1971Sabrina the Teenage Witch
Sam Houston Holcombe1967Christy
Sam Merlotte2001The Southern Vampire Mysteries
Samuel Whiskers1908The Tale of Samuel Whiskers
Samwise Gamgee1954The Lord of the Rings(Sam)
Sancho Panza1605Don Quixote
Sansa Stark1996A Game of Thrones
Santiago1952The Old Man and the Sea
Saruman1954The Lord of the Rings(Curumo)
Sauron1954The Lord of the Rings(Annatar)
Scarlett O'Hara1936Gone With the Wind(Katie)
Sebastian Valmont1782The Dangerous Liaisons
Serena van der Woodsen2002Gossip Girl(Celia)
Severus Snape1997Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
Sherlock Holmes1887A Study in Scarlet
Sibyl Vane1890The Picture of Dorian Gray
Tante Sidonia1945Suske en Wiske(Sidonie)
Silas Marner1861Silas Marner
Sirius Black1999Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban(Orion)
Skye Miller2007Thirteen Reasons Why(Skylar)
Sonya Rostova1869War and Peace(Sofya)
Sookie Stackhouse2001The Southern Vampire Mysteries
Sophia Croft1818Persuasion
Sophie Neveu2003The Da Vinci Code
Stefan Salvatore1991The Vampire Diaries
Stephen Blackpool1854Hard Times
Stephen Dedalus1916; 1922A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man; Ulysses
Steve Austin1972Cyborg(Steven)
Steve Newlin2001The Southern Vampire Mysteries(Steven)
Suellen O'Hara1936Gone With the Wind(Susan, Elinor)
Susan Pevensie1950The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
Suske1945Suske en Wiske
Swannie O'Teale1967Christy
Sydney Carton1854A Tale of Two Cities
Tacy Kelly1940Betsy-Tacy(Anna, Anastacia)
Tadeusz Soplica1834Pan Tadeusz
Tara Thornton2001The Southern Vampire Mysteries(Mae)
Tarzan1912Tarzan of the Apes
Terry Bellefleur2001The Southern Vampire Mysteries(Terence, Quentin)
Tess Durbeyfield1981Tess of the D'Urbervilles
Theodore Laurence1868Little Women(Laurie, Teddy)
Thérèse Defarge1854A Tale of Two Cities
Sir Thomas Bertram1814Mansfield Park
Thomas Gradgrind1854Hard Times
Thomas Lynley1988; 1989A Great Deliverance; Payment in Blood(Tommy)
Thomasina Tittlemouse1910The Tale of Mrs. Tittlemouse
Tib Muller1940Betsy-Tacy(Thelma)
Tirzah Ben-Hur1880Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ
Tom Barnaby1987; 1989The Killings at Badger's Drift; Death of a Hollow Man(Thomas, Geoffrey)
Tom Bertram1814Mansfield Park(Thomas)
Tom Buchanan1925The Great Gatsby(Thomas)
Tom Joad1939The Grapes of Wrath
Tom Jones1749Tom Jones
Tom Kitten1907; 1908The Tale of Tom Kitten; The Tale of Samuel Whiskers
Tom Sawyer1876The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
Tommy Beresford1922The Secret Adversary(Thomas)
Tony Stark1963Iron Man
Treebeard1954The Lord of the Rings(Fangorn)
Trillian1979The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy(Tricia)
Tristram Shandy1759Tristram Shandy
Tuppence Beresford1922The Secret Adversary(Prudence)
Tyler Down2007Thirteen Reasons Why
Tyler Durden1996Fight Club
Tyrion Lannister1996A Game of Thrones
Uriah Heep1849David Copperfield
Vanessa Abrams2002Gossip Girl
Velvet Brown1935National Velvet
Dr. Victor Frankenstein1818Frankenstein
Viserys Targaryen1996A Game of Thrones
Vito Corleone1969The Godfather
Lord Voldemort1997Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone(Tom, Marvolo)
Wackford Squeers1839Nicholas Nickleby
Wade Hampton Hamilton1936Gone With the Wind
Sir Walter Elliot1818Persuasion
Wendy Darling1911Peter & Wendy
Wilbur1952Charlotte's Web
William Dobbin1847Vanity Fair
William Elliot1818Persuasion
William Price1814Mansfield Park
Willy Wonka1964; 1972Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator
Winston Smith1949Nineteen Eighty-Four
Wiske1945Suske en Wiske
Zach Dempsey2007Thirteen Reasons Why(Zachary, Shan, Yung)
Zady Spencer1967Christy
Zaphod Beeblebrox1979The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Zelda Spellman1971Sabrina the Teenage Witch(Phiona)